aye really quickly these are the two
random comments or drawing winners if you want the chance to be drawn
literally all you have to do is comment on the video I always pick two random
comment errs also I want to say this really quickly a lot of you are saying
that I’m underrated and I also agree there’s really not much I could do to
fix that like if you want to fix that bro share my videos help me out enjoy
the video this may be one of the most important football games of the century
is what is definitely going down in the history books I just I just don’t know
if I have it in me man what are you going on about of course you do
get it in gear goddammit it all leads up to this play see that that’s the goal them they are nothing but obstacles it’s
not about to get knocked out it’s about it to get back up
let’s do this yeah it all boils down to this play now set
cart ah street football Oh are we not doing
that anymore I and I’m sure many of you have very fond memories of the game of
street football a game where you can fold an 11 year old like a lawn chair
and not get arrested I’m sure you can tell that I’m trying my absolute hardest
to not be child friendly here but yes as a young and I used to partake in this
particular game quite regularly and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to
make an extremely random all-over-the-place video about playing
it as a kid street football was a great way for me to go outside make friends
stay in shape and just be a kid where do all the years ago this is actually a
game that I used to play with all my friends John and Ann included
surprisingly no one got me face anyways click the I in the corner to get that
reference look at me using YouTube studio
correctly the neighborhood I grew up in had a pretty big surplus of kids and
while I’m sure that was very very annoying for some in very very not
annoying for others it was great for us because we usually had enough players to
split into two teams which always made the games fun for the teams that didn’t
have me on them because my first time going out to play I remember people
arguing over who got to get me on their team because ever since I started to
grow in mid to late middle school I was always just taller and bigger than my
peers to this day I don’t know why this is the thing because I’m a walking
contradiction I’m big tall end of playing the game of life on Hard
difficulty and if someone were to judge me based off the stereotypes they’d be
pretty surprised to find out that I’m very much not athletic like at all
honestly I have no clue why God made me like this
hey what’s not racially ambiguous god that johannes drew so that he wouldn’t
offend anyone hey what’s up Asian Jesus I’m just over here making another batch
of humans but this one’s funny-looking I’m trying to miss some chick subjects
so I’ll make this one paw but given bad metabolisms gonna girl
built like a science beaker yo make them clumsy I’m gonna do you one better I’m
gonna make them tall clumsy and black hey you might as well make him a slow
runner too better not give this kid hopes a vegan athlete it’s all black and
unathletic bruh these humans are gonna be so confused on God on me y’all make
this dude an artist this man’s gonna have tall people back pain and artists
back pain a faux fur fur lit let’s at least make this guy extroverted and fun
to be around so he’s not completely useless Jermaine is that basically when
people picked me they got a slow clumsy kid who didn’t really know how to talk
to people you know the exact opposite of what a football player is supposed to be
yeah almost anytime I had the ball that happened but like what I don’t get is I
couldn’t throw very hard so how was it that I was still managing to dent entire
cars like like it just seems that no matter how slowly the ball is traveling
but it makes contact with the bumper it just does that and honestly any time I
wasn’t trying to the street fighter to a car I always seem to make the mistake
that no one playing street football should make on less than what the full
undying wrath of everyone within 820 feet radius throwing the ball
under cars honestly because then you get into an argument about who has to get
the ball from under the car even though people are literally like five feet from
the car and they still feel the need to make you walk all the way from the other
side of the lodge just to get it like honestly it’s really not that much of an
inconvenience but like I get it like let’s let’s be real
who likes to get on all fours at at low angle on a street especially if that
Street is on a more neglected part of town double especially if it’s night like
finding the ball in these conditions is not ideal man and yes we played football
at night like that’s so much more fun there’s a certain charm to playing
football during the day and having so much fun that you don’t even realize how
dark it is memories man like like imagine having a piece of leather flying
in the air towards your face at like Mach 5 and actually wanting to see it
like could couldn’t be me speaking of balls flying at my face I’m not gonna
lie on the rare occurrences that I do actually watch football on TV I actually
forget how much a good quarterback contributes to the game because with us
we only got three types of quarterbacks we have quarterback hey hi hey throw the
ball I’m open I’m open the bra throw the ball I’m open
I don’t think I want someone blocked me so he doesn’t throw the ball please aka
the guy that always throws the ball way too hard
quarterback B hey I’m gonna go deep in when no one’s looking throw me the ball
got it hike okay okay okay I don’t think anyone notices me now I just have to
make subtle eye contact what is he doing I am going to throw the ball nah nah man
you ruined me yeah bro we definitely ruin their defenses huh good idea
telling me to throw the ball to you if you go deep dude no no I have like four
people coming for me now don’t toss it aka the obvious quarterback and
quarterbacks see hi I’m over here I’m over here hey say less aka the guy with terrible a and another
thing that I wanted to continue talking and screaming at this microphone but I
actually want to get this video out at a reasonable time so I’m just gonna cut
this video abruptly here yeah oh you whole lyrical genius here I’m just
filling the space with ad-libs complain how are you doing today I know where the
cat just said that cuz I need two syllables my judge aware wait shut up my
videos right in your face not on the fence I do not need to pay if you were
just a hub could rate my amigo server by school been on the centimeter on the
block I need me running a park Sam I never left but I have returned this
settles consistently I never learned so medium month never again
killing artists all those like my name is collar brand it’s so long just to get
where I am now call you supporters I call you fans and if you wanted dislike
this fight you can handle date but you know I’m a she’s never yours I could
give them over you I am at your head kind of song like a GoPro Bella visit
slo-mo quit mine under fine arm is going Yolo that’s how the story goes I had me going
in circles nights I can never eat all this crazy on the world words I think
it’s very cool

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  1. i always comment before i watch the videos so i always have thoughts after i watch as well: damn your quality has increased by 10000000000000000%. no wonder you were gone for so long. you were making this masterpiece of a video

    edit: i didn't know you posted in december so i haven't watched one of your videos in FOREVER😞

  2. 5:48:
    Yo-yo: speaking of balls flying at my face.

    Old 47 yr old man: slobing and staring at kids😋😋🤤🤤


  3. Buen video men, se que quieres hablar español entonces pongo mi comentario en español, saludos desde México!

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