Doggone Biscuits | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Doggone Biscuits | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

MICKEY: Here’s Pluto’s bowl.
And his leash. And a big bag
of Pluto’s favorite treats. He only gets a treat
when he’s good. Why that’s all the time,
isn’t it, Pluto? (GIGGLES)
Whoa! Easy with those
treats, Minnie. They’re very fattening. Okay, boy,
I’ll see you in a month. My little Pluto.
My little buddy
wuddy wo wo! (PANTING HAPPILY) My little Minnie,
my little wo wo! Take good care of my Pluto! We’re going to have so
much fun! (WHINING) Oh, I know I shouldn’t,
but I can’t help myself! (GIGGLE)
Pluto’s fine. (CHUCKLING)
No, I didn’t give him
all those treats. MICKEY: Oh good.
Remember, those treats
are very fattening. Oh, Minnie.
I miss Pluto so much, I wish I could see him now. That’s it.
I’m coming home early.
I’ll be over later today. Don’t worry, Pluto!
I’ll get you back into shape. (BARK) A nice slimming sweater
is what you need. (STRETCHING)
(THUNK) Perfect!
Mickey will never
know the difference. (DINGS) A sauna will melt away
those lbs.
(STEAMING) After all,
it worked for me. (DINGS) Oh! (WHEEZES) Phew. (SINGSONG)
I’m going to see my Pluto,
my Pluto, my Pluto. Come on, Pluto!
Let’s go for a jog. Nah. Oh, Mickey’s going to be
so disappointed. (BARKING) That’s it!
Pluto just needs
some motivation. Yoo-hoo.
Pluto. Special delivery. Huh? (ALL MEOWING) (SIREN WAILING) Perfect! Oh, Pluto!
It’s working!
We did it. Whoa! (ALL BARKING) Oh, dear. Oh! Oh! Whoa! Pluto! (CAR HORN HONKS) (SHIP HORN BLARING)
Pluto, you’re ripped! Wow, Minnie, he looks great! I was pretty sure I was
going to come home
to find a big, fat Pluto. (GIGGLING)

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  1. Rip Russi Taylor ;(

    Your voice as Minnie mouse and Huey, Dewey and Louie wont be forgotten. She was a living legend for both Disney and my Childhood.

  2. I Love you so much as a woman and man hi guys omg I'm so happy so I'm glad to have you guys and friends with me and my husband ??????????

  3. Tell me if Mickey came home and saw the treat bag empty, what should he do?
    A. Get mad at Minnie
    B. Get mad at Pluto
    C. Say it's ok
    D. Look at some security cameras
    Answer: D

  4. 2:29 is a reference to "The worm turns", an old Mickey Cartoon.

    I really love how many references they throw in these shorts, it shows how much the creators care about them and that they tried to preserve the spirit of the old cartoons.

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