Dead By Daylight Parody 3 (Animated)

Dead By Daylight Parody 3 (Animated)

Don’t be scared! It okay! I survivor now. I quit The Hookers. The what? Long story. So, uh how we do this gen-er-ra-tor? I just put my hands in here and- Ah, I see… I’m never touching that again! You have to hit the skill checks. You do it. You do it. I’m hiding in this locker. Can you see me? Claudette and Jake: Yes. No. I mean no. Jake: Perfectly hidden. Uh-oh. Here come killer. Initiate click mode! Why won’t she teach me that? Come out, come out, where-ever you are! Okay…? Uh, they went that way. Nice try big guy. No, No! Not my face… Not my beautiful face!! Hello, I’m here! And, all alone… Just like in real life. Oh! Hello there beefcake! I hope I get to heal you! Just rub my hands all over that. Mmm. Nope. I’m bringing No mither…myther…whatever. I’m getting too old for this. Well, Howdy ya’ll. Tapp and David: Hi. Nice to meet you. Love your outfit sweetheart. Why thank you.. EW, a bug. Now why don’t I lighten the mood here by singing a little song I’ve been working on. Or you could hit ready… Naw, I’m going sing my song… CLEARS THROAT. ♪ My heart is hanging, here on this hook ♪ Ahh! Ah! Ahhhh… She got tapped. Ooh! A circus is in town! Fortune Teller: You’re going to die! Fortune Teller: (Laughing) Yeah. Thanks. CLOWN COUGHING. Um. Are you okay? (Cough) Yeah, just one second. I’m mixing up some tonic. You might want to see the doctor. We also have a nurse! (Coughing) I’m fine… I’m fine. Almost finished. It just you sounds like you’re… about to die. (Laughs) You’re the one that’s about to die! Ow! There goes my back! Ew! That smells disgusting, But, I am tripping balls. This will get her. (laughs) I think you drew it backwards. What?! You’re right! No, now it’s slightly off… Awwwww… How about now?! Yep, that’s it. You got it. Good job! You’re going to stab me if I pick you up, aren’t you? Mmm Hmm! And my friends are waiting for me at the gate so I should go! GG! EZ! BLAAAH!!! Where did you go? Uh, we’re over here. Oh, right… Blaahhh! Wait. What happen? Your pig head flipped around. Oh. This was a terrible idea. Oh my god. I can’t see anything. And it smells so bad. The important thing is you tried. You’re right and… I got you!! DWIGHT SCREAMS. What do I do with it? You go find a box… Put your arms in it. Wiggle them around some. Before the trap explodes. Very simple. That makes sense. Oh! Miss Piggy! Oh for God’s sake! I’m not Miss Piggy! Will you just die already! I want the hatch! Finally! Took you long enough. Here we go! Any second now. Eh. Eh. Ehhhh.. Oh, shoot. You know, as a killer… You’re supposed to let the last survivor… Me! Escape via the hatch. Eh! Eh! Eh! I’m just going to assume you agreed with me as you have to follow our made up rules. Alright, see you later! Hatch Camper! Oh no you don’t! I’ve had loads of practice doing this sort of thing with my boyfriend! I can do this all night! Leatherface: Huh? A-Ding-Ding-Ding. Yes, I’m a candle now. It was a waxing accident gone wrong and I decided to just go with it. I still look better than David Crockett over there. Hey! No, wait… You’re right! This outfit is ridiculous. Not to mention overpriced. Anywhooo… Back to business… uh… Spirit. Could you turn that down a notch? You’re creeping everyone out. Even the Shape. Look at him. He’s horrified. Ahhhhhhhh…. Yes, anyway, where was I… Ahhhhhhhhhh… We are no longer The Hookers… We are now… The Campers! ??? Wait, what? Oh, one of those little snot survivors must’ve stuck that in here. They’re always sneaking into our basement. Let’s see… The Tunnelers. Nope… The Tryhards. Ha. Ha. Cry Babies. Crutch Perkers. The NOEDS?! I’m just going to burn these. Sorry I late… Well, look what then Nea dragged in. Yeah, I caught him trying to be a survivor. Should I perform a Mori on him? Wait, perhaps we can learn something from his experience. Trapper! Uh. Okay. Uh, I… I learned that… Here in this world… We sometimes focus too much on our differences… Which… creates a lot of toxic behavior. And I think we should all just instead focus on what we have in common! Which is… We all just want to be happy and… have fun. Mm-hmm. So, you learned nothing then… Meeting adjourned. Ding ding.

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  1. Cloak mode activate
    Never seen a more true thing in my life

    Edit: I was fixing an extra space I added in the sentence

  2. I like the reference to the cutscene that plays when you load the game up with the first short. Also Tap when you tap someone you have to double tap when they get tapped,Tap

  3. here in this world, we sometimes focus on our differences which can cause toxic behavior. And I think we should just- instead focus on what we have in common which is… We want to be happy and have fun. – Trapper 2018

  4. The clown:
    WAS an athlete
    Is very obese.
    Has severe lung issues because of his own tonic
    Coughs A LOT
    is still somehow able to run at all times at full speed faster than survivors.

  5. @Samination I took notice in your channel due to this series and I devolved into loving your whole channel, just thought I would hop on the first vid of the series I had seen to start it off.. may you live long and prosper!
    Ps if you plan to draw this out equipping We're going to live forever might be wise, gotta farm those bloodpoints!

  6. Wraith: Spirit can u turn it down a notch ur freaking EVERYONE out even the shape… I mean just look at em… He's horrified
    Michael: *breathes in language* Bruh, I'm just chillin'…. I can watch my 2018 remake and not get scared

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