DISNEY PRINCESSES TURN INTO DOLLS (Elsa, Anna, Tiana and Belle are Under a Spell) Totally TV

DISNEY PRINCESSES TURN INTO DOLLS (Elsa, Anna, Tiana and Belle are Under a Spell) Totally TV

You guys, is it just me or um, is the room
getting bigger? I think we’re – we’re shrinking. Oh, I just love baking holiday cookies, it’s my favorite time of the year. Hey Tiana, it’s me Elsa, what are you up to? Hey girl, yes, I just finished baking my holiday cookies. Every year, I bake as much as I can and deliver them to every house in the neighborhood. Yum, that sounds snow good. I hope you save us some for later. Oh yes, there’s plenty to go around. Speaking of later, I was just calling to see if there’s anything else you need me to bring? No, just bring yourself, Anna and prepare to have some fun. It’s gonna be a super exciting night. Ohhh, this place looks nice. New Orleans , or like locals like to say, Noleans. Oh, I’m so sick of Arendelle with all its snow and frozen sisters. I think I shall make this place my new home. Dear Dr. Facilier, I am so happy we put our troubled past behind us and now ringing in the new year as friends. Wishing you a sweet holiday. Sincerely your friend Tiana. Here, one tray for Dr. Facilier and another tray for Mama Odie. Now to deliver these baked goods before the girls get here. All right, let’s see, just one more little
tweak here and this should be just about done. Hey Belle, what you up to? I’m working on a new invention. Whoo, what kind of invention? A top-secret one. Oh, come on Belle, I won’t tell anyone,
pinky promise. Well… if I had pinkies. Okay, fine, but its super top secret, you
can’t tell anyone. You got it. I’m working on a new invention that’ll turn
objects like candlesticks, clocks back into people. Wait, does it work for teacups too? Once I finish these last few tweaks, it should
work and turn anything that isn’t human back back into human form. That’s so cool, my mom is gonna love this. Huh, Shhh, it’s a secret remember. I plan on surprising the whole castle staff
with it at Christmas and then it’ll turn them back into real people. Woooh hoo. Oh man, I have to be at Tiana’s pizza party
in an hour! Huh, see you chip. Bye, have fun Belle. Hello, Dr. Facilier, are you here? Okay, I guess I’ll just have to leave these
delicious cookies on your counter. Whoo, what’s this place? Its sooo scully and weird looking… I like it. Ooh, fancy, ha ha, me like it. Whoo, what’s this… free cookies, mmm yummy
yummy in my tummy. Hmm, well, I best be on my way then. Mhh ha ha ha ha. Oops, I’m already late for my new job. Thank you guys so much for coming over. Of course Tiana, thanks for having us. I just love sleepovers, I mean, I love sleeping
in general but this is gonna be so much fun. I know right. So what should we do first? I am kind of getting hungry. Well, I was waiting till you guys got here
to order the pizza, so it can be nice and hot and fresh. Say no more, I’ve got Pizza Planet on my speed
dial. Here, you can use my phone. Looky looky, I smell Tiana’s famous Christmas
cookies. Hmm, for me? I’ve been waiting all day long… but what! Where are they! They’re all gone! Have a sweet holiday you say, Yeah right,
I’ve been pranked, duped. I smell foul play. Oh, Tiana wants to toy with me, does she? Well, she is barking up the wrong tree. Hmm, let me think. “Talisman talisman, give me revenge, make
dolls out of Tiana!” [Phone Rings] Yello, Pizza Portola. It’s Pizza Planet you don’t know. Pizza Planet, how may I help you uh. Hey pizza man, yes I’d like to order an extra-large
Hawaiian pizza for me and my princess friends. You got it, one Sicilian pizza coming right
up ah. Don’t forget to get their name. I’m working here, cool your jets. Is everything okay? Yeah we’re just supper busy, can I get your
name? Yes, it’s Tiana. Great Tom, we’ll have your pizza ready we
get there. Okay, bye. Okay, so the pizza planet guy said they’re
a little busy but they’ll be here soon. Yay, this night couldn’t get any more perfect! You guys, is it just me or um, is the room
getting bigger? I think we’re – we’re shrinking. I can’t move my fingers apart! Oh my gosh, what is going on you guys? We’re dolls! Oh my gosh! What happened to us? It’s like we’re – we’re plastic. Do you think we’re under some crazy spell? I don’t know, but if we are, I know of someone
who can help. Belle, do you still have your phone? I do but… I don’t know if it’s gonna work. Here, let me call it Dr. Facilier, maybe he
can help. [Phone ringing] hello, Dr. Facilier speaking,
let me know if it’s magic you’re seeking. Hello, Dr. Facilier, it’s Tiana, I need your
to help. My princess friends and I have turned into
dolls. Hello… ugh, there’s no one on the phone,
just a super loud annoying tone. Oh, he hanged up on me, it’s like he couldn’t
even understand what I was saying. Okay, let’s think, we’re dolls now. How do we turn back to normal? Why don’t we go to a toy store and see if
there’s anything there we can use to help us? Good idea Anna. I think I saw one right around the corner
from your house T. oh yeah, I know the way, come on, follow me. Ugh, I feel like we’ve been walking forever. That’s because we have been walking forever. I don’t understand, I thought you said it
was just around the corner. I did but that’s a human-sized corner, to
us dolls, it’s like we have to walk miles and miles to go the same distance. Ah Tiana, you don’t have a dog, do you? No, why? Cuz there is one coming right our way and
it looks like it wants to use us as a chew toy. Ruuuuun! Finally, we lost him. That dog could move! Seriously, I never thought I’d be so happy
to see a mailbox but that was the perfect hiding spot. Hey look you guys, we made it, it’s the Toy
Store. We can grab supplies here and then decide
what our next move is. OMG, you guys, I don’t know why I didn’t think
of this sooner but I’ve been working on this new invention that turns objects back into
people. Long story short, I was going to surprise
Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and the gang with it for Christmas. Do you think it will work on dolls like us
too. It’s worth a shot. Definitely, all right, let’s see if we can
borrow a Barbie car, that way our trip to Belle’s house is a lot faster. I think I see one over there look there. Look, there it is. Who goes there? Um, hi Mr. Soldier man, I’m Belle and these
are my friends Elsa, Tiana and Anna. Halt, you are under arrest for trespassing. Hey, under arrest! Under arrest. There’s been a mistake, you see, we’re not
really dolls. Yeah, we’re people and you can’t take her. How dare you! Hi you girls, it looks like you dolls are
in need of some assistance. I’m… uh, you’re Barbie, I’d know you anywhere. I have been playing with Barbie dolls my entire
life, I love you. Uhhh, wait, aren’t you guys princesses? Yeah, well, long story short, we got turned
into dolls and now we’re trying to make it back to Belle’s house. I can help you, follow me this way. Are you sure this is going to work? I’m positive, its how Woody, Buzz and I used
to get around, you know, in Toy Story. All right, we left a note, it said “the party
has been moved. Please deliver to Belle’s castle instead”. Perfect! Now all we got to do is wait for the pizza
guy to show up. Look, there he is. Okay go, now’s your chance. Thanks Barbie for all your help. Yeah, are you sure you don’t want to change
into a human with us? No, you girls go on, I kind of like being
a doll. Okay, we’ll see you soon, bye, thanks for
your help. Whoa, this pizza planet guy drives really
fast. How do you think they deliver the pizza so
quick. Wow! How much longer? I think I’m gonna be carsick. There it is, I see my castle…whoa, we’re
here. Come on, quick. Whoa, those are really realistic dolls of
Belle and her friends. It’s me, these are my friends. Long story, we were turned into dolls. I have a favor to ask. Sure.. Sure, anything. When I say go, will you hit the start button
on the machine? You got it Belle. All right ladies… or dolls. Let’s stand over here and in three, two, one… Go Chip go! Wow, we did it. My invention works! Great job everyone. Yeah, oh, but I am kind of gonna miss our
doll clothes though. Finally, last delivery for the nights and
then I gonna stop using this ridiculous accent. Let’s see, the order says “you better not
be late with my food pizza boy or I will turn you into a toy”. Yeah yeah, what’s he going to do to me? Ha ha ha ha. Anna, are you almost ready? Yeah, I’m coming, I wanted to pick out the
perfect outfit for tonight. We’re going to have snow much fun, I can’t
wait to go to the movies with all of our princess friends. We’ll order popcorn, oh, and even maybe some
sour patch kids. I’m ready! Anna, are you wearing Vanelope’s hoodie? Yeah, you can’t go see Wreck-it Ralph 2 and
not dress up. [door bell] that should be your friends now. Door is open, come on in. Are you guys ready to wreck it? Ralph. Ohh, we’re going to wreck it ralph. Ugh, they think they’re so clever… Princesses. Why do they foil with my plan every single
time? I can never win! Well, there are like six of them and one of
you, so you’re kind of outnumbered. Diablo, you brilliant bird, you’re right. In order to beat the gang, I have to create
my own gang. Hmm, I have to make some calls. We made it, thanks for the ride in your new
Sebring Ariel. Of course and we have prime princess parking. I’m so excited to see this movie. The first one was so good. Let’s go in, I think we have just enough time
to get some snacks. Oh yeah or maybe Elsa can whip us up some
ice cream. Oh, that sound snow delicious. Ha ha ha, it’s gonna be so good, lets go. Now, do you all see what I mean. Mm-hmm. I can’t believe they went to go see Wreck-it
Ralph 2. You know, I auditioned to be Ralph. Really, Jafar, I really don’t think you’re
the type. Silence you fool, my acting coach says I’m
a diamond in the rough. Touchy touchy. The point is, now that we villains have all
banded together, we can finally take down those princesses once and for all. Yeah, ha ha ha ha. The only thing standing in our way is the
ice queen, her powers could turn us into popsicles. Yes, and she can be kind of mean. Yes, tell me about it. I can’t tell you how many times she’s turned
down my marriage proposals. Yes it’s because I was trying to take over
her kingdom but there’s a nice way to decline you know. We need to get to that theater and get Elsa.
“wings of night, wings take flight, take us to the movie theater in a flash of light!”
now, to trick Elsa… Hmm, I know, give me your phone. Okay we’ve got popcorn… I’ve got kit Kat… And we’ve got soda. I think we’re ready. Oh and I have a phone call. Sorry I gotta take this. Hello, this is Elsa. You guys go in, i’ll meet you in there. Oh hi Elsa, this is Cinderella. Oh my god, Cindy, how are you? What’s going on girl? I’m actually coming to meet you. Didn’t Anna tell you? Weird, she didn’t. Well, anyway, could you come outside? I think I’m lost. Oh okay, i’ll be right there. Cindy wherever… Maleficent, Hans, Cruella, Jafar! Huh. I call upon this witching hour, take this
girl’s power and fly us back to the tower. Anna, I can’t believe you pull strings to
get us a private screening of wreck-it ralph 2. Oaken owns the theater, he’s pretty cool about
it. You guys, the previews are almost over and
Elsa isn’t here yet. Oh no, what should we do? I’ll go look for her. Elsa… Elsa. Hi friend, it’s Elsa, no I’m sorry I missed
you, leave a message. Straight to voice mail, this is not like her. Ugh, Elsa? Come on Elsa, pick up pick up. Wait, what’s this? Maleficent spell book! Oh no, this can’t be good. I’ve got to tell the girls. Not so powerful now are you Elsa? Now that you don’t have your little friends
to save you. And you can’t use your freezing powers. Oh, I’m Elsa, I’m just a normal queen
now… Ohhh ha ha ha ha. Just you wait, my friends will save me, just
watch. So I feel like maleficent took Elsa and then
left this behind on accident, I’m so sorry I had to call you guys out of the movie. Shh, no way, saving Elsa is way more important
than the movie. Yeah, we have to stop maleficent. Are there any spells we could use in there? Yeah, fight fire with fire. Let me look. Oh my gosh you guys, here’s a superhero spell. I don’t know you guys, this could be really
dangerous. There’s no way we can stand up to maleficent
otherwise, she’s too strong. Read it Belle. Okay, here it goes; “no longer are we pretty
flowers, give us all super-powers. Wow, I feel different. Wow! Oh my gosh, you’re flying. Whoa, I have water powers! Anna stop talking about sandwiches at a time
like this. I’m hungry… Wait a second, I wasn’t talking about sandwiches,
I was just thinking about sandwiches. Did you just read my mind! I can read minds; Anna is thinking about sandwiches,
Moana misses Hei Hei, Ariel can’t believe she can fly and I can read minds, this is
crazy! I just can’t figure out what my superpower
is. Rapunzel, are you there? We can’t see you. I’m right here. Umm, I think you’ve gone invisible. What! You mean you can’t see me at all? Wow, this is crazy, knowing about my superpower
is. Is it just me or is – maybe it’s just geting
hot in here. Anna, your hands are on fire! Oh, I have fire powers, this is so cool. Wow, be carefull with that. Sorry. Okay, let’s go stop these villains and save
Elsa! So, we finally got to Elsa [laughter]. So uh, now what do we do? Uh, we could try to marry someone. We’ve done that before. We can go by fur. No one wants fur, no, we’re villains. We have to do something more devious. Uh, you can just let me go already. Never! I say we harness Elsa’s freezing powers and
bring an endless winter to all of fantasyland. Hmm, sounds kind of cool. Yes, it’s a good idea in theory but we don’t
have to live in it. The colder the weather, the better the fur. Not so fast villains! What! Who’s there? Here to save the day, flying in the air, it’s
a bird, it’s a fish. No wait, it’s princess Ariel. Mind your own business, it’s princess Belle
with mind powers! Feeling hot hot hot? Watch out for princess
Anna and her fire powers. Now you see her, now you don’t! It’s Princess Rapunzel. What are you gonna do now? I know what Moana’s gonna do, she’s going
to use her water powers. Yeah, this is so awesome. Blah blah blah, bring it on princesses. Oh, it’s been broughten. Moana, maleficent’s about to hit you with
a beam of magic. You can’t stand up to my hypnotism powers. You’re getting very sleepy. Oh no I’m not, I had my coffee this morning. Wait, what’s happening? I’m getting very sleepy. Anna, watch out behind. Oh, my sideburns! Rapunzel, everyone’s preoccupied, go rescue
Elsa. Flower, gleam and glow let your power shine
make the clock reverse [inaudible] your curse. Thank you so much Rapunzel. Let’s go. You guys, you have to stop these villains
once and for all… ready? 1 2 3… Princess power! Nooo! No, let me out of here! No! Come on. Oh my goodness, I have a 2:30 hair appointment. Curses, foiled again! Well, if we’re going to be in here awhile,
I may as well finish my nap. Nighty night. Seriously, he’s supposed to be a super villain. Look at him, might as well have a nightcap
on. We did it, we saved Elsa. Yeah you guys, thanks for saving me. Of course, we have some help from our cool
new super powers. Oh my gosh, Ariel, you’re right, I think we
can still make the movie. Oh my goodness, I forgot that you can still
read my thoughts. Yes, let’s go see if Oaken can figure something
out for us. I’ll fly us over. Sounds super [laughter]. Wake up sleepy head! The sky is awake, so I’m awake, so it’s time
to get ready for school. Uuuh, no. Haven’t you heard on Anna? Heard what? We have a snow day today. A snow day! What does that mean? It means that it’s too snowy outside for the
school bus to get through and pick everybody up, so we get to sleep in. Hmm, seems pretty early in the year for a
snow day. Elsa, did you have something to do with this? No, I swear it wasn’t me. As much as I like sleeping in, today is unlimited
pizza day. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about unlimited
pizza day. OK, we’ve got to figure something out. Oh, all right. Uh, let’s call the gang. [phone Rings] Hey snow queen, what’s up? Hey Ariel, did you hear about the snow day? I did, no snow here, but of course there never
is. Everything’s hotter under the water. Oh, Moana is on the other line,
hold on, let me merge the calls. Ariel, did you hear? Yeah we heard. Anna and Elsa are on the other line too. I’ve never had a snow day here in Motunui. Elsa, is this your plan to get out of school? It wasn’t me, I promise. You guys, it’s unlimited pizza day at school
remember? Oh no, I love unlimited pizza day. Me too. Speaking of snow, Snow White is calling me. Hey Snow, I’ve got all the other girls on
the line. Hey you guys, I love snow but I love pizza
even more, we have got to get to school. It’s Jasmine! Don’t worry ladies, magic carpet and I are
here to save the day. We’ll pick everyone up and unlimited pizza
all day. Yaaay! First stop, Snow White’s castle. Hi Jasmine. This is so much fun. I know right, the princess perks are real. Wait a second, what are those birds doing? Oh don’t worry about that, sometimes it happens
to me, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. That was amazing! Oh, it was nothing. Who are we picking up next? Moana… Right over here Jas. Thank you so much for picking me up. Sure thing Moana. We’re moving a lot slower, what do you have
in your backpack Moana? Coconuts, I’m putting some on my pizza. Here, try some. Oh, wow these are so heavy. Hahaha, off to plan my next princess defeating plot. Hey, where did these coconuts come from? Where’ to next? Ariel’s private beach, right down there. Hey girls, I’m down here. I never realized how similar flying and swimming
are. I feel right at home up here, being a part
of your world Jasmine. It’s a whole new world, isn’t it? Hahahaha. Who’s left? Elsa and Anna. Carpet take us to Arendelle Castle. Whoooo! Elsa, look there they are. You guys are clear for landing. Wow, I can’t believe we all fit on here together. It’s snow exciting! Huh, jinx! Hahahaha Even Raja rides on the carpet with me sometimes
and he’s a full-grown tiger. Whoa, I would love to see that. We’ve got to be getting close to princess
Academy. Yeah, I think I see it right down there. Yup, hold on to your backpacks ladies, I’m
still getting the hang of parallel parking this thing. It’s so quiet around here today. It was a snow day after all. I guess no one else was able to find a way
to get school. Well, more pizza for us I guess. My little princess dancers, what are you all
doing here? We hitched a ride with Jasmine since the bus
wasn’t running. We couldn’t miss unlimited pizza day. I’m sorry girls, but school is completely
canceled. That’s coconuts. Oh man, booey! Shucks! Wait, if school’s canceled then why are
you here? Well, if you must know, I snuck into the cafeteria
and found these… Hot out of the oven. I’ll share if you promise not to tell. Deal.

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