Deewane (2000) (HD & Eng Subs) – Hindi Full Movie – Ajay Devgan, Urmila Matondkar, Mahima Chaudhry

“O my heart” “Tell me” “Is this love?” “My love…” “tell me only so much…” “My love…” “tell me only so much…” “what am I to do?” “Nowhere can I find my peace” “what am I to do?” “Nowhere can I find my peace” “O my heart” “Tell me” “Is this love?” “Oh what pain is this?” “Oh what dream is this?” “Oh, what strange thirst is this?” “A strange rhythm my heart beats…” “overwhelms my emotions,
oh, what feeling is this?” “I am awake, yet in slumber” “Oh what am I lost in?” “O my heart” “Tell me” “Is this love?” “My love…” “tell me only so much…” “what am I to do?” “Nowhere can I find my peace” “what am I to do?” “Nowhere can I find my peace” “O my heart” “Tell me” “Is this love?” Good morning, Sir.
– Good morning. Nandu. We found him dead.
Come, take a look. Good morning, Sir.
– Good morning. Killed this one too?
He was to have exposed everyone Sir, a message for you. It’s important.
We found it in his pocket Hello sir. Nandu has gone to hell. The police
should’ve recovered his body And the videotape he was using
to blackmail you, is with me now Yes sir, I’m bringing it over Come on darling. Where’s Jimmy?
– Yes. Who are you? Do you have a licence for this thing? Police…? I think you’re smart Shall we go, see Jimmy? Yes, sir. Yes darling, I’ll marry both of you
– – You lier. Two weddings, two honeymoons Get going, move it You’re the one who has been licensed
to run this casino But you don’t look like
you’re the real owner Tell me, what’s the name of this man
who uses you as a front… for these rackets?
– Rackets? No sir It’s only gambling here.
Look, take a look Nandu mentioned your casino
in his dying declaration Well…?
– This is an upmarket club No limits on the stakes.
You can play too, sir Go on, play.
It’s all free for you Come on, let’s play the game
at the police station Over there, it’s all free for you.
No limits Punches, kicks What are you hiding? Tape, sir What’s in the tape? Just a recording of the club Come on!
– Get lost! Boys, kill him! Darling. Getting worked up in your old age
is dangerous, Daddy You’re the one who’s old! And you are my father!
– And this is your mother… and I’m romancing her! Step mother.
– But she’s so nice! Lekhraj darling, you see what
your sons think of me? The dresses you wear, you know Darling. – He’s jealous of me.
He’s a bachelor. Just jealous For all those who marry twice over,
there will be some left bachelors Many famous people have
two wives, yes baby? Brother… We sport the same hairstyles.
– Yes We sport the same looks.
– Yes We sport the same everything.
– Yes Then why not a woman for me?
I too am rich Because we don’t have the same brains.
Besides, you aren’t rich. Get lost Okay, fine. All this tension makes my hair
stand on the edge! Why worry? Jimmy just said
he has the tape Relax.
– Blast that tape! Are you trying to light a fire
under my backside? Uncle, that was just a sample.
Good for you, you never took… the other chair!
– You know what’d happen? What?
– Watch! You morons, are you trying to…? You can sit on it.
No more bombs in it You’ll drive me nuts! Daddy. This Jimmy always brings bad news.
– Let’s plant a big bomb under him Big one. That’d be the end of Jimmy.
And the end of bad news Shut up! All the time,
you fellows are doped Get to work. The consignment of bombs
and arms has to be despatched. Go on Sir. Sir, bad news What happened? Vishal got his hands on the tape Destroyed my casino… killed
20 of my men; the rest arrested I’m not letting you get away
with this alive! I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you.
– Sir. Listen to me. Dad, he’ll die. Wait. Not even our teamsters have seen
our real faces… and Vishal knows? Listen to me, sir… I threw the tape
into a fire… maybe it’s destroyed Daddy. That means we’re saved! Darling please. Don’t try to mix
violence and romance! Move away. Son… Don’t you touch her! Which means that Vishal is
going to try to rescue the tape! Vishal, this cassette is badly damaged.
– That’s why I’ve brought it to you You can fix it. Yes, using computer graphics But it’s going to take time.
– Time is what I don’t have And I’m sure there’s a secret
hidden away in this tape Sir. I’m proud of you!
You’ve proved it once again! In my thirty years of service,
I haven’t seen a more gutsy officer You are an example for the entire
police force. You are unique! You’ve practically stamped crime
out of the city No sir. One syndicate still remains But very soon, I’m going
to arrest them I’ve uncovered the first links Good.
– I’ll keep inform you. Bye. Mummy, give me a cup of tea
– No way Then, let’s have coffee.
– Upto your antics again? Doing those dangerous things…? The commissioner has put me on a desk.
He’s making me work like a clerk Really? And what’s this,
dear brother? CBI officer Vishal raids
a casino in darring stayle. Bloody newspapers. Why Vishal, why? Enough is enough God has given us everything
we could ask for Mummy… You know very well why
I joined the police Yes, your father was kidnapped
for ransom .. ..and then killed But that doesn’t mean that you have to
go around risking your life and limb In the end, those criminals
were killed, weren’t they? That’s just why this fire
can never be put out In every criminal,
I see my father’s assassin Mummy, let me do what I’m doing.
It gives me a lot of satisfaction You do have a way with words
when it comes to your mother… and it’s about the same you do
to criminals… you break them in All right, you have your way.
But don’t play with your life Nothing’s going to happen to me.
– Mummy, just get someone… to take care of my brother,
and he’ll start being careful Yes Vishal. You should get married now.
– Do you think she’s going to say yes? He has been making her cool her heels
since five o’clock What do you mean…? Om my God. Coffee cancelled! I’m taking Sapna
to the movies. The 6 o’clock show! What an outstanding brother!
He bashes everyone up… today, he’s going to get bashed up!
– Hush! It must be nearing the interval by now.
– Don’t you add fuel to fire There he is… he’s here!
– All this while, she was waiting Now that he’s here, off she goes
to her bedroom Coming, opening the door. Hello uncle.
– Vihsal. Hello aunty.
– Hi. Late again, son?
– I was busy chasing thugs Come with me one of these days.
You’re going to enjoy it Not dangerous, is it?
– Not really Only you have to drive
at a hundred or two mph Come an accident, one ends up
with a minor bruise or two Minor bruise or two? No problem!
– Sometimes the thugs shoot at you You might take a bullet or two.
– And sustain minor injuries, no? No, it might cost you a life or two.
But you could get killed… while crossing a road, right?
– That’s why I don’t venture out Sapna. Sapna. After you’re done with wrecking,
come downstairs Is Sapna still in a rage?
– Better be wary of women But don’t you tell them that Try it out sometime.
– Sure! Good tip Dhanwanti…!
– What’s it? Cook up some fries! Cook yourself some Doll… Don’t you use my pet name.
– So you’re cross Do you know how to make up?
– I’m not upto the mark in making up Why don’t you fix your mood yourself? Vishal. Come on. I love you. I know. I want to go to the disco. Come on.
– Discos are for kids For grown-ups too, for those
who are still hot-blooded Hot blooded, you know. Sapna, I don’t know how to dance.
– Just do it once with me… and you’ll forget how to walk!
Come on If he won’t,
come with me baby! Thank you, man. Let go!
– Will you do that ever again? Leave me, please!
– Vishal. What’s come over you, Vishal?
– If anyone even looks at you… it sets my blood to boil!
I’m hot blooded, baby Hot blooded, you know. Well at least you pass on a bit of
the warmth to your thugs. Lucky thugs! Why not me? Stop it Sapna. Let’s go. Flatter me Tell me a couplet Couplet? “You are as pretty as the full Moon” “By God, you are…” “Beyond compare”…? No, give me something original. The thugs I spend my days with
don’t know a thing about poetry! Never mind. I’ll teach you some. Look into my eyes Done Now tell me, how much…? What? How much you love me, Vishal! “Much as you love me,
just add another ten percent” I don’t want to dance!
– What’s up? Be a romantic, Vishal.
– Okay. Give me a minute. I’ll work up a couplet
that’s going to make you swoon! Come.
– Okay. Hello. Yes. Two tight slaps, and
he’ll spill everything Rane, your stick
isn’t hard enough anymore What rubbish, Rane. I’m coming over What? Start dancing.
Come on play. You said we’d have dinner together Sorry, I’ve urgent work.
– Always it’s urgent work. Sapna? Back so soon? Time for the fireworks! Darling, this reminds me of our days! Just go and sit over there Tyrants never change Why don’t you talk to Vishal’s mother
about the wedding? How could I…? I’d be tongue-tied Tongue-tied? This isn’t your marriage.
I’m talking about Sapna Once they are married, Vishal will
get over his obsession with work And he’s going to become henpecked.
Just like me What did you say? Sapna. Is there something to eat? Chocolate. I’d put on weight Biscuits.
– Biscuits. I’d still go hungry.
But I guess, it’ll have to do Wow. Sister… What’s this “love” thing? Love? Part of living on thin air.
And you get to eat nothing No It’s a world of dreams What… and what? Love makes the heart beat And only one name matters Really? What else? How time flies when you’re with him
… you never know And…? You only wait and wait for him.
And you like nothing else Love takes you to a heaven! One smack… and you’ll come bouncing back to earth.
– Why, what’s wrong? You’re reading one too many a novel.
It happens only in stories and movies Nothing of that sort happens!
Besides, Nimmo… Come on, go back to your studies.
– No! Tell me something.
– What? What do you like about Vishal? Oh, Vishal. He is so daring. So stylish. You know, love is dying for
a gallant police officer… who dumps his girlfriend
and off he goes to see a thug! Sister!
– Nimmo…! Yes?
– Studies! Oh no, Sis. Please.
– Exams. Come on. Come on. Where’s your brother?
– Well, he’s… So at last, you remember us! You never drop by.
So we thought we’d come Why should he come to see us?
Why, what have we done? What scares my uncle
is the fact that.. ..Vishal works for
police intelligence! Is uncle hiding something? I’m so straight, I’ve never married! Do you mean to say I’m a thug… because I married twice over?
– Lekhu darling, forget it By the way, you haven’t thrown
a party for your second wedding I will! But you’ll have to come home.
Say, when? Uncle, I’ve found evidence against
these thugs I’m chasing In a few days, they’re
going to be exposed You and I will have our party once
they’ve joined the chain gangs Where are you off to?
– The police conference in Shimla 1.2. 1.2. 1.2. Keep it up. 1.2. Hi come. Hi.
– Hi. What would you like?
Something hot, cold? Coffee, tea? Nothing.
– Okay dance. Whose he? What’s this? What are you doing? Now I know why you called me over
… for a dance, no? Turn the music on!
– No, I didn’t call you here! You just told me to dance!
– Pooja, I haven’t invited him She just told me, dance!
Now she says no…? I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry, girls. It must’ve been a mistake. Okay dance. Oh yes! Back…? You just told me, dance!
– I didn’t I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry for the cconfusion girls. “Okay” is his name Okay. They want me in! Who called me… who? Why is your name Okay?
– That’s a long story Before me, my mother gave birth
to umpteen kids… some crippled, some crooked,
some cracks, some crazies When I was born, the doctor took
a look at me, and said “He is Okay!” Okay. Ever since, I’ve been Okay Okay, come here You want me? Coming Why did you call me here?
– Where’s Arun? No idea.
– Meaning what? I must see him today. Come what may, get him here
before the show What a show! Had a girl showed
as much interest in me… I would’ve sat at her door
like a dog! I have to look for him Wow.
– Beautiful. Beautiful. May I have a game? This being the only table
with an empty chair… Haven’t seen you here before Arun. That’s my name Arun who? Are you asking my family name? I don’t even know who my parents were Son-of-a-bitch! Here to make money?
Get up, and get lost Don’t use foul language.
– Why not? It scares me As far as making
money is concerned, I’m willing to lose for the
first half-an-hour. – Great! Look at our watches. But after
half an hour, it’s me and my luck Okay. Forty minutes, and still losing? Forty minutes!
Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Tell me something. How did you
start winning so suddenly? I kept losing for the first half hour,
because I was studying you fellows When you get a bad hand,
you start picking your nose You play with your scarf,
and you take a long drink And you… when you get a good hand,
you start wringing your hands And she starts smoking This is cheating. Now, in which book is that
a rule about gambling? We’re going to deal again.
I wasn’t concentrating Your name? Sheroo Sheroo who? In this locality, I’m the don And I have a couple of guys
I want to kill So I kept thinking about them
Get it? Sheroo… you?! Pass the cash Stop. First, we collect Yesterday, he used the same ploy
to win against us Look Baldie, put that gun away.
– No! Put that gun away.
– No! You know how I react to guns!
You know how I react! Pick him up. Move it! When I see a gun… That knife! It’s just a knife!
Only a little toy! I was only joking! The money
is all yours… take it! No, I’m scared. You’re going to hit me! What a thing to say, brother!
The money is yours, yours! Take it! Serious?
– Absolutely! Thank you.
Thank you Sheru. Thank you.
Thank you very much. Lay off man!
– Moolah? Back to your tricks?
– No. It’s a new style Hey guys! That baldie has ended up in hospital.
– You beat him to pulp He had a real gun! It could’ve
gone off, and I’d be done in Keep this.
– Hey, some for him too Let him have 2,000 extra
– All right See you!
– Okay. Same time, same place tomorrow.
– Sure What’s this new angle?
– Lay off man. But where have you been? I’m taking you where I’ve been. Come But…
– Lay off man. This is my style I will wear that. Here you are, Pooja.
I brought him along How could I not come?
You called! I can see it in your eyes!
– Have you taken to poetry? Thanks to your company. Besides,
I’m your fan as far as poetry goes Before you start badgering me
for a recitation, I’ll leave No!
– Where are you going? I got work to do. I’ve asked you so many times But you never tell me
what you’re up to He has told you so many times.
Only, you won’t believe Tell her.
– I steal Joking, again? And what do you steal? Hearts? Were it saleable… I’d steal that too Say it’s saleable.
Whose will you steal? Dream. I have a dream Someone you dream of? Yes. And I’m going to steal her heart Have you ever met her? Haven’t even seen her What if you never find her? Matter of luck What about mine? I’m off Arun, where are you off to? Tonight
I’m singing the song you wrote And I don’t know the lines properly!
That’s why I called you here, Arun! You’ll remember the lines
as you go through the song All the best.
– You remember? Thank you very much.
Thank you. Is this song necessary? “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Eyes will meet” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Eyes will meet” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Own up, or tell a lie” “I always accept what you say” “Own up, or tell a lie” “I always accept what you say” “I don’t want him
to be cross with me” “I’d rather be his slave” “Ensnared in..” “I’m caught in a web of love” “On my say-so, you should be ready
to forsake everything” “On my say-so, you should be ready
to forsake everything” “The way I like you” “You will have to become” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Ensnared in the web of love” “My love” “The girl of my dreams” “My love” “The girl of my dreams” “The one in front of you,
the one you should see…” “The one in front of you,
the one you should see…” “you never see” “The gold you’re digging for, you’ve
never found, yet you look for her” “He’s mad” “He’s crazy” “How do I make him realise?” “Love is toxic” “Love is madness” “Love isn’t for everyone” “When it happens, it happens.
It listens to no reason” “Unless it comes to happen,
it never happens” “Were it not to have been,
nothing would’ve been” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Eyes will meet” “Eyes will meet” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Eyes will meet” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Ensnared in the web of love” “When Cupid’s arrow strikes deep” “Ensnared in the web of love” “Try as much as you,
to hide your eyes” “Eyes will meet” Vishal, we’re hoping for the day
when you’ll be transferred here Once I’ve cracked this crime syndicate,
I’ll take a transfer over here Did you notice that? Tonight…?
– Tonight Take care of the lights.
– You take care of the heist Okay?
– Let’s go. – Come on. Get him! Hand him over to the police.
The thief! He was trying to get away From what Vishal says, it’s clear
that the cassette has been given… to someone for retrieval. If Vishal
returns to this city, we are doomed. Now, are you going to stand
and stare? Go and kill him! Vishal isn’t getting away alive! Where violence ends, romance begins!
Will you treat me to your grapes? Sure darling. Hi, brother.
– Hi. Hi. How was Shimla? It was good. So what are you doing here?
– Strange! We’re here for your wedding. We’re headed directly to see
the priest. For finalising the date. Son, you’re willing, aren’t you? If I refuse,
Sapna will break my bones Excuse me.
– I was saying that… Some images on tape are being digitised.
But I don’t recognise the faces Maybe I will be able to make out.
I’m coming over What do you think?
– Okay. Why don’t you come along with us too?
– Oh yes, come along One minute! Have you asked Sapna?
– She’s right here. You ask her Go on Okay.
– Go. Doll, will you marry me? No pet names, at least not now! I’m sorry. So what do we do? When did I say no? Hello.
– Vishal. Yes sir. Yeah, I’m coming. Something strange
happened in Shimla. Really? There was a thief in this hotel. When I flashed my torch in his face
he turned around. His face was exactly like mine My God. I have to tell you about this
faceless syndicate Before he died, Nandu gave me
some important clues What kind of clues? A video cassette. I’ll get my hands
on it very soon. The contents… Actually… What happened? Vishal, you were saying something? Oh my God. Doctor. Just tell me Vishal is alive!
– Yes, he’s alive Thank you, God. But barely alive. He’s in coma When, if at all, he might come
out of coma, cannot be said No one gets to know what happened
to Vishal, and what state he’s in If word gets out, there’s going
to be blood on the streets My heart tells me
Nothing’s going to happen to Vishal. He’ll be fine. I appreciate your sentiments,
Mr. Commissioner And miracles do happen. But it’s only
one in a thousand who survives a coma Cheers.
– Cheers, Brother. Dad. Dad.
– Yes. With Vishal’s death, gang wars
have broken out in the city There’s fighting all around Let it happen! Wipe out the small
fry! Set the whole town on fire! Cheers.
– Sure dad. Despatch the consignments of arms.
And don’t worry a bit? – Sure. If the cops get in your way,
blow them up Hello. Why are these riots happening?
What is the police doing? Do you have anything to say?
You have to say something! Yes. – Vishal’s mother on the line.
She wants to speak to you Tell her I’m in a meeting.
I’ll return her call later How long am I going to conceal
the truth about Vishal? Tomorrow, I’m telling his mother
the truth Brother. Where’s Vishal?
– No, don’t get up. Doctor said, you don’t get up. Actually… If something is amiss,
you can tell us. We can take care of the lady Nothing of the sort.
I just spoke to Vishal this morning Meaning, he’s all right…? Yes, he’s fine, isn’t he? He’s fine, isn’t he?
– Yes, perfectly all right He’s fit and fine It’s just that he isn’t allowed to
call anyone for reasons of security Not even you.
– When is he going to be back? It’s going to take time. But I’ll try
to bring him back soon enough Okay.
-Please take care of yourself Yes.
– Goodbye! Please keep us informed about Vishal
– Sure And us too!
– Right Thanks a million, Lord! I must go to the temple Oh, brother!
– Not to worry Even God is laughing at him.
Vishal is with him That commissioner told lies.
– But why? For the sake of this old hag. News
of her son’s death might kill her “Something strange
happened in Shimla” “There was a thief in this hotel.” “When I flashed my torch
in his face… “he turned around.” “His face was exactly like mine” Hello. Book me on a trip to Shimla So what’s your decision? For a million, I’m even ready to die Now even the commissioner
isn’t in town I think he has gone
to bring Vishal back I’ve run ten kilometres!
– Five more to go I can’t do it Come on, Arun. Arun. One million! What else is he going to make me do
for one million? Back to work. Be careful, Arun. Unless you drive properly,
how are you going to play Vishal? Till yesterday, I was running
from police cars! Now you got me sitting in one. Takes time, doesn’t it?
– Okay. Arun! Careful! What are you doing? Lay off man! Hello. No, Papa isn’t here.
Please call later Sister, you thought it was Vishal? He keeps taking such risks At least, he should call.
One worries… Don’t worry.
I’m sire he is fine. I’ve told you everything
you need to know about Vishal I think you are now capable
of standing in for him Arun, what’s on your mind?
– Yes. This bag, sir. I haven’t even seen
a million. I wonder how it looks… You don’t touch it till I’m through.
– Lay off man! No Arun! Don’t you touch it. But how could you know…? I can watch you through this mirror It’s time I told you
about Vishal’s family Hello. Sir, Sapna wants to see you.
– All right, send her in Arun, you go in there.
– But… Don’t waste time.
You get in there fast! Welcome Sit down Would you like something to drink?
– I’m not here for drinking I want to…
– I know, Sapna Sapna.
– Excuse me. Hello. Yes. Wait. No, no. As I said. Chief Minister is coming too. Okay. And keep me inform. Uncle.
– Sapna, say nothing! He’s coming tomorrow Really?
– Absolutely true Are you promising me that
he’s coming? Promise. Maybe even tonight Oh, thank’s uncle.
Thank you so mcuh. Bye.
– Bye. Arun. Now that’s what you call coincidence I was just about to brief you
about Vishal’s family… and here comes Sapna. She’s Vishal’s girlfriend Vishal’s girlfriend? Sapna…?
– Yes. Etch that face inside your head.
You’ll keep seeing her I’m afraid you might get caught
in the act Yes. I know nothing about Vishal’s.. ..relationship with Sapna She mustn’t get to know that
you aren’t her boyfriend Are you still lost? I see. Not until you’ve
seen the money, right? Vishal is right in front of you.
Tell me, what do you want done? Brother! Brother! This software is good
for Bomb making… Why is uncle screaming? Listen to me.
Stop eating her grapes! What happened?
-Look at what’s happening! Are my grapes sour for you? What’s wrong with you? Television! It’s ruining us!
– What’s up? Watch what’s happening on TV! Quick! Hurry up! Come here Come here Look! No Daddy. This was recorded earlier.
– No! It’s showing live! Pronounced live.
– Whatever. But our lives are at stake It’s showing on every channel. Look! Excuse me. Who’s responsible for the growth
of crime in the city? Where have you been all along? Do you feel responsible
for the spurt in crime? As much responsible as you are.
– What do you mean? What you wrote about me drove
the gangsters into their foxholes I had to go into hiding
to draw them out I’ve been successful
in my mission They have come out in the open, and
I know each and every one of them All I have to tell them is,
come to the law, and confess Else… What happened?
– Uncle, are you all right? He isn’t about to spare us!
He’s going to kill us! You morons! Whom did you kill instead
of Vishal? I can’t bear this! Dad, this I don’t understand.
I shot him myself What’s that? His ghost? How many times have I told you?
Don’t work when you’re doping! If you killed him,
how come he’s alive? Now that you’re here, you should
give up anything that was Arun In there, there’s a mother
waiting for her son to return And that son, you are Orphans have no relations What mother… what sister?
I’ve never known these I’ll give you a signal
every time you slip up Come Sister. Sister. Look who’s here! Who is it. Vishal. Where do you get away … no calls,
no news! You know what happens to me? Brother! You’re back home. Yes. My brother! You mad girl! Promise me that you’ll never
leave us again! Not just this! Make me a promise!
– All right. I promise I will never leave you.
– You must make a promise to Sapna too You know how much she missed you?
– Make sure you see her today Mummy, today… No, son. You don’t make someone
pine like this Sapna! Look who’s here! Good you’re here!
We were dying to see you! Where have you been?
– Home comes my warrior! Welcome! Sapna is very angry! How about helping me?
– Help…? Have you forgotten what you told me?
– What I told you…? I don’t quite remember.
– Don’t quite remember…? My lion turns henpecked! How come?
– Uncle, for women, use poetry Poetry! What’s the matter with you?
Are you all right, son? I was joking.
– Joking! Get upstairs, and knock
– Yes. And don’t you show you’re scared! It’s nothing Sapna. Nimmo, what city in India doesn’t
have long-distance calling nowadays? Sapna. I was just asking. I hear the rates
are halved after seven-thirty pm Yes! After 8:30, the rates
are one-thirds I also hear that after eleven, the rates are one-fourths But there are these misers who
can’t even make a phone call Forgive me. I couldn’t make calls
because of security reasons Is someone telling me anything?
Will someone ask him… whether he’s taking me somewhere?
– Go on. Get going Won’t you ask me if I’m cross?
– Cross? Yes, I’m cross. Won’t you ask me why?
– Why? Because I know that you love me,
but you’re married already! Married? To whom? To your job How about a divorce? What…? Yes. Whatever comes in the way of my love
is dispensable What’s come over you?
What are you saying? Have I said something wrong? Tell me, are you drunk? Been ages since I saw the bottle. Besides, I’m not drinking anymore. The trip just happens I thought you’ve changed But no! Thank God! Come off it Vishal!
Back to the hotel? But this is where you and I
come always Oh yes. Shall we…?
– Come I’m sorry, Sir.
I’m sorry, ma’am. What’s wrong with this one?
– You nearly killed him Oh, I forgot. Vishal, disco. Let’s go.
– Yes. Let’s go
– Let’s…? Come on.
– Really. I love you. Love you. Vishal, I don’t know why you don’t come
to the disco. You dance well enough I sing well enough too.
– What…? Just joking Let’s eat What will you have? Come on. What will you have?
– I’m not hungry I get hungry every half an hour.
Strange. Why am I not hungry either? So, what happened now? I’ve had my fill of love.
– Where did you learn… how to talk like that? Did I say something wrong again? Keep saying the wrong things. They sound nice Sapna. No, it’s nothing I’ve never seen.. .. such intensity
in your eyes Come on. Let’s dance.
Come on. Where is Arun? Chavan, some police commissioner has
taken him away. I got to know it…from my dogs. I have a lot of money left over from
my shows. We’re going to find Arun What about my patients?
-You’ll find dogs and cats everywhere! What kind of a friend are you?
Don’t you care for friends? Not that. In friendship, I’m more
loyal than a dog. I’ll hunt Arun down Hello.
– Sapna. Vishal! Hi! What’s up? How come you’re
calling me now… during the day? I haven’t much work to do.
So I called you Not much work… for you? Where
are all the thugs in the city? They’re mourning my return. Besides,
what will change for the better… even if I go hammer and tong? So, better than waste my time… why not take you out? What…? What’s happening?
Are you listening? Yes, I’m listening Vishal I just can’t believe you’re
the same old Vishal Why? Yesterday you took me to the disco
for the first time! You even switched off your mobile Now you’re calling…
to say that you want to take me out! Wow. This is great. What’s come over you, Vishal?! I don’t know, Sapna
… what’s come over me Listen, stay ready
for seven this evening Stop daydreaming. He’s apple-polishing
because he’s back after so long I’ll bet he’s going to take you
to your favourite haunt these days You mean…
– Right. Boaring ballroom dancing. What’s this place…? A rose for a rose Thank you. This place and these people
you will remember forever Coming…? Stop, stop!
Big brother is here Nothing sir! Just jesting.
– Hide that! We don’t have a licence It’s nothing sir!
– Not to be afraid I’m not here to bring you
to your senses today I want to get drunk today Welcome sir. Drink up! You’ll enjoy yourself,
just like I’m enjoying myself For the madam.
– Enjoy… what? Hey, take care of him.
– Come on, why worry? What about you?
– No! It’s orange juice.
– No, I don’t drink! What are you saying?! “Those eyes” “This fun!” “Those eyes” “This fun!” “The eyelids…” “mascaraed” “This hair, this fragrance,
these bracelets, these anklets…” “Out of this earth!” “Those looks” “This style” “The killer looks” “My lover… “this madman” “My passions… “and my love” “Out of this earth!” “Out of this earth!” “Those eyes” “This fun!” “The eyelids…” “mascaraed” “What is a lover?” “One who loves you” “Who is a poet? “One who writes poetry about you” “Have you gone mad?” “Or are you trying to work magic?” “Oh magic, this magic!” “Oh, such colours!” “Such glamour…” “of youth” “My heart, my love…” “My lover, my friend…” “Why are you so changed a man today?” “What can I do? No reason works” “The heart won’t listen” “Oh yes, it won’t listen!” “These waves” “These seas” “These winds” “This season” “This party” “This song” “This revelry” “This ambience” “Out of this world!” “Out of this earth!” “Those eyes” “Those looks” “This fun!” “This style” “The eyelids…” “mascaraed” “This hair.”
– “My lover… “This fragrance”
– “this madman” “These bracelets.”
– “My passions… “These anklets…”
– “and my love” “Out of this earth!” “Out of this earth!” “Out of this earth!” “Out of this earth!” Hello. sir.
Would you like to order something. What would you have? Wow. You’re cool man. I wanted to tell you that
Vishal is improving No, I won’t raise hopes. But he whispered a name Name…?
– Some girl Sapna?
– Yes, maybe You mean, now he’s…
– No, no Nothing can be said as of now. But as long as he lives, hope lives “O my heart” “Tell me” “Is this love?” “Is this love?” “O my heart” “Tell me” “Is this love?” “Is this love?” Sister… What gives? You look bright today Is it the fairness cream? Just a dash of love! It’s as if I’ve fallen in love.. ..with Vishal once again! Don’t you envy me Sister! Excuse me, sir. Let me have your luggage.
– Never mind This is a police station. Not a railway station
– That’s just why… What…?
– No, I’ve full faith in you! Come We’re from Shimla. We’re looking
for a friend of ours. Arun Arun… who? What with so many people you arrest,
maybe you don’t remember I don’t…
– For us, he’s a source of income Ever since he has disappeared,
we’ve been going hungry Look, I’m telling you…
– What I’m telling you… Will you listen to me.
– Arun isn’t that type Will you shut up. Please let him go I beg of you!
– Shut up. Shut up. What’s your name?
– Okay, sir Damn okays, what’s your name?
– Okay, sir What okay.
– My name is Okay Sir. What are you okaying?
– My name is Okay I see, your name’s Okay?
– Yes sir Okay.
– Oh, thank you. Thank you for calling me! Look Okay, you’ve got it all wrong. This friend of yours…what’s his name?
– Okay… Damn it! Not yours.
Your friend’s name Arun.
– Yes. Look Okay, I don’t know your Arun. Nor
have I brought him here from Shimla Get it? You don’t trust me?
– Not that sir Please, don’t mind this, but
as for policemen, you can’t quite… I can’t quite say it!
You understand, no? I’m the police commissioner.
You think I’m lying to you? Nothing like that, sir. But people say,
the higher up they are, the worse… I can’t quite say it!
You understand, no? We have a huge jail here. And there
are lots of vacancies in there If you mention Arun ever again…
I can’t quite say it! I can understand, sir I’ll send you to jail! Get it? Jail me, if you will! I’ll ask
a hundred times where Arun is! You’re sitting where you are
to help us, not to boss over us! What are you people up to?
He isn’t there in the Shimla jail We come here, and you tell us
you don’t even know him! If he’s a criminal, punish him! But at least tell us… where he is locked-up. How are you related to him? I’m no one But he means a lot to me And I’ll raise cain looking for him! She’s going to get us jailed! Sir. They are my guests
– Yes, sir. Take them to the police guest house Right sir. I can understand your concerns. Just give me a day or two
to find out about him. I’ll tell you Okay.
– Thank you, sir. You may leave now Please come. Sir, is it really a guest house?
– Yes Greetings. Thank you, sir. Please come.
– Come on. Let’e go. Vishal. Your friend in Shimla asked me.. get your address. Is this it? Hey, Okay. You’ve changed! Lay off man!
– Yeah sure. What brings you here all of a sudden?
– I’m here visiting patients So these mutes wrote to you!
– Pooja was missing you! Pooja. Where’s she?
– Yes. Alright. Pooja. How are you Pooja? Now I’m fine I had to come here all of a sudden
… the job, you know You won’t be uncomfortable
in this guest house Won’t you be here?
– I’ll keep coming What am I seeing?!
So much money? Arun, what’s up?
– It’s all ours Ours. Here instead of Shimla jail!
In a suit… what’s going on? Have you robbed a bank or something? Okay is not okay.. How did you arrenge this? Who could’ve lost this much?
In wads of five hundreds! Okay. 500,000 for Pooja I want her to score her music
… cassettes, music videos Wow. The other 500,000 is for you.
– No! You want to build a hospital
for animals, don’t you? My animals will bless you! What’s going on?
– The animals are blessing you! They are blessing you Okay Rane, you go
there tomorrow and.. Hello. Mahesh speaking Mahesh…? The cassette is ready Cassette…? Videocassette. Videocassette, oh yes! Where are you located?
– What kind of a joke is this? You were supposed to buy
a new shop, weren’t you? No, it’s still the old one
at the cantonment Yes. Cantonment. I forget the street name.
– What’s wrong with you? M.G. Road.
– Yes, right. You’re coming, aren’t you?
– I’ll be there in the evening Okay. Mr. Lekhraj, Rane speaking Yes, go on.
– The news I have for you… What news?
– I’ve come to know… where your videocassette is.
– Cassette? I know where the videocassette is Where is he?
– I think he ran Must be dead! I shot him twice.
Let’s go Darling. He’s giving me nightmares! That jackal! I’m going to
have him killed! What are you thinking? You know, yesterday Mummy and Papa
were saying that you’ve changed They asked me, and I said
I think so too Why do you think so?
– Because it’s true Mummy was about to
ask the Commissioner… what place he sent you to…
you’ve left your old self behind And now I’m certain too. You aren’t
the same Vishal I once knew Hey you’re nervous, as if
you’re someone else, not Vishal I was just joking To tell you the truth, all of us are
delighted to see you’ve changed Any way out of here? No, we’re stranded on an island
… water all around and nothing else That’s nice! The wind is so chilly Let me try and light a fire What if you can’t light it? As of now,
I can set the water on fire For someone who has set my heart
on fire, what’s water? I know This lighter is going to be
my undoing Bless the lighter, I’d say If the lighter doesn’t fire,
how about exploring… some other way to drive
my chill away? This is wrong.
– Waiting till we’re married? I wouldn’t trust it too much.
– Today, I don’t even trust myself I can’t do this.
– Didn’t you think of it… when you proposed to me? As of now, my conscience
won’t allow me Why don’t you understand
my emotions? I’m helpless Look, if you make me suffer
like this any longer… What if…?
– What? I’m going to chew you alive! “What do I do, my heart won’t listen” “What do I do, my heart won’t listen” “The heart is crazy.
Don’t let it crave” “Don’t let the heart slip
into an obsession…” “that you can’t dispel” “For years, I’ve hidden the heart
deep in my chest” “It knows nothing…” “about love” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “The heart is crazy.
Don’t let it crave” “Don’t let the heart slip
into an obsession…” “that you can’t dispel” “For years, I’ve hidden the heart
deep in my chest” “It knows nothing…” “about love” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “I know not how these emotions
come to be” “I see you, and my being melts” “What makes you so passionate…” “is the fire of my love” “Why do you make me burn?” “Try to understand my yearning” “I’m passionate, I’m thirsting” “Oh, what am I to do?” “Don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” “Neither your fault nor mine” “This is all about love” “Take me into your arms” “Let me cross the limits” “What is it, your eyes tell me?” “I can rest for not a moment;
what ecstasy is this?” “No, don’t take my heart away” “Don’t take my heart away” Coming. Come on. Come on. Yes. Nimmo. Nimmo. Nimmo
– Sister. Hi.
– How are you. Sister. What’s this…?
– I’m perfectly all right! But why are you panting? B’coz I’m on top of the world. I’m flying! What’s up?
– You were right, Nimmo! You were right about everything!
– About what? About love Nimmo, about love! Everything in your novels is true! All the stories, all the tales,
everything is true! Love is Heaven! A world of dreams! In every beat, my heart speaks
only his name The madness in his eyes! Why did I not see it before? Why didn’t I see
it before Nimmo, why? Two days passed like two moments All I can do now
is wait for him… when is he going to come
… when? I love her. I love her. I love her. I love Sapna. Morning Sir.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning.
– Morning. Hi junior. Good morning.
– Hi. Sir. Did you ask for me, sir?
– I have great news for you! Vishal has come out of the coma You can’t believe it, can you? Arun, but this is true!
It’s true! God has heard our prayers!
The doctors say it’s a miracle! At heart, I knew it! Nothing
could happen to Vishal! He even won a battle against death! You won’t have to play Vishal
for very long now Vishal will be back soon. This is where I’ve kept Vishal,
far away from prying eyes Hello Vishal. Wonderfull to see you. Morning sir.
– Morning. So how are you feeling today.
– Perfectly fine sir. That’s my boy. By the way Vishal. He is Arun. So how do you do, Mr. Thief? The Commissioner told me everything. I must commend your courage To risk your own life,
to become Vishal! I have great respect
for men who are brave Don’t pay me such compliments..
I used to be a wastrel For a while, I got this opportunity
to be you And in the interregnum,
I even forgot my own self Shall we go home, Vishal? Let’s go sir. What’s the matter? I hope Mummy isn’t shocked
to hear the truth That’s why I’ve invited
Sapna and her family in To cheer her up Thank you. – Thank you Sapna,
you’ve made a good coffee. Vishal this…
– Mother. What happened, Vishal? You’re behaving as if
you’re seeing me after months He’s seeing you after months.
– Meaning…? And not only you.
Everyone Vishal, what is he saying? Three months ago,
he was attacked and injured Vishal went into a coma Coma? But he was seeing me everyday He wasn’t Vishal But this stays between us Arun. Arun.
– Arun. For three months Arun
has been standing in… to rein in the criminals. To strike fear as Vishal… I made Arun impersonate Vishal All of you were fooled, weren’t you? Wonderful, Arun There are no dreams in coma But Sapna, I dreamt of you a lot,
even when I was comatose How are you, Doll? Vishal. Madam, this is a moment of joy!
Whatever had to happen, has happened Now Vishal is all right, isn’t he?
And I was wondering… how come he doesn’t remember
our conversations? I was talking prose,
and he was talking poetry You do put in a good act Anyway, I would like to thank Arun In Vishal’s absence, you took
very good care of us Yes Arun, I’m grateful to you Thank’s buddy. My son-in-law to-be has come back
from the jaws of death! Let the champagne flow! You’re stuffing him! I’ll end up back in the hospital!
– Don’t talk about the hospital! Where’s Arun? He isn’t yet
back with the plates… Madam, how about some sour
after the sweets? Sapna, the champagne glasses Yes, yes.
– Come on. Come on. Sapna. Will you…
– Mind your language You will be formal with me How dare you even look up at me?
What did you take me for? I have loved Vishal with all my heart.
I worship him, for his principles And a nobody like you
wanted to become Vishal! You…
– Shut up. I don’t even want
to know who you are For me, there’s only Vishal.
For me, you don’t even exist Arun. Out of this world Out of this world What was that about? The anthem of love I want to tell you
… about love What is love…?
No one knows more than I do Go on, tell me Arun. Love Love…
– Love! Love is Sapna Sapna? Yes, first I was damned. And then she said…
“Take my heart” I said… “Don’t take my heart” But .. ..she took mine And today, the way she spurned me… Oh, it was fun! Arun. Say nothing Your pain… You cannot understand Only someone who has been in love
can understand Yes. I have never been in love And don’t you ever “A word amiss from my lover…” “hurts me, my soul weeps” “For all the miseries of life…” “I feel no pain” “A word amiss from my lover…” “A word amiss from my lover…” “hurts me, my soul weeps” “For all the miseries of life…” “I feel no pain” “A word amiss from my lover…” “A word amiss from my lover…” “hurts me, my soul weeps” “For all the miseries of life…” “I feel no pain” “A word amiss from my lover…” “Oh God! Let no lover
ever stand at these crossroads” “Try as much as I want
to forget her…” “the heart cannot” “The pain that has been mine…” “The pain that has been mine…” “may none else suffer” “A word amiss from my lover…” Okay. My turn.
My turn. Once more Vishal, once more!
– No! Please teach me Teach me like you taught Babli You always… Vishal, sir. Arun, come. Come. I’ve come to bid you goodbye Goodbye? I’m leaving this city And going back to thieving? No. Now I’ve come to my senses Even if someone were to tell me
“Take what is mine”, I wouldn’t I’ve come to know that mere taking
away isn’t going to make anything mine Well said. Sapna, what do you think? Should he be allowed to leave? Well, yes. His job is over.
Now he should be leaving You’re heartless! He has done
so much for us, and you… No Mr. Vishal, it makes no difference.
I’m used to merciless beatings Unless someone kicks me around
like a football… I don’t quite feel alive. You’re quite a crazy fellow Very well, speak to the Commissioner.
He’s the one who enlisted you I’ll tell the Commissioner
to hold him back Why?
– He has done me a great favour I want him to do well in life Else, he’ll drown himself in drink That cassette must be somewhere here Doesn’t Mahesh have any relatives
who might have news of him? He’s a distant relative Mahesh has been missing. And the shop
has been shut for quite long Is his life in danger? Mahesh had come across a secret.
And some people didn’t want him… to pass the secret on to me. If they could shoot me… they could shoot Mahesh too Fathering the two of you
was a big mistake! Dad! Dad, listen to me Ammunition worth millions
is lying in the godowns Stuff that you want to sell off.
While Vishal is busy… celebrating his birthday,
we’ll make the shipments How’s the idea, Dad? Dad. Now ask me why I slapped you Why?
– Why didn’t you wisen up earlier? Hello. Yes. Okay. Sapna. Work…? You have to leave?
No problem. Let’s leave Sure. Let’s go. What a bomb! Sir, your car Not a good match Had the car been ours… Vishal. They were eyeing you Hot blooded, you see. No! You can’t do this!
– What am I doing? Whatever is happening
is all this dog’s doing After you’re dead, he’s the one
who’s going to be hauled up But… this is illegal Yes, I know that and you know that.
But the dog doesn’t The dog has never read the law But… But sir.
– Bloody dog! Why are you so nervous?
This clock ticks off in one minute The decision is in your hands.
You want to talk to me? Or the dog? I’ll tell you everything! I’ll tell everything The owner of the casino…
– Jimmy…? No, the owner is someone else.
– Who is it? I don’t know any of them.
I only work for Jimmy We had worked out this plan
for the day after tomorrow… when you’d be at your birthday party.
We’d ship out all our stocks Hi. Back?
– Yes Where’s Arun?
– What a joke! It’s God’s own joke.
I’m Vishal May I sit? Sure. Arun has told me about you Okay. You bloody fool, where the hell
have you been? – Okay. Let me speak. Do you realise how much
we worry about you? Okay, listen to me.
This is Mr. Vishal What a wonder! This is Arun! From tip to toe! I’m Arun’s childhood friend.
If I could be foxed, anyone could be! Forgive me. I’ve been rude to you.
– It’s okay. I’m sorry sir. Sorry.
– It’s okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. My name is Okay You’ve made Arun a rich man!
Can you make me just a constable? I’ll make the money on my own.
You see, I have a speciality I can understand dogs.
I know everything about dogs That dog is hurting in the tummy.
He’s asking for me I just told him, I’m coming.
The police needs dogs I can enlist the help of every dog
in town. Not a thug will get away! Do something for me, please!
– All right. I’ll recommend you Thank you. sir.
– Okay. Arun is here. I’ll call him over No. no. It’s alright. I’m the one who needs him.
I’ll go to him Arun. You… here? Tomorrow is my birthday. It’s going to be a big party It should be big. You have to come. It’s your birthday
that’s going to be celebrated Not mine.
– Mine…? I don’t even know when I was born. For a while
you will have to play Vishal again The goons will keep an eye
on the birthday party I’ll be elsewhere,
nailing them For my sake, please. All right Bye. Please come. Welcome. Felicitations You should congratulate him too.
– Me… what for? The lady is Vishal’s mother.
And for this town, you’re the Dad! What he means is, after all, today
is your protege’s birthday And till Vishal is with us,
no criminal will breathe in peace Uncle is getting hiccups again. Or is your fiancee missing you? I’ll marry her out of my grave! Let’s congratulate Vishal Yes.
– Hello. Someday, your hiccups
will take me to the gallows I say, let’s blow up Uncle someday.
– Let’s see you blow him up Someday, I must celebrate his death Hey, Vishal. Vishal. Felicitations on your birthday!
– Thank you. Felicitations on your birthday!
– Thank you. Vishal, my son!
– Hello Aunt Happy birthday. Me too.
– Me too. At least spare your mother
on an auspicious day. Come. Let’s go. A man has even to be wary
of his family. – Very good. Keep it up. Hi. Hi. Hi Uncle.
– Hello Dear. Hello.
– Hi. Happy birthday. Thank you. What is the matter?
Why are you staring at me? After so long… After so long…? What? You’ve dressed to kill
after such a long time. Why not? It’s your birthday. Happy birthday once again. Happy birthday to you. I love you. Say that again I love you. Say it aloud I love you. I love you. I love you, Vishal. How about you saying something?
– What am I to say? All I have in my eyes
is Sapna And in my eyes…? “You light up my life” “I’m in lost in the ecstasy
of your love” “You light up my life” “I’m in lost in the ecstasy
of your love” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Golden girl!” “You are my golden girl” “Golden girl!” “You are my golden girl” “You light up my life” “I’m in lost in the ecstasy
of your love” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Golden girl!” “You are my golden girl” “Golden girl!” “You are my golden girl” “I fear this desire
will drive me mad” “I’m with you, yet I’m afraid
of losing my way” “I’m with you, yet I’m afraid
of losing my way” “I’m not willing to stay away
from you anymore” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “One has to be in love to understand
what mad lovers speak” “One has to be in love to understand
the pangs of love” “I swear I cannot stay away
from you for a moment” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Golden girl!” “You are my golden girl” “You light up my life” “I’m in lost in the ecstasy
of your love” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” Arun. What is the matter? Sapna just told me
she loves me Really. I was playing Vishal Arun, stop playing Vishal.
This game is going to kill you Arun doesn’t die Sapna isn’t going to let Arun die And what can I do? Try as much
as I will, to say no to my heart… my eyes still wander. I shut my eyes,
and my dreams go wandering If I shatter my dreams, I won’t
be able to control this hand I don’t know Pooja, why this hand…
– Arun. How do I tell her…? I’m not evil It’s just that I have no hold
on myself Hello.
– Hello. Who is this? Who else is going to call you
at this hour? Vishal, I have to speak to you.
It’s important Sapna. Please Sapna. Come on. Look, I want to see you.
Right now That’s just why I called you.
I’m outside your house. Come out What…?
– Come on. Vishal, I’m very upset with you. At least you should’ve phoned.
– Come on. I’ve been dying to see you.
– At least, not today! There’s something very important
want to discuss with you Not today.
I have surprise to you. Come. Vishal. I… Vishal. I’m sorry. Happy birthday. Thank you. Not just this way I’ve decided that every year
on my birthday… you will blow out the candles,
and we’ll cut my cakes together… at least in this lifetime.
I can’t say much about later Come on. Come on. Happy birthday to me. What’s this?
– The TV. Fantastic picture! At Vishal’s birthday party
this evening Play the other cassette That’s Vishal too! He blew up
our entire ammunition dump! How can one man be present
at two places at the same time? That wasn’t Vishal.
Must’ve been a ghost. -Quiet! Looks like Vishal
has got himself cloned Now we have to kill two Vishals
instead of one One wouldn’t die!
Now two…? No problem. We’ll bomb both of them When they are together. The original
must die in front of our eyes Darling.
– What? If your violence is over,
shall we start on romance? No! No romancing for me till.. ..I’ve killed both of them, I swear! Go away. “Here stands the seeker at your door with a question. Whom do you love?” I read the couplet off the fenders
on trucks. Now it’s writ on my heart Tell me Pooja, whom does Sapna love? You…?
– But I’m an image, not reality You are Arun. Sapna’s Arun.
– Why does she speak Vishal’s name? A woman always
conceals her true love. But why don’t I trust her? Had she not been in love with you,
at the party… would she have danced so gaily to the
beat you played on the percussions? Why did it send her tapping her feet? Arun, you have
permeated her very self You have such a deep understanding
of the matters of the heart Surely you too have been in love
with someone What is the matter?
Do you have to go somewhere? No. Would you like to eat something? No, later Vishal, something is weighing
on my conscience Weighing…? Vishal, we’ve known each other
ever since we were children There is nothing we have
ever hidden from each other So…? I want to tell you something, Vishal When you were in coma, I was stranded
on an island with Arun Two days and two nights
we lived there No, he kept his distance Even before that, he took me out
on several occasions… to places I had never been before. In his eyes, in his words…
there was a strange obsession He has never touched me. He has been a gentleman But… but Vishal… What…? But, somewhere deep in my heart,
he struck a chord Who he was, I did not know But I… I was just drifting away Do you… love him too? Maybe I don’t know But Vishal, I’m yours. And I’ll remain yours Between us, we should be as candid,
shouldn’t we? If I am to even admire anyone,
I should be able to tell you about it I had mistaken him for you. But I did
spend those times in his company Sapna, I… I’ll be back Vishal, you can’t leave me! Back in a moment Arun. She didn’t make out, did she? Maybe she didn’t Thank’s. Not her…. Why haven’t you ordered something? Vishal. I tell you something like this
and it has no effect on you? Effect.. yes it had an effect.
But Sapna, repeat it once This time, I’ll listen seriously. For a girl it’s impossible
to reiterate something like this. I can understand Just tell me, once more.
Come on, Doll! You weren’t…! You can’t do this to me! I got caught. I was getting late
and Arun was at hand It was for fear of your wrath Come on, Sapna. Understand.
It wont happen again. You’re in high spirits! What gives? You’re even smiling! Why are
you smiling? What gives? Got it! Sapna has said
she loves you! Yes…? Maybe…?
You don’t know…? Hey, I didn’t get it Hello. Hey tell me before
my trip wears off Out of this world! What’s up? Being in love is a wonderful thing! These lovers live in a world
of their own Should i pick you up. No, I’ll manage Sure.
– I’m sure. Okay.
– Bye. Sapna. Sapna. Sapna. Somewhere deep in your heart… someone has struck a chord What are you doing here?
– Just looking And I wish I’d die! Why are you doing this with me? Go away from this city. Please! Will it make you happy?
– Yes! Strange! You tell me to go away,
and Vishal won’t let me go What am I to do?
– Whatever you like As for me, I wish this elevator
stops here for an eternity And no one else gets to see you.
No one but I For that, I’d give a lifetime Don’t do this with me! Start the elevator. Please! Arun should be here by now.
– Vishal, you’re impossible Why did you have to call Arun?
Can’t we just be together Come on, Spana.
He has done us a great favour. Here he is. Fix that mood Hi Arun. How are you? “The pangs of love strike deep” “The pain has to be felt
in whatever measure” I called you over for drinks.
And here you are, drunk already This ecstasy isn’t alcohol-induced.
It’s something else You’re in love, and I know who it is If you know, then tell me We policemen have very sharp eyes.
You can’t hide anything from us Sit If you say so, I’ll tell him her name.
– What do I know…? Her name… is Pooja. She lives in his house.
Say, haven’t I caught you out? Right.
– She loves you too, doesn’t she? Not a one-sided affair, is it? I hope it’s like…
it’s between the two of us She does. But she won’t own up What kind of a girl is this? She is one of a kind Okay I’ve impersonated Vishal
for long enough How about you playing Arun
for a while? Done. There’s such frenzy in your beat! But I think you lack the drive in
your love life. Maybe that’s why… “Who loves whom…” “who loves how much” “No one knows” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love” “The heart won’t listen” “Without love, hearts won’t listen” “Where has she come to stand?” “The one in her heart
Is not the one on her lips” “What a life of mistakes this is” “All I know is that I trust you” “My body, my being…” “my heart, my faith is all
reposed in you” “The flame is crazed.
She will never understand…” “why fireflies burn” “Crazed” “We’re all crazy about love” “The heart won’t listen” “Without love, hearts won’t listen” “The lines on her own palm
she has never seen” “Surely mine is entwined with hers
however faintly” “This is the season of love” “A season of madness” “I am not in my senses” “This is my passion for you” “Cool blows the breeze
even in this season” “The chill burns me” “Crazed” “We’re crazy for love” “The heart won’t listen” “Without love, hearts won’t listen” Arun, you were right This place is very romantic.
Beautiful. Yes sir. Every visitor remembers
this place forever You asked me whom I love Today, I’m going to tell you Sapna We’ve played our games. I won’t
keep you in the dark any longer Sapna loves me too No.
– Sapna. Vishal, I am.. I.. Tell the truth, Sapna.
How long will you hide it? If this is true, I’ll shoot myself.
If this is a lie… No! This can’t be true!
I must be dreaming! Sapna. No! I don’t love Arun! Arun you’re right. It’s amazing. This place is too good. Cheers.
– Cheers sir. Fire. Take Sapna, and get out of here.
I’ll hold them No. Vishal. But sir. An order is an order. Vishal.
– Yes sir. I’ll give you covering fire.
Take Sapna and get out Vishal. Arun. They went that way! Follow them! Search over there. Come out. Jimmy. I’m your enemy Shoot me Sir… All right. You die first.
Your clone comes later Shoot me. Shoot. Stop. Shoot.
– I said stop. Come on. Why did you do this?
Why did you risk your life for me? Come on. If you can risk your life for my
love, why can’t I risk mine for you? Come on. Let’s go. Use this salve Enough is enough. I won’t have you
gallivanting around anymore Mummy, you don’t understand…
– I don’t want to hear anything I’m taking the priest to Sapna’s
house to finalise the wedding Mummy, this is no time for a wedding.
– I don’t want to hear anything You’re getting married right away.
Besides, before this incident… you were supposed to marry,
weren’t you? Arun, you better tell her.
– What is Arun going to tell me? I’m taking Arun along with me to
Sapna’s house. Arun, come with me Come on.
– Yes. Relax bro. Relax. So it’s fixed for the sixth.
– It’s an auspicious day Let’s tie Vishal to Sapna
– Yes. We’ve waited long enough.
– Yes At least for Sapna’s sake,
he will change You are right.
That’s what I want too Thinking about Arun?
– What? Of course, every moment you miss
the man you’ve fallen in love with Sister, I’m the only one who knows
everything in your heart It’s Arun you’re in love with. Marry,
and you ruin three lives. Don’t! In your heart you know the answer
to this question Refuse to hear it, you may,
but don’t you blame your heart With Vishal came the feeling of love. But Arun explored the depths of love You..? You’re Sapna, aren’t you?
– Yes… but how do you know? I have seen you in Arun’s eyes You…? I… For him, I’m no one Come, he has been waiting
for you for ages. Come Arun. Arun. Surprised, aren’t you? If not Arun, I was certain… you would come What do you want? What d’you want? You want me to admit that
I’m in love with you? Yes, I am in love. Is that enough?
Are you happy now? Why did you bring so much love
into my simple life? I can bear it no more! Tell me, what am I to do? My life… my heart… I give you I was the one who lost my mooring Now it’s you No fault of yours It was my madness, my intensity
that you drifted away I am selfish. I am scum No one can be as
big-hearted as Vishal He even risks his own life for others I have seen it in his eyes
… how much he loves you And I was trying to steal you
away from him Go away, Sapna. Go away You are so lucky to be near him! Take care of him Arun, what have you done? The lesson of sacrificing for love
I have learnt from you We’re going back.
This city isn’t for us So at last Arun knows
that you love him! His eyes were blinkered,
for his obsession with Sapna Arun has accepted you. Why else would
he tell you that we’re going back? Your love has been requited, Pooja Now madness I’ve seen,
but not madness like this You’re smiling through your tears I’m smiling because I’m overjoyed I have got what I wanted But I weep because… he will remember Sapna all his life
and he will be miserable Prakash. Prakash, you have been very kind to me.
– Yes Mahesh? This cassette.. police.. Cassette.. Police. Police. Hello. Mr. Lekhraj?
– Speaking. I’ve done it!
At last, I’ve found you! Who is this?
– I have a certain video cassette And the scenes it contains! In it, you kill someone If the videocassette reaches
the police… Name your price.
– Ten million Done. Where do I meet you?
– Sunset Point. At eleven Okay. Stop! Where are you going?
Give me that cassette! Have you understood what I said? What is this. Who is this? Sir…. cassette! Nandu, are you trying to strip me
before the police, in front of Vishal? Bullets are expensive these days.
Give me a knife Strip me before Vishal? Let’s crak down on this guys.
– Sir, Vishal. No! He is to be told nothing If he gets to know, he’s going to
enter the fray After all, he’s getting married today Put it down here You didn’t get the sweets?
– It’s all in place Are you all right? Now what’s wrong with me? Come on, give us a hand. Move it Pull it up… from both sides Come on. Where’s the stuff for the rites?
– The priest is getting it But where are the garlands?
– Sorry, I forgot. I’ll get it Pooja! You… here?
Come on, help Sapna dress The bride must look exotic! I can understand your sense of loss.
– Pooja, come on! Will you go on talking?
When is it going to begin? Priest, please begin.
The auspicious time is passing Sure Babli…
– Yes? Take this to your mother But dad.
– Dad. Where’s Uncle?
– Looking for an Aunt Call the bridegroom Arun, bring Vishal here Vishal.
– Yes. What are you thinking dad. Sir, the police has your cassette.
– What are you saying? Come on. Arun, there’s something to do Excuse us, please. Dad, I say let’s run!
– The police have the place surrounded If I’m about to hang,
I’d rather kill! Dad, he’s unarmed.
Let’s ruin his wedding Come on. Come on. Hurry up. Hello. Hello Vishal. Yes sir. Your uncle runs the syndicate.
– Go. Your life is in danger. He is attending your wedding Don’t worry. Sir. Be careful
– Yes, sir. No. Arun. Rane. Paas me the gun. Rane. No Vishal!
– No. Arun, what are you thinking? Till now, I have kept a hold
on my emotions But now I’m afraid and Sapna and Vishal
will live in hell Vishal and the others
are coming to take you Let’s go Arun. Arun. Arun stop. Stop the car Did you think you could get away with
heaping favour upon favour on me? I just want to go back This wedding isn’t happening
without you Don’t force me, not this time How can the wedding happen
without the bridegroom? Sorry. Vishal. Aren’t the two of you ashamed?
Are you mad? You wanted to hide it from me? “Here stands the seeker at your door
with a question. Whom do you love?” But this couplet…
– I read it off the fenders of trucks Now it’s writ on my heart Tell me Pooja, whom does Sapna love? It was you…?! If he can play Vishal,
why can’t I play Arun? Once my suspicions were confirmed, I gave you so many chances…
to get together. But the two of you
were trying to make a sacrifice Mr. Vishal, I’ve no right over Sapna. Lay off man! Day before yesterday,
I told everyone else but Sapna I was supposed to turn you in
at the altar You ruined my surprise Vishal. Doll, I always took you for a doll I forgot that the
doll has a heart too, she has her wishes, her emotions The one who can peep inside
a woman’s heart… the one who can see what she dreams,
is the one who deserves her And you are the one, Arun Pooja. Don’t stop me. Let me go away But Pooja… To reach her own luck.
I must be on my way Sapna, take care of Arun Mr. Vishal,
how about getting together.. ..for a Broken Hearts’ Club someday? More than half the world
will be with us She’s gone. Time for me to go too I’ve been transferred Arun. The king had a queen.
That’s old hat Two crazy lovers have each other. That’s today’s story All the best. “Who loves whom…” “who loves how much” “No one knows” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love” “The heart won’t listen” “Without love, hearts won’t listen” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love” “The heart won’t listen” “Without love, hearts won’t listen” “Who loves whom…” “who loves how much” “No one knows” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love” “Crazy” “We’re crazy about love”

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