Dark Theories about Disney’s Aladdin That Change Everything

Dark Theories about Disney’s Aladdin That Change Everything

It’s one of the most timeless animated films
of all time and the fourth movie created during the Disney Renaissance period. And with the live-action remake on it’s way,
we’re looking back at the original animated film with a lot of nostalgia. Heart-warming and sweet (like most Disney
movies), Aladdin is, beyond all, the story of a poor boy who overcomes society’s struggles
and proves himself worthy of the Princess he’s fallen in love with. Sounds innocent, so there couldn’t possibly
be anything dark about the movie, right? Except maybe for Jafar, who, let’s face it,
is probably one of the darkest villains created by Disney. But, as it turns out, few people know that
Aladdin actually hides some other dark secrets. Or at least, that’s what these theories suggest. Like in the case of many other Disney movies,
what you see is not always what you get. These are Dark Theory’s about Disney’s Aladdin. But first, do us a favour and subscribe and
hit that notification bell, so you get notifications, whenever we upload. Let’s get started. Jafar Was Just the Middle Man
This theory sounds crazy when you first hear it because, after all, Jafar goes a pretty
long way to get his hands on the lamp. Heck, he even kills someone to do it (and
who knows how many others he murdered before the movie starts?). It takes a special kind of evil desire to
do all that yet, when Jafar finally gets his hands on the lamp, he doesn’t know exactly
what to ask of it. You’d expect someone who has spent his life
searching for a magic item like this to do it for a very clear purpose but no, Jafar
stumbles into his wishes and uses his last wish kind of randomly, asking to become an
all-powerful Genie. Reddit user ctwstudios thinks this is a sign
that Jafar was actually the middle-man and that he didn’t originally start searching
for the lamp for his own benefit but for that of his boss. When he gets his hands on it, though, Jafar
is corrupted by power and keeps the lamp for himself. So who is Jafar working for? Well, here’s the craziest part of this theory:
he might actually be working for Jasmine. Hear us out. He couldn’t be working for the Sultan because,
well, let’s be honest, he isn’t the brightest light on the Christmas tree. Plus, even if the Sultan did want the lamp
for himself, with his power, he wouldn’t even need back-alley methods like assigning Jafar
to the task. Iago and Abu seem to mostly be around for
comedic purposes so we have to rule them out too. Jasmine, on the other hand, is a likely contender. She is by far the smartest person in the movie. And she shows how cunning she can be when
she pretends to be in love with Jafar. She wouldn’t go public with her search for
the lamp, but instead, she uses Jafar (who is clearly infatuated with her) to find it. When she is almost killed because of the lamp,
she decides to free the Genie, rather than have it in the hands of a manic monster ever
again. Seems like a stretch, but possible. What do you think? Aladdin Is Set in a Distant, Post-Apocalyptic
Future I bet you thought Aladdin was clearly set
in Ancient Arabia, right? Well, some think differently. That it actually takes place in a post-apocalyptic
future and here’s why: – When the Genie first gets out of the lamp,
he says he’s been there for 10,000 years; – When Aladdin gets his makeover, the Genie
says his current outfit is much too third century’;
– If you connect these two lines, you can draw the conclusion that the movie isn’t set
in 1300 AD as we initially thought, but in the year 10,300 (well, at least). This is the foundation of the theory, but
let’s look at some evidence: – The Genie is familiar with technology from
our era (cars, for instance); – He impersonates celebrities who were popular
in the eighties and nineties (For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson);
– Iago possesses human-like intelligence, so he must be genetically modified (plus,
he can self-heal, as shown in the scene where his feathers burn off only to grow back again
just in time for the next scene although admittedly, this can be chalked up as comedic creative
decisions); – Agrabah’s fish seem to have been affected
by some sort of radiation, making them giant. (But interestingly, this might be tied in
to the official SNES game, where an unexploded atomic bomb appears in one of the scenes.). – When he leaves to travel the world, the
Genie returns with gifts from our era (which might suggest he made those up so that Aladdin
and Jasmine don’t learn the truth about the surrounding areas being a wasteland). Now, I’ll be honest with you every single
one of these points can be easily counter-argued. Like, for example, the timeline could start
in 9000 B.C., which means that the action is still happening in 1300 A.C. as initially
thought. But if that were the case, what’s up with
all the modern pop-culture references? It’s up to you to decide whether or not this
theory makes sense but we have to admit, it would be kind of awesome if it was true. A Whole New World Is a Song about Sex
There are a lot of sex-related Disney theories going around and pretty much every single
one of the major movies seems to be tainted in this way. In Aladdin, one of the main theories going
around is that A Whole New World is not a song about love, or the discovery of the world
per se, but about the discovery of each other’s bodies. According to this theory, when Aladdin asks
Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?” he is asking her about
having sex with him. In the lyric “I can open your eyes. Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways and
under On a magic carpet ride”, the magic carpet ride is, well, a metaphor for sex. And when Jasmine says that every moment gets
better, she is, you guessed it, talking about sex. This theory isn’t even that crazy, given that
the song might be nothing else than a metaphor for making love – a technique similar to other
Disney movies as well. Most notably, The Lion King. The Genie is A Manipulator
The Genie seems like a nice, fun guy, but what if he wasn’t all that great? Well, according to Redditor fantheories101,
the Genie is actually pretty much a jerk who plays everyone. From the very first second he comes out of
the lamp. It all starts with the fact that the Genie
tells Aladdin that he doesn’t want to raise the dead (meaning that he can, but he won’t). So, the Genie can refuse to grant wishes and
he is not 100% bound to his owner only up to a certain extent. Furthermore, Aladdins first wish is to become
a prince � and while the Genie dresses him up as one, he doesn�t actually make him
one. In fact, to the end of the movie, Aladdin
never becomes a prince (the Sultan only changes the laws, so he doesn’t have to be one to
marry Jasmine). Some say that this is just a trick the Genie
plays on Aladdin to get back at him for having tricked him in the first place. Even with all this, the Genie doesn’t become
evil until he starts working for Jafar. Since the Genie himself is the one telling
the entire story of Aladdin, his perspective is altered and he can present the facts not
as they happened, but as he wants them to be seen by those who listen to the story. It might seem that he was forced by Jafar
to do all those evil things but since he cannot actually be forced to do anything (as shown
before), the only conclusion we draw is that he wants to do everything Jafar asks him to. The reason? The Genie might be angry at Aladdin for not
having freed him. Keep in mind that, although powerful, the
Genie cannot free himself from the lamp because he was bound to it by his creator. In fact, the connection between the Genie
and the lamp is so strong that, if the lamp is destroyed, the Genie dies. So, only the Genie’s current master can free
him from the lamp. What the Genie wants from the very beginning
is to be free and he is willing to manipulate Aladdin into freeing him. When this plan fails, the Genie tries to manipulate
Jafar into freeing him. When Jafar himself is tricked into becoming
a genie, Aladdin’s Genie gets very anxious not because he didn’t realize Jafar would
be trapped in his lamp, but because he doesn’t want Jafar to use his third wish. In the end, the Genie sees his own wish come
true when Aladdin frees him but that does not necessarily make us forgive all his previous
plays. Jafar Was the Good Guy
Now, wait a second. How could this seemingly evil villain be the
good guy? To understand this theory, go back to the
beginning of the movie where the city of Agrabah is already ran by Jafar (well, indirectly,
through the Sultan who he’s hypnotized) As we can see from the introduction, Agrabah
is actually a prosperous city under Jafar’s ruling. The crime rates are very low, the economy
is booming, and the citizens seem happy and content with their lives. By seeking the lamp, Jafar only wants to ensure
his ruling will continue to bring the city to new levels of prosperity and happiness. He basically tries to defeat the Sultan (who,
as we mentioned previously, is really incompetent and passes laws on a whim), Aladdin (who,
like it or not, is a conman), and princess Jasmine (who is nothing but a spoiled princess
out of touch with reality). When you see things from this perspective,
Jafar isn’t so bad anymore, right? Well, it’s a nice thought I suppose. The Entire Movie is About Aladdin’s First
Wish As mentioned previously in our video, Aladdin’s
first wish is to become a prince and, according to Redditor Undependable, everything that
happens in the movie afterwards is nothing but a path to making that wish come true. The Genie is omnipotent, as he himself mentions
it in the movie, and he can see up to a million years into the future. I guess that may explain the pop-culture references
Everything the Genie does from the moment he dresses Aladdin up as a prince is to set
him up for success and make him win the heart of Jasmine (which is actually Aladdin’s true
wish, as being a prince would just be a means to be able to reach her). Even Jafar is but a mere pawn in this grand
scheme of things and the fact that the Genie gets in his possession is nothing but a means
to an end – because it allows Aladdin to come out as the hero of the story and make the
Sultan bypass his own laws to allow him to marry Jasmine. Of course, if you see this entire theory through
the fact that Aladdin never gets to be an actual prince (he only marries the princess),
the entire theory crumbles into pieces. But if you think of the fact that Aladdin
doesn’t want royalty, but Jasmine, the entire theory makes perfect sense. Just think of it, Aladdin’s precise words
aren’t to be a prince but to be MADE a prince which the Genie grants in the end through
a series of Machiavellian schemes that push Aladdin to the top of the social chain. This entire theory doesn’t sound that dark
but if you consider the things the Genie does when he is controlled (not actually controlled)
by Jafar, you suddenly understand just how much it takes to make Aladdin’s wish come
true. What if instead of Aladdin, Jafar would have
stumbled upon the lamp first? What extent would the Genie have gone to for
him? Makes you think, right? But those are our favorite dark theories about
Disney’s Aladdin. Do you think any of them are true? Or do you have your own dark theories about
the film? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
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  1. I watched your Hercules video too, and you make the theory that ezma from the emperors new groove could be an aged meg from Hercules. I believe that it could be true and that I know who meg/ezmas father is. Hades needed a potion made to turn a god mortal. In theory he got a mighty wizard or magician to create it. I believe this was jafar from Aladdin. And promised in return for the potion, that he could make any of jafars dreams come true. AKA hades told jafar about the lamp and how to acquire it. This would explain why jafar kind of made these unplanned wishes. Instead of knowing exactly what he wanted. Plus it would explain ezmas father theory because all we know is he was a scientist/ magician. Exactly like jafar, who is a sorcerer who is also mechanically inclined like a scientist. It may not be true but there are too many coincidences that I see that makes me believe that it could be true

  2. Ooh you forgot about the time Aladdin can be heard saying “good teenagers take off your clothes” https://youtu.be/1QYYOuQGEp0

  3. isn't tnis a biyThe stuff like the refenrences to modern pop-culture or the cars and slot machines was probably just the animators having fun. When people o theories about Disney movies, they take the "facts" way to seriously, just chill everyone, all these possibilities were probably never even thought of once by the animators, I Wonder what the animatrs of the recent Disney movies think of all these theories lol.

  4. This isn’t really a theory but even with the different wording, Aladdin was a prince throughout most of the story. His wish was basically to be a prince so nothing in the story after that should have happened because he was technically a prince.

  5. Genie is almost omniscient in the movie, so he could easily know about celebrities and technology

  6. The Genie can make pop references from different points in time because he's a mystical being and has "phenomenal cosmic power!" and not bound by rules of time and space which time is an illusion in the first place and becomes distorted in even our, mortal existence, without even trying everyday.

  7. The lyrics are actually " Every moment RED LETTER" and not "every moment gets better"
    there is a line that says " hold your breath it gets better" however! Plus there is a really good verwsion on YouTube called " A Whole Nude World" lol

  8. Also The genie breaks the 4th wall quite a lot suggesting hes omnipotent and probably timeless so exists in all times simultaneously . That said, at the end cretis , the genie pull up the screen and says " Made you look" ( again breaking the 4th wall, If you pause it at this moment youll see in the corner it says some thing like 1400 BG which could mean 1400 before genie ( a fictional time )

  9. He keeps going back to the items brought back by the genie and all the references, it’s a movie for kids and small children to watch with there families, it’s a joke it has nothing to do with the time it’s just a movie! Chill

  10. 5:35 so what you’re saying is that the song is about sex instead of love…


    You’re just being dirty minded :p

  11. I'm not all the way through the video yet, but isn't it possible that the genie has time-traveling capabilities? I mean, I think that makes more sense than a post-apocalyptic future in which Arabic sultans is the culture and system that our modern society reverts to. And don't forget, the genie has immense cosmic powers, it's possible that he can observe times that he's not currently in, as he is tethered to time (being trapped in a lamp for 10000 years) but his only entertainment for that 10000 years is watching history and time play out.

  12. "Aladdin never gets to be an actual prince he only marry the princess" well yes and no, yes because he will go directly to king/sultan after marriage. No because attaining royalty by marriage still counts, otherwise Cinderella wouldn't be a Disney princess. As for the manipulation thing. Well considering he can see so far into the future he could've set everything 10k years prior, even creating the cave of Wonders to make sure Aladdin gets the lamp. The thing with the lamp is that he is forced to grants 3 wishes to the master. But in no way limit his powers, he used them even without the need for a command or wish. For his show, transformations, when he get them out of the cave, or when he save him from drowning. Or when he fix everything back after Jafar. Not only undoing Jafar wish, that was done with his magic directly. But also undoing what Jafar himself did as a sorcerer. And he fix all that without anyone making a wish. How come he fix the palace and the tiger and rug. All that Jafar did. But don't fix Aladdin been back a prince after Jafar change his cloth back to old one. So does that means Jafar could actually undo a Ginnie wish? Because if he can't, Aladdin is STILL a prince. He can in fact do whatever he wants. The whole ending of this movie made no sense.

  13. Here's a possible addition to Jafar being the middleman. He could've originally hired by Aladdin's father, the King of Thieves.

  14. The world is supposed to flood and the Middle East is supposed to, well not be underwater like new York (Simpson’s episode thing) I think that’s based off the time theory

  15. The Genie is a Blue Magic Mushroom. 10 000y + 2000 is destruction Atlantis. All AT DJiN.

    Name of the new master of the Lamp. Ed Win.

  16. Close… I'd prefer the real thing: http://disneyandmovies.pbworks.com/w/page/17905678/4%20Aladdin

    Plenty more where that came from

  17. My theory:

    Geenie himself was once a master of a lamp and was granted three wishes, and like Jafar he got so greedy that he wished to be the most powerful being in the universe. This is supported by the fact that when Geenie flicks Jafar and Jagu back to the cave, he says "Ten thousand years in the wonderful cave should probably cool him down" (referring to the amount of time that Geenie himself spent in the cave)..

  18. The Genie knows about the current world cause he's a Genie… surely he can either see the future or travel to the future. It's only the Genie that reveals stuff from the present day.

  19. Oh, so old man who was a good guy chains up a teenage girl and decides he doesn't only want to marry her for the crown, but lust. Makes sense!

  20. I actually love the live-action Aladdin movie and I can't wait see what they do with the live-action Mulan movie.

  21. I think that the genie was manipulative, but not a bad guy. He spent the entire movie trying to manipulate Aladdin into freeing him, but who can blame him? I do think he really didn't like serving Jafar because he knew Jafar would never set him free, but also because he was starting to like Aladdin. In the end, he wouldn't have hesitated to make Aladdin a prince for his third wish. He gave up his hopes of freedom, just to make Aladdin happy. When Aladdin set him free, he was truly grateful, even though he no longer had a reason to keep up the facade.

    "No matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me."

  22. Jafar is not a good guy. I don't think it would be a stretch to say he initially had some good qualities, and that he wanted his people to prosper. That doesn't make him good, just more complex. But any good intentions he has are pretty quickly buried under the fact that he's, ya know, evil.

  23. Jafar is not good but however the villain never thinks they are wrong no matter what they do the villain thinks they are 100% right which is what makes them a villain

  24. I truly think Disney's Princess and the Frog was an throwback to the 1st wish theory. Think of it the curse can only be lifted if you are kissed by a princess, so once the prince(forgot his name) marries Tiana she becomes a princess. Its the same here Jasmine can only marry a prince, so once Jasmine marries Aladdin he becomes a prince. Thus Sultan's law is kinda null in void. Now if you make from marry to date would matter. But no matter what marriage will elevate Aladdin's status from street rat to prince.

  25. Some of these theories don’t even make sense. Jafar literally has mind control meaning that he isn’t working for anyone and of all people why would the richest women in “the land” want a magic genie to grant her wishes. The whole point of jasmine’s character was that she was head strong and worked for what she wanted. That theory was completely irrelevant and that is coming from a 13 year old

  26. He’s a genie. His knowledge is vast and well knowing of the time lines and all things fiction and non- fiction. If a man wishes to know what’s to come in the vast future his wish is his commanded. The Genie is an all knowing, omnipotent, being of powers to control the universe.

  27. Aladdin is a post modern world, the Nintendo game had stop signs half covered in (what’s most likely the desert migration) sand…

  28. Guess what. The theory of Aladdin taking place in a post apocalyptic future is true. You don't believe me? Please look it up

  29. I got a weird theory. The Lamp is Genie's dick and you have to "rub" his lamp right and he'll do anything for you. If you listen to the "Never had a friend like me" song it kinda makes sense.

  30. its almost as if Disney adapted Arabian Nights but changed too much of the story and thats why it seems off but no you do you

  31. In the third movie, you find out that Aladdin's father is the King of thieves thus making Aladdin a prince. Perhaps genie really granted his wish.

  32. Omnipotent – All-powerfull
    Omniscient – All-knowing.

    The narrator said (@10:15) the genie is omnipotent, right? Someone who is omnipotent doesn't necessarily mean that he is omniscient. Correct me if I'm wrong because, I think, there's a difference. Thanks

  33. Maybe the genie was in the lamp somehow and had a vs and had been watching it maybe in the year 1930s and he been watching it since then

  34. Lol in a sense, Aladdin was already a prince. His father was the KING of thieves. It may not be your typical kind of royalty, but regardless he had that title ?

  35. I can't believe the extensive time and effort he put on this to stretch a Cartoon story out of its boundaries.

    …but the truth is – "The Narrator is the real Manipulator". Creating a "theory" video to increase his views.

  36. based on the original arabian islamic story, the genie was locked inside the lamp by prophet Solomon as a punishment, so onething for sure : Genie is anything but the good guy lol.

  37. Aladdin can’t take place in 10300 and the reason the genie impersonates technology from our era because he has cosmic powers so he can probably see into the future

  38. Jesus Christ!!! It's a kids film. Read a book on economics and learn how to properly correlate things. . Holy crap!!!

  39. What is stead of a crowbar being set in the future but instead the genie was from the future but then in an accident she was sent back all the way 10 time Aladdin was around and you stole that pop culture and technology that we were already aware enough just to make him feel better about him being stuck there for millions of years until I can figure out how to get back to our date

  40. that part when you said "Jafar is the good guy" I was like…umm no way. hahaahaha…well in my opinion, I don't think it was Jafar who actually thought of the rules/laws of agrabah. I think It's still the sultan. Jafar only hypnotize the sultan during the times he needs something that requires the sultan's approval. but only during those times and not every fuckin' day. I really don't think so. It's not as if the sultan was hypnotized his whole life the moment Jafar worked for him.

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