Do Cats Really Hate Water? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #9

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic, we’ ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do Today we’re talking about ‘Water’ Well, one of the things that cats love the most about bathrooms of course, is the sink, the lovely smooth area little like a little box you can slip into, and my cat always curled up in my sink, fast asleep. Also, another they do is they lick from the tap when they’re thirsty even when there is a water bowl down below, they will always go for the little dripping running water and all these little elements gave me an idea a cat playing with a tap and turning off the cold water in the shower which led to poor old Simon getting burnt All of the houses I have ever lived in have always had bad plumbing plumbing I suppose [Why do cats do this?] Cats are often fascinated with running water in the home environment some cats prefer a running tap for example or maybe a drinking fountain this makes sense from a African Wildcat perspective where they will naturally drink from fresh running streams rather than a stagnant pool, many cats will actually drink from pond or puddles outside but there are things we can do to encourage cats to drink in the home environment so looking at the type of bowl that they drink from, cats generally prefer ceramic or metal bowls compared to plastic bowls which can sometimes taint the water so that it tastes different to them, cats also preferable a bowl that is wide and shallow, so their whiskers aren’t touching the sides, if you have a diabetic cat which can be quite common in older cats they actually have sort of sensitive whiskers and this is why it is more important for them to have these wide shallow bowl so their whiskers don’t touch the sides, many people feed their cat, next to the cats water bowl and even using those two in one bowls however, cats would much prefer to have their food bowl away from their water bowl this goes back to African Wildcat behavior where cats would naturally eat away from their water source to avoid contaminating it with the gut contents of their prey, whilst the cat is drinking and having its head down, this is quite a vulnerable position for a cat, so try placing the water bowls at least 30 centimeters away from the wall so the cat has the choice to have the wall behind them and they can see the surroundings in front of them unlike most cats Turkish Vans actually have a water-resistant coat and enjoy being in water and it’s actually an important need of this cat to be given some swimming facilities ‘April Showers’ that comes from Teddy, we got him as a tiny rescue kitten and he had long long fur I’ve never had a long-haired cat before one of my memories of Teddy was, it was raining outside all the other cats had come in because they’re sensible, Teddy having this long fur was sitting on the fence and it was raining and he was just sitting there completely happy oblivious to the rain so that’s why the kitten loves water in the films because Teddy who is the influence of the kitten loves the rain and loves water

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