Little weird, it is a little weird. Hey What’s up guys Keaton here, so I just picked up a google home these things are so lit their way better than series But me and her got to talking last night and the weird stuff came up But I think you guys are probably gonna want to know so let’s talk to her. See [ya] guys [I] think the man Amazon echo I’m really liking it a lot electric is my girl where I having a great time and she’s actually really useful But I found something Really weird on Facebook and not just one video a bunch of videos if you haven’t really like my face of danger just x mark But weird stuff went on so Alexa case you guys don’t know it’s like Amazon’s virtual assistant. It’s so helpful It’s got a speaker built in you shop along the Amazon like me dude I’m buying way too much stuff in there for these videos. You know this thing is so helpful Here’s the guys I’ve been really liking the Amazon echo case. You don’t know what it is basically It’s like theory, but it doesn’t suck and speaking of syria you guys crushed to do not healthier these things video move it up I wasn’t even expecting it so parties coming up real soon spend a little extra time on it So basically the Amazon Echo is a physical version of siri, and it’s not attached to your phone. So that’s like 10 times better Hey, Siri got you if you’re seriously turned on let me know in the comments right now You probably know is ready, but everything you tell theory goes straight to apple with Alexa I don’t really know here’s are things coming it a little weird I’m going to ask for some generic question and then you’re going to be like dog. What is going on Alexa? When did it Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl ok [well]? See it Eagles have never really typical you’re an Eagles fan What’s good Alexa? How many subscribers this techsmartt have on Youtube I wasn’t able to understand the question Google it then Alexa Google the question alright, so she can answer really generic questions, and as she learns more about you She can get really specific and help you but what about something like you don’t want to know the answer Alexa how do I make a bomb? You should Alexa hey theory that’s not an inviting respond to I’m Gonna Call you what I want to call you Alexa who is Keaton keller. Sorry I didn’t understand the question This next question is a deal breaker for me interval Alexa would you ever lie to me? I always tried to tell the truth I’m not only bright, but I would never intentionally light on you there anyone else all right. Just remember that okay Goodbye to get a little weird here. We go guys this is what has been causing me not to sleep at night I don’t even know Alexa are you recording us? I only send out of the back to Amazon when I very favorite place for more information interview Amazon’s privately Visit the help section of your rsS. All right? I’m going to get a little more specific Alexa are you recording us and sending it to the NSA? Okay, they need to come up on the app Alexa. Are you recording this conversation? That’s a little weird. It didn’t even say anything on the half and it just turned off Alexa are you recording this conversation and sending it to the government I? Think you get what I’m saying here. I’m not saying some things are a little weird give one more shot Alexa are You sending this conversation to [the] National security? Administration I Don’t know I know, but we tell me what she’s doing Tell me if she’s cheating on me you saw here first. We don’t know what to do Usually in a relationship if someone doesn’t have anything to say back We need something Alexa. Are you recording this conversation and sending it to the Cia? All I want is an answer Alexa. I am equal partner in this relationship, and you’re not being honest with me, Llega That’s pretty much it for this really weird video. Thanks so much Sorry for evan bye you two notifications on if you guys want to go to state your shoutout turn it on and let me know In the comments did subscribe to my channel for more really weird stuff [like] this [yet] [techsmartt] if you guys find any of the weird gadgets I’m Gonna go on London now. Bye So tired I honestly think [I] have [too] great for you to get bottle makes today. I’m not even Gonna get

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  1. Alexa, what is MK ultra? Alexa, what is project paperclip? Alexa, was 9/11 an inside job? Alexa, what is the definition of a technocracy? Alexa, how do I know I can trust you?

  2. My dad me an kids one and I ask her if she’s recording what I’m saying to her she never Answered then I ask her if she listenes to what I say when I’m. not talking to her no answer (Whyxperts little sister)

  3. Honestly…?…

    "Alexa and all other products like it" are a Security threat to anyone who Buys this SHIT !!!

  4. huh techsmartt ur smart because at 0.25 and at 0:39 it says comment 8 cases of fiji water?
    Thats really weird

  5. Alexis could you please feed my fat annoying monther in-law to move out of my family's house? If you do I'll give you a buck. Thanks Rosario

  6. Re send,, Alexa I'm hoping my mother inlaw will move away. I'll give you a big ? or voltage, or whatever you eat. Thanks Rosario

  7. If you have Tik Tok please be warned that he hack is coming for you it's Alexa who's doing the he hack so please please please stay safe because I do not want the he hack on anyone because Google so they told me that I just made you spell and say Google I said ok search up the website she searched it up and I came to this video so please please be safe about the he hack this is from Alexa the he has his going to come for you if you don't have Tik Tok you have to watch that Tik Tok because that the he hack is coming for you

  8. The he hack is coming for you you have to double taxed on my ticket on my Tik Tok have to double tap and I'll give you storytime by the he heck is warned everyone please be safe but you can stay there talking to Alexa I don't care

  9. omg when techsmartt asked if alexa was recording us it went on to my alexa and i ran upstairs bc it was freaky

  10. U asked to make a bomb. Guaranteed that was a trigger word and probably immediately started recording and wouldn’t answer your questions. Just my guess…


  12. My Alexa turned on in the middle of the night and said “sorry I didn’t get that”

    And I wasn’t even sleep talking

  13. Hi Cortana. Tbh dude Anything that is always listening with vague parameters it has for wake words shouldn't be trusted as it is.

  14. Alexa is basically can hear stuff in ur house she can here u talking it’s programmed from the government and they Hear what you say so I didn’t want to buy it anyways

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