Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Anime Eyes

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Anime Eyes

Hi, I’m Jay French from jayfrenchstudios.com.
And I’m going to show you how to draw anime eyes. And that’s one of the most prominent
features in anime is of of course the very distinctive eye ’cause they’re usually much
more detailed than everything else. We’re going to get a basic head in here just so
we have a placement. A basic artists’ skeleton. Okay. So now we know what we’re dealing with.
Most prominent feature about anime eyes other than their size and their detail is that the
upper and bottom parts borders on are darkened, much more prominently than the other parts.
The sides are often, when you’re working in color, not aligned at all but merely a differentiation,
just a cut off between the flesh tone of the face and the white of the eye. So if you’re
just doing this in pen and ink or even just in pencil, you’ll go ahead and put a light
line in there, but if you’re doing it in color, that won’t even be a line. You won’t ink that
line. Okay, the irises on anime are often very large, they usually have a very outlined
and again if you’re inking you will actually outline this highlight that’s in the iris.
You may end up with a second one inside the pupil. Then either put some shading or some
color if you’re working in color. Sometimes you will have details on eyelashes, depending
on how detailed of a style you want, that is the basic important thing is just the darkness
on that upper lid. And from an angle they don’t look much different, again remember
that dark top, dark bottom, very faint side edges, always have that highlight, keep consistent
if you have one, if you have two highlights like we have here, we’re going to keep two.
And that’s your basic lesson in how to draw anime eyes.

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  1. That isn't anime, or not good anime. No offense, but you need a lot more practice-check out Mark Crilley's 100 ways to draw eyes and you will see where you are going wrong. Everyone is entitled to have their own style, but yours is more animefusion. You ignored the basic eye shape-the iris is just put in between 2 curved lines that don't lead our eye into what it would recognize as lines the are meant to converge at some point-but thank you for the tutorial, it will help a lot of newbies

  2. …omg, your guys are such fcktards…its a 2 minute sketch, of course its not perfect…its a basic sketch idiots

  3. all you people are retards.
    he doesnt need a particular way to draw an anime eye.
    yer fergetting he draws better than yoo.
    and that it was a 2 minute sketch.
    like hell you could do better.
    also :
    he can have his own way of anime eyes.
    its called being original.

  4. @iiHonebuns i agree totally aye i mean people today are so judgmental and they need to KICK A GINGER be more understanding you know? cmon people straighten up and KICK A GINGER lol jokes

  5. @411inuyasha Well, I get what you're saying, yeah I would agree that's it's not like anime, but other than that, what is it? Not realistic, that's for sure, and cartoon kinda have that anime eyes thing, so yeah… It is kinda like anime eye, but if anything markcrilley has it down for sure. Watch that one.

  6. @SmashSister425 No seriously….this isn't "anime" If you want to know what anime/manga looks like i suggest you check out Mark Crilley, i'm an amature artist specializing in manga/anime and even from my point of view this is horrible, most of his other videos are top notch…but this one is an utter fail….I myself was NEVER that bad even when just starting out a few years ago

    I'm not saying i'm a "better" artist than him, but this video is ment to help people and clearly it isn't

  7. @SmashSister425 Might i also point out that the first "black lines" he drew are to represent the eyelashes and he totaly neglected the folds of the eyes, the highlights are terrible and the other eye is dispreportionate as the pupil should be considerably smaller as the face is at an angle….Critsium is good for an artist <,< and can often be mistake for "being mean" but you have to learn to expect it in life and not lecture people on it….don't get made over the internet ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. ITS NOT ANIME FOR GOD SAKES its MANGA!!!…well this isnt, its more of……stinky poo poopy drawing.. but still its called manga people

  9. @sk84fun9 no its not the same thing at all, its a visually interpreted reenactment of 1d chapter book in a japanese animation style format manga is just the chapter book

  10. @XxblackrainstudioxX Welll…. Anime was based on manga. And the manga series kingdom hearts was made into an anime called "kindom hearts" the video game…..all it is is anime is animation. anime in japannes anime is animation manga is comic

  11. @TouchingTheDark lol Anime is the animated version of manga xD and i say that isn't ugly but just a bit unproportioned just that

  12. To every fuck watching this and not saying it looks manga-ish. If you compare manga eyes sometimes you'll get those big unrealistic eyes some crazy eyes and some that is realistic kind off. What he does is describing a little and if you've watched anime manga etcetera you know that not two mangakas draw things the same. In fact there is 1000+ different styles of eyes in manga.

  13. There are many styles on anime eyes. Just because these aren't the eyes you wanted to learn how to draw doesn't make this "not anime" Thumbs up this so other people see this.

  14. actually these are manga eyes! how are they not?
    Big and colorful is what makes manga eyes? not at all! first of all, eyes of manga can be whatever size! have you ever even seen shoujo manga? their eyes are small! and if you've looked at bleach, their eyes are also small!
    basically this is the manga style. it's usually sparkles and size of pupil that can help out to tell whether it's manga or not.

  15. @411inuyasha to you and the 33 retards(prob you f5ing the page) there is not such thing as anime eyes the people who draw the anime take the style from the manga artist dumbass look as bleach and soul eater bleach is WAY more detailed soul eater isnt and the eyes are slanter inward at the bottom

  16. your style of drawing isn't to anime-ish it's like a good mix between cartoon+anime ๐Ÿ™‚ im not a really good artist, but if you wanted to make them look a little bit more anime then you would have to make them bigger & wider + top & bottom aren't that dark, you should make the top biger and rounder then the bottom though. hopefully no one will juge me but i just wanted to give you some tips if you wanted that kind of moe style. the style you have now is also really cool XD

  17. You're definitely a good artist, but I'm sorry to say you draw 'anime' eyes like a beginner. The eyes are too flat, which will give the character a rather emotionless gaze. You should draw the eyes a bit wider, more open, rounder. Some good examples can really help.

  18. @BlackKat48 lol 2 minutes isn't exactly fast for a decent drawer. Also he keeps falling back into the same basic eye shape if you see the other vids. It's mistake plenty of people make and it causes the character to get this hazy look. I'm saying the artist is bad at drawing, he just needs some more practice on the eyes.

  19. @OblivionLoung i think she/he meant something else
    we all know manga is a japanese/korean comics(and some more asia countries)
    anime comes from manga(all the stories and characters) only anime is colored and its moving
    so manga is related to anime:o
    sorry if i might misunderstood wrongly^^" im not good with english as you seem

  20. not 4 nothing but if ur going to do eney kinda manga art do it right. yes there is many kind of eyes in manga the thing is if ur going to show how to draw manga eyes dont just show one, and do a better job of it ppl like my self that have been doing manga art for many years would say the same thing. when doing manga the eyes say what the character feels. In manga detail in the eyes are very important since its not an anime. u want the persone to know how the character feels. do the eyes right.

  21. I don't get it why does everyone say they're drawing anime. You can't draw anime because Anime is short for animation, when people draw anime they're actually drawing manga. "Anime" is basically a "slang" term for drawing manga.

  22. This guy is 100x better than that other dued, the "cartoonist extraordinaire" who can barely draw a stick figure.

  23. Learned a lot it's great to have a good artist and a handsome one too hehe loved this lesson ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. I never put that fleash tone line not even on my non color pictures makes it look crapy in my oppinion

    But however I guess

  25. I usually darken the upper part of the eye and just a thin line bellow. I also use 2 highlights, in the pupil and a large one outside it. its more cute for. ^_^ (just sharing my idea)

  26. Out of all different types of drawing eyes this is the most basic but really nice:D
    You're really talented and keep up the good work!

  27. omfg, thanks to u, i have no more flaws in my anime face drawings, i can finaly draw a kick ass anime face and its all thanks to u, ur awesome

  28. Goodness. I hate when people are SUPER ignorant about what they're talking about. While many manga (or anime)-style artists start off with a style similar to this, many of them progress into a rounder style, although not always, not to mention that every style is unique to an artist. Also, prominent features depends on point of view, and particular style, which I stated earlier, varies from artist to artist. There are styles where eyes are small, and/or very conservative.

  29. No offense, but, that eye sucks. What kind of anime have you been watching? Anime/manga eyes can be any size, they can be slightly realistic, or really realistic. But what you drew, some sort of mix between Chibi, and cartoon.

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