Diamond Robbery | Motu Patlu in Hindi | 3D Animation –  WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Diamond Robbery | Motu Patlu in Hindi | 3D Animation – WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Hey, Lord! You are very great! You are a wise man! Everything that you have said about me is correct. Very correct. Hey, Lord! This monk knows about everything & everyone. How much money should I give you? No, child. I am a monk & I am not greedy about money. Give me something else. What do you need then? Give me something else. Which other thing you need? I don’t need to say anything but follow my clues. Oh! I got it. Take this sir. Take it. You have some samosas & tell me my future. What happened? By eating just one samosa, I cannot tell about your future. You have a long future but one samosa is not enough. Take this entire plate of samosas but tell me about my future. You are here. Chingam has called you immediately. There is an exhibition of a red diamond belonging to Sheikh Al Habibi from Saudi Arabia. And to guard the diamond, Chingam has appointed us as security officers. What are you saying this Patlu? How is this monk knows Chingam? Come, let’s go. Chingam is waiting for us. Hey, Motu! This is you. Dr.Jhatka must be having some expensive things. We could sell those things & get some money. Oh! This sticker helps to become invisible. If we steal this sticker, then we will become billionaires. What are you murmuring? Dr. Jhatka, where have you disappeared? You are not their in the lab nor in the house. Who are you? I came first, so I shall seek treatment first. Who? Who are you? I am a skeleton. I have a troubled digestion. I have some trouble in my stomach. Oh, my lord! Help! This not a minor but a very major trouble. Oh, my lord! Ghost. Ghost. Hey, supreme power fight against all the evils. Why are you getting scared? Do I look scary? No!! You look very handsome. I will make you handsome like me. Come with me. No, I don’t want become handsome like you. No!! You got really scared! See I have made a sticker due to which anybody can become invisible. When you press this button, a sticker comes out. If you stick this to your body, then you will become invisible. And if you remove it, then you will become visible. With the help of this sticker, we can become billionaires. A bee. I will not spare you. Look boss, this is what we have robbed. You both are useless fellows. I am planning to rob Sheikh Al Habibi’s red diamond. And you have robbed such a cheap thing. What is this magic? This sticker helps to become invisible. It is made by Dr. Jhatka & we have robbed it. John will become a don!! Now anybody cannot stop us from robbing the diamond. Let us become invisible & go to see the red diamond. Left – Right – Left!!!! Sheikh sir, they are Motu & Patlu. They are the bravest persons in Furfuri Nagar. And they will guard your diamond. Thank you!! I am your guest & you are helping me. Thank you. What is the security arrangement? Sir, if anyone enters this space around the diamond, then the alarm will ring. And then are more security systems. Come, I will show you. Motu Patlu be alert! Ok! Ok, sir! I will meet you tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, I will start the exhibition. Tomorrow morning the diamond will be here. Let us wait till tonight. Tonight when everyone is sleeping, at that time we shall rob the diamond. And after that John will become the don. John will become the don. Idiots switch off the alarm. Patlu, did you hear the alarm ring? Yes, I did hear it. Why did the alarm rang? When nobody is there except for us. We should take the diamond & go home. I will pick the diamond now. Idiot! First switch off the security alarm. Who is speaking? Who is there here? Nobody! This is our personal matter. You go to sleep. Oh! Sorry! Patlu! This is their family matter. But whose family matter it is. Nobody is here. Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! How is this diamond moving on it’s own? Oh! Lord save us from the ghosts. We are taking away the diamond. Do you have any problem with that? No!! What about you? No objection. This people have troubled us a lot. Now it is our turn. What type of a ghost are you? You cannot catch a diamond. Hey, fat fellow throw the diamond here. This fat fellow is very nice. Let us take him with us. No. I am not nice. Leave me alone. My buddy has said it, so we will take you with us. We will make you a ghost! Sorry! We cannot take No! Please don’t make a ghost. I cannot leave without Patlu. Why are you putting me into trouble as well, Motu? Both of you start dancing. Whoever dances well, we will leave that person. And take the other one with us. Both of you are dancing very badly. We will take both of you with us. Don’t get scared. Both of you will easily become ghosts. Folks catch them. No, don’t make me a ghost. Please don’t make me a ghost. How come our hands have become visible? It seems sticker’s effect is getting over. Let’s run. None of Dr. Jhatka’s invention work properly. Hey! Wait! My bike! John will become the don. Now even God cannot catch us. The name is Chingam. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible. Chingam sir we have caught John by putting our lives at risk. He was running away with the diamond. Oh, god! They should get a prize. And this way by putting our lives at risk, we saved your diamond. I help you get a prize from Sheikh Al Habibi & his wife. Thank you!! Each one of you worked very hard. If this diamond would have been lost, then too I wouldn’t have been sad. Since this diamond is fake. The real diamond is in my locker. I knew the diamond could be stolen here. What?

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