“Disney Pixar’s Cars in Minecraft” – Animation

“Disney Pixar’s Cars in Minecraft” – Animation

Yes! Wohoo! Minecraft is awesome! Yeah look, I’m driving as sharp as Minecraft looks. Hehe! Now I’m just driving around in circles, look! No. …pro- -bl… …em. Hehe. Hey, do you want to have a race to the end of this map? Shoot, of course! What are we waiting for? Let’s go this way! Oh no no no, it’s this way! Or is it this way? Eh, McQueen? Do you know where the end is? I’m a bit confused. Well, I’m not sure exactly where, but the map has to end somewhere, right? Eh, probably? Well, there is only one way to find out. Let’s just drive straight through the biomes, until we find it! Alright! But we could also just talk to this guy. Mc… Queen? McQueen! Hey, what’s up? Hey! I was taking a nap! Oh, okay. So let’s find out! Are you ready, Mater? Shoot yeah, I’m so fired up! Me too. Three… Two… One… Go! Straight through, huh? Yeah, this didn’t really work out as planned Kinda. Let’s better jump over those next time, the dirt is way tougher than it looks. McQueen! Better not, it looked like it hurt. Oh you bad dirt!

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