Dauntless in a low end PC using ULTRA LOW graphics

Dauntless in a low end PC using ULTRA LOW graphics

Find some friends and get ready to kick some
Behemoth butt on this free to play take on monster slaying. But this game is so pretty. Too pretty. All I have for this game is a laptop with
Intel UHD graphics. Is there any way I can get this game working
here? Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, the channel where
I like to ignore minimum requirements and experiment with game graphics to make them
work on low-end PCs. And on this episode, I have set my sights
on Dauntless. The free to play a game currently in open
beta running on Unreal Engine 4. Even after lowering all the options to the
lowest, including the resolution scaler, this laptop was having a lot of trouble in places
like the hub world of Ramsgate. Let’s see how we can make it better. The configuration files for this game are
located in your user folder, the hidden App Data folder, then local, Archon, saved, config,
WindowsClient. We are mainly going to work with the Scalability.ini
file where you can copy the variables that you will find down in the description. If you are looking for a quick boost you can
just use this section which disables dynamic shadows. This will be more noticeable in places like
the first map but it is easy to get used to and can provide a nice increase in performance. This plays with the lighting a bit more. You might notice that some of the scenes are
significantly darker as a result. Still, if it is not quite enough: Then you can use this to reduce the draw distance
of important elements on the game. Super low values like 0.1 might be too low
for some, but they work perfectly for us. But this is still not enough so let’s use…
this. Which lowers the quality of the textures a
lot. A lot. Oh god. Just stare into those beautiful, lifeless
eyes. Not to mention that while the resolution scaler
on the game only drops to 50, you can open the GameUserSettings file and use the ResolutionQuality
line to change it to any lower value if your GPU is still not quite getting the job done. With all those lovely changes implemented
the same zone as before becomes playable, which is way more than I expected. Surprisingly of all the dramatic changes,
we have done, stuff like textures of lighting is something that I can live with, it is the
low draw distance what actually can be problematic. Especially when actually out in the field
hunting Behemots. Now, when things get fiery the performance
can drop over 30, but most of the time it is surprisingly playable and manageable. During my testing I recruited the help of
some of you from the lowspecgamer community discord, and the experience was… interesting. Yeah, if anyone sees the behemot first, please
give clear indications where because I have been tweaking with (you have a flare gun) I know but I have been tweaking the draw distance
so I can’t see it. Woa. WOA. OK. That’s a thing. Ups. I am going to need some help. Ok, thank you. That was quick. (I can’t take my blades out, I don’t why) You can’t?! (I don’t know why! They won’t come out!) (I can’t attack) (The beta experience) Open beta. You got to love it. Oh beautiful: “Resistance decreased, revives disabled. Defeat of Drive off” Just as I die. This is going… Mmmm You are our last hope… never mind. And that is it. Well done everybody. Well done. You might now want to go to these extremes
to make this game happen, but hopefully, you can use some of these tricks to get you started. While we are living in glorious times for
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  1. The link in the description is not working ? I tried on my PC and the to look if it was my PC I tried it in my phone but with both it's not working

  2. Lol this is hilarious and ill def tweak some things on my laptop for this, ive already tweaked the sensitivity lol i probably wont go this extreme cuz my laptop can run it pretty alright with the lowest settings, but imma go lower to make it run better

  3. I can only run this game at 60 fps on my 1050ti on low. I know this graphics card isn't the best on the market but if I can run GTAV on high at 60 fps I should be able to run this game at 60 fps on medium at least.

  4. When i click play, after the ship sails, the screen goes white, and the cinematic dont start, help please

    im using a amd a10-series apu a10-6790k

  5. Nor with this I run it on my pc :,,,/.
    Can someone help me? The specifications are these: Intel core ¡5-6200U 2.3GHz, Intel HD graphics 520 and a ram of 4GB(2.3 usable)

  6. tried to download this game. i can play smite, paladins, warframe but i cant play this game. i keep getting a global shader error and my driver is out of date but when i check updates its up to date sooo…

  7. low spec, eu tenho uma Rx 550 OC 4gb, ela aguenta o jogo tranquilamente, mas o meu problema é o processador, um i5 3330 3.0 ghz, acha que tem alguma soluçao para processador fraco e gpu dedicada boa?

  8. I can't get the Game to apply the settings from the Scalability file. It just restarts to blank each time I launch the Game. Any thoughts?

  9. can you change apex legends setting to the lowest, lo grass, no smoke, no effect, just plain 3d like your monster hunter setting?

  10. is there a way to get rid of the grass entirely?? THERES SO MUCH ANIMATIONS FOR MY COMPUTER TO DO CUZ OF THE GRASSSSSSSS!!!!!! DX

  11. so, I used the first section of code he displayed, did it mess up the darker skin colours for anyone else or just me

    edit: ok nevermind I was being impatient

  12. It is currently making no changes to the games graphics. I imagine since I'm new there has been plenty of optimisation updates since release. Is this still viable,

  13. Lowspecgamer im pretty sure it doesn't work anymore. Ive been trying on and on. Are there any other alternatives?

  14. hello friend I admire your channel a lot and seeing this made me even more eager to play this game but I have a problem and the solution is not in this video but maybe you can help me when you want to open the game I get it:

    the global shading cache file c: / program files / epic / games / dauntless / engine /globalsahdercache-pcd3d_sm4.bion is missin help please and apologize for how long

  15. So my problem is that when i open that file or other files they look empty and i can't tweek anything do you know how to fix this ?

  16. Cant even play it cuz I hav a gt210(u should use gt210)
    The reason why i can't play it cuz u need dx11 and gt210 has dx10.1

  17. Hey! I know this video is quite old but I was trying to get Dauntless to run on my old pc. I have an i7 940 and I can't get it to run. I have an okay graphics card that is above the minimum requirement but I can't seem to get this to work. Idk if the cpu needs to have some instruction set. any help would be great.

  18. I have a intel 2 quad core q9550 2,83 ghz and 4 GB ram, but i have problem, if i add more ram fps get stable? Fix?

  19. Thank you so much man.
    It was very helpful. With some tweaks I was able to play with medium quality without getting any fps drop or lag.

  20. somebody help me please, i have found "Scalability.ini" but when i open it with any Edit program like Notepad, Notepad++ or even WordTab its empty :c i dont know what to do

  21. Anybody know the original settings COMPARED to the values in the paste bin? I would like to lower my textures but not to that extreme.. maybe half or something.

  22. soo for honor runs good on my lap but apex legends has about 15 fps will dauntless run in 30/60 fps on high grafics? plz respond someone

  23. How do i disable AA (anti aliasing)?
    I found a fix that works for all UE4 games.

    Go to the configuration file(s) location (%LOCALAPPDATA%GameFolderSavedConfigWindowsClient)

    Open Engine.ini

    Add the following and save the file



    This will sharpen the image to offset the blur caused by TAA. A value between 0.5-1.0 is recommended. It has no performance impact.

  24. no work for me
    there is any specific way of copypastle the things?
    i find the Scalability.ini but is empty and after edite it the game stucks in loading, and if i leave it empty again the game works.
    i not understand 🙁

  25. bru GTX 1060 3GB + Xeon E3-230 and i need this cus of all the input lag delay caue by low fps thkx to optimization.

  26. Wait, you were allowed to change resolution? It literally won't let me do that at all. Did that change since your video, or is it a problem on my pc? lol

  27. This reminds me of being 3 months into a yearlong deployment and out of cigarettes and smoking tea to try and take the edge off(failed)

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