Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

How to draw a dog or puppy. First make a U.
Then make an ear like that. Make another ear. Little curved top of the head. Give him some
eyes. Decide where you want him to look. Give him big shinny black nose. You can leave a
little bit of white to show a little bit of shine. Give a tongue. And the body is the
same as the cat basically. You have one leg with a paw coming down. Second paw, body, that back paw and put the
little details into the paw and the tail. And if you want to make it a puppy you would
just make one smaller and that is basically it how to draw a dog or puppy.

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  1. Mine didn't turn out right so I DO NOT reccomend that thid is a good book.This is just my opinion,not that I am a bad drawer.

  2. Im at school right now… and i have to draw a dog! And do you know what!??!? I MADE A FUCKING PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Secretly you're fucking stupid.
    Swag is short for swagger…so what does the extra "g", "e", and "r" stand for?

  4. my drawing is the worst, my dog's eye looks like its looking up when I am trying to make it look side ways 🙁

  5. why are people saying this is ugly and stuff? This is pretty it's pure Art!! And please don't say it's terrible like if anyone agrees with me

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