Diary of a Final Year Graphic Design Student a.k.a Hell (?)

today my friend and I are super worried because we’re doing our final defense right now and we see no end in sight how are you doing? my friend wants to be an instagram influencer so if you guys want to follow her follow this instagram account please don’t! deep in the UMN (my campus’ name) wilderness we can find two pre-historic human beings loving each other I can’t zoom in how’s your final project going guys? how’s your final project going, sil? how’s your final project going, jul? I’m about to do it right now my face is so red is this still the first speaker? for real? or do we only have one speaker speaking today? is she done? yes! hello there princess! in the middle of riding the subway by myself why? nothing am I being to obvious? is it obvious that I’m trying to act properly in front of the camera? yes no, I’m kidding hello trying saying something in Indonesian hi everyone! is that the only thing you can say? bye! what is that that was super fun, thank you noona! Dongdaemun Design Plaza right now we’re at Bandung Pine Forest! Bandung Pine Forest! the ostriches are so cute! Bandung Pine Forest! to the future Martina who has finished her final project congrats, congrats to.. the future chris.. who has finished his final project.. congrats, congrats where’s sisil this is the story of.. final project students who will face.. their second defense in 3 weeks are you stressed out yet? i look so fat where’s silvana effendi I’ve just been rejected by neighbour (the name of the cafe we were at) this is the difference between our group of friends with the other group of friends so this is our group and look at how diligent the other group is can you please explain your outfit for today? sisil: the pants that I gave him from Bali this is hypebeast (?) today we’re watching our friend, Richard’s choir recital thank you for coming! okay, enough! so any message for Richard Hermanto? it was super cool and I think we might need to run to the car now because it’s starting to rain how many days do we have left until our defense, sil? next week, right? have you started recording? you can do this, Andrian! how many days do we have left until our second defense? how do you feel right now? wait my hair is messy how does it feel like after you passed your final defense? mm.. good luck (?) i feel nothing this is because of final project this pimple is because of final project this one as well and this.. this.. this..

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