Dragonframe 4, stop motion animation software REVIEW

Dragonframe 4, stop motion animation software REVIEW

hi Internet today today launches down frame 4 and I’m very excited about that [Music] [Music] in fact I’ve been away the tester of dragon for for the past year using it to play to work and for all the development around neither you know and all the devices I use for motion control so thanks Ivan Prem to let me have the privilege to be there and as your amazing so we’re because I love it with special attention to quality innovation and respect for the environment alamos konanov every fatty this topic a lien values hmm also it has been very interesting to see the process for this whole year of the workspace and the tools changing every month to become something better and more optimized but what dragon frame for dragon frame is a software to assist and captures the motion animation at the highest level from dragon you have full control of the camera settings you can operate the lights and recreate camera movements and all that in coordination with animator frame by frame the software allows you to see the puppet in frame and in real time you can shoot its frame adjusting its position verify the pass frames and the life to make sure you are doing right tapping between frames using onion skin or toggle you will control the tiniest increments [Music] [Applause] now dragon works on the Windows Mac and Linux and supports more than 50 new cameras including Sony’s Olympus Panasonic’s Fugees canons and Nikon’s optimization and accessibility the interface has been what makes drawin the best offer for stop-motion it’s not only having great tools but your interaction with them that makes this software a lot intuitive and great to use now two terminals are more organized you can customize the workspace hiding my nose or even relocating them tool panel is now more powerful with new functions and you can use it from a more tidy place in the exit tab or floating as always you will now be able to import more liner players control their positives and and have a reference video in a side while you’re animating that’s right [Music] [Applause] magnification module is now much easy to use but what really makes me happy is the focus tool not on Linda cinematography but also in the animation window that’s a really useful location the cinematography window has also new tools the color palette in the color detection and the a3 tool this one seems to be the most useful for me you now can compare two pictures one on top the other at the same time to make minor adjustments the motion control section is amazing and powerful you have more control to each axis more parameters and more options [Music] this is a section with bigger improvements and I will in future videos talk more about that but for now I will say that it can record video add real-time during camera movements [Music] finally something that we all wanted the wireless controller no more cables in the set oh yeah [Music] if you like and Dragon 3 then you will love round 4 but do you really need to read well it depends if you are a passing user all the toes are dead in the aroma tree so you really don’t need to but if your camera is not supported or you are a producer you must great because your everyday tool is very important to deliver every day the best performance you can that’s it hope you enjoy it and see you in the next video [Music]

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  1. When you have all your scenes shot and ready to put those scenes together, what editing program do you use to put all scenes together on a timeline for a final product/movie? Awesome video by the way. I have learned so much from your videos in the short time I have used dragon frame.

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