DISBELIEF (Papyrus’s Genocide Route) [Undertale]

DISBELIEF (Papyrus’s Genocide Route) [Undertale]

An Undertale AU Fan Animation Disbelief!Papyrus By FlamesAtGames UNDERTALE by Toby Fox Many genocide routes have been played over and over. The human is used to meeting Papyrus at the last room of Snowdin. But instead, they met an old friend that wasn’t supposed to be seen yet. Sans had gotten sick of watching the human kill everyone he loved over and over again. The human started a new genocide route, and Sans was impatient. He didn’t want to see the dust of his own brother again. So he stopped Papyrus from trying to capture the human in Snowdin. And took care of it himself. But he died. And Papyrus was now the one to watch his friends die.

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  1. In the description, I noticed he is unaware of why someone asked f gaster. During the transformation to stage 3, (when sans joined the chat), talking sounds of gaster are heard. The random gibberish you hear. The ones that only sound like it could come from another dimension? That's his voice

    Edit: I have recently found that Gaster is also seen during him speaking but it is very quick.

  2. I really wish this was put into the game, say you do the genocide route once then straight after try to do it again and sans tries to stop you the second you get out of the ruins, papyrus finds out and tells undone while she forces him to stay back so she can handle it, making him help alphys evacuate everybody, after he realises undone has been gone for a while now he searches to find her, seeing nothing but dust all around, then, before you reach asgore papyrus desperately tries to turn everything around

  3. Sans and papyrus are probably the only ones who are strong Enough to kill chara if they stopped forgiving

  4. Hi, FlamesAtGames! I would like to dismount you, I can borrow some excerpts from your animation, please? I'll put you in the credits.

  5. Me: oml papyrus the cinnamon roll ;-; awww
    O wait
    o wait no
    No don’t give up ;-;

    Halp, the feels

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