Drawing Anime & Cartoon Characters : How to Draw Anime Hair

Drawing Anime & Cartoon Characters : How to Draw Anime Hair

Hi, hi I’m Jay French at jayfrenchstudios.com
and I’m going to show you how to draw Anime hair. So in drawing Anime hair, let’s get
a basic head on here, but we’re not going to detail it. Let’s do a male character, they
are distinctive pointed chin. When you’re doing Anime hair it’s all about highlights.
They often have very peculiar hairstyles, so let’s deal with that. Lets give them this
long bangy things, but everything else is short. Again, this is the type of thing you’ll
see in Anime and then the hair’s pulled back and long. Okay, so, you got a peculiar hairstyle,
but what it’s really all about is, let’s give them a face, face to nose, okay, is the highlights.
Now what you’ll see here is a layer, not quite that many lines, a fairly simple layer for
the highlight which is actually boarded by two minor highlights. What you’ll have here
is a medium shade or a fifty percent shade of whatever color you’re using here, be it
blue, green, black, brown, blonde or any, you’ll have a medium shade and then you’ll
have a white area.
And you’ll also use some of those highlights, like saving medium shade on some of these
areas that you want to define as separate. And here we’ll have, since our light sourcing
is to be coming this way, we’ll just do a bit of the medium highlight there and this
is the non-facing side of the light source. So here we’ll just have a little reflection
for consistency of the medium shade again. Rest of this outside of the light source will
be dark, you’ll want to reflect that again on any surface that is near the light source.
And again, you’re at the medium shade bordering the white highlight. And depending on your
level of detail Anime style has a lot of variation to it, if you’re more detailed you might have
more realism to its edges. But generally, they’re pretty simple wavy lines. And that’s
how you draw hair in Anime.

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  1. umm… not to be mean or n e thing ^-^|||… but i dont think that this should be a "how to draw…" vid… sorry its mean isnt it?… argh idk how to phrase it… but um maybe u should look at some "How to draw anime/manga" books… im not saying you should just quit tho… everyone has room to grow.. so.. that still sounded mean didnt it?… sorry

  2. DUDE that is not anime at all thats like….??? cartoon???ish but thats not anime look at mark crilleys work now thats anime!!!!!you noe wat??? im gonna go watch his vids!!

  3. thats not anime at all, it weird cartoon style, you should learn what anime is before making tutorial about it


  4. Just going to point out.

    99.99% + 1% is 100.99%

    This made me laugh quite a bit lol

    Also insulting people on Youtube lololol that gets you places.

    also 4 stars on this video so it's higher than 100.99% hahaha

  5. Lol World of Warcrack, so original. Oh god I've never heard that one before. Yeah totally couldn't afford the subscription time. Lol I haven't updated my Youtube in a shit long time man.
    There's this thing called a Real Life, maybe you've heard of it. It takes me away from the computer every now and again.
    Anyway I don't blame you I am an ass, what I really hate are all these weaboo comments going around. Fuck animation started in France. Not America's fault for not doing it the same way.

  6. I can draw anime, hair can be a little difficult(& hands.omg i hate hands)But all in all drawing anime is all about style. Thats what gives anime its flair.There are all sorts of styles.even in the smallest things. Just look at the differn't animes. Lucky star-very chibi and bold colors with out much detail. Wolf's Rain-very dark and a little more realistic and very detailed. Naruto – a bit of a mix with detail and bolder colors. The biggest thing to drawing anime is finding ur own unique style.

  7. you didnt respnd to my question i said " if you say he sucks and acuse him of sucking then why are you watching this. this has nothing to do with. telepathinc powers. u must suck if you say he sucks

  8. Old people cant Draw Hair πŸ™‚ XD its cartoon and he dosent hav enuf Emo in him to understand THE HAIR!

  9. @IleneIcecream have you ever picked up a how to draw anime book, a lot of them are crap because the artist really isn't an anime artist, they are just copying and it comes out as a weired american type cartoon style mixed with anime
    he's not as bad as some artist i've seen, but the whole think just looks off.

  10. @Xxbrandon9xX no need for name calling
    .But i've been drawing anime for like 3 years and this guy is clearly a newb, so i can, and have done a lot better than this
    its fine if this guy wants to draw anime, but he should not make tutorials because he, himeself needs to look at tutorials

  11. @19Kenshin19 no….but u shouldnt judge ppl like that some ppl have there own style of how they draw anime

  12. @IleneIcecream @IleneIcecream no, you can't going around saying "its just my style, so you can't judge me" that is what artist who don't want their feelings hurt by criticism use as an excuse

    and yes there are many styles to anime, and it just so happens that this is "bad, attempting to do anime style"
    but if you wanna learn from this guy be my guest.

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