Daring Policewala (Kaaki Sattai) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sivakarthikeyan, Sri Divya

‘I’ve fallen in love with ‘I love’. “I love you!” ‘My heart says ‘Wow’!’ Sanskrit Chants Sir, how will Jupiter affect my son? Entwine is in Capricorn. That is why this is happening. After this everything will change.
Then everything will be right. Jupiter is in the 9th position. The enemy is in his house.
When friends visit him, the planetary position will change. Slowly Jupiter’s pattern will reform. Now Jupiter is in power. Till then the situation will be same. Okay. Where does your son work? He is an inspector at R 5 station. How can you arrest
a member of my organization? He from your organization.
Do you know what he has done? He sold fake alcohol. Five people died drinking it. About 50 people’s life is in danger.
They are hospitalized. When the inspector comes,
speak to him. You know this police station
comes under my jurisdiction. Should I wait for that inspector? Break the lock up
and bring our member out. Gorilla, did you hear the sound? Our inspector is coming
to teach you a lesson. “Put your hands up.” Break the lock up
in front of the inspector. He will then know
the power of our organization. Greetings, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Were you talking about
some organization? – Hey! If I put a shawl around my neck,
then I belong to your organization. But if you touch my uniform,
I will arrest you. Trespassing into government office
intent to commit a crime. IPC section 441 & 442. You didn’t understand, right? If you force yourself into a police
station and help prisoners run away, I will imprison and make you work. Inspector, are you telling
me the sections of law. Do you know who I am?
– Yes, I know. Your picture was on this
board five years ago. You sold fake alcohol
and became the education minister. You have the leather industry.
You supply it all over India. You are a mean, rude, churlish. Now tell me,
is your introduction, right? You are crossing limits. – I just
said it. Now I will act on it. I’ll remove your clothes and imprison
you in your underwear. – Is it? Will you imprison me
in my underwear? It will be ugly
if you are naked. There are lady officers here. Constables! Constables! Constable. Mahesh. Mahesh. Constable Chote always dreams.
– Is it? Alright. Are you day dreaming? I told you not to wear the uniform. Go and do the duty I gave you. Go. Go.
– Yes, sir. What a man! Ravi!
– Yes, sir. Why did you come for such a
trivial matter? – He is our member. Take him away. I knew I am called
without reason. Alright. Chote, did you enter
by an airplane today? Or the horse carriage? Tricycle? Brother, you are scared of him. It is easy to mould him. He is just a senior inspector.
Not dangerous. – Why do you worry? Did you see the SI? He came in, scratched his ears, he completes his work
and leaves for home. You should do like him. Its three years I started working,
I wore this uniform only thrice. I wore twice for the trial.
– Okay. I wanted to wear this uniform.
That’s why I am doing this job. You needed to be in law and
order for this. This is a crime. You need to spy on criminals
and arrest them. Uniform has nothing to do with our job. If you wear the uniform
you will be trapped. Just watch me. One day I will become an inspector. Take up a big case and stand
proudly at this police station. Also you will salute me then. Hell with your thoughts.
Can’t you dream of other’s progress? You will become an inspector, will we salute you as constables? Don’t I want to become DSP? If you become the DSP. I will become
the commissioner. – Order tea. Sir, he is not going. Go. Go away. His face is so ugly. He wants
to become the commissioner. Mom, don’t you think you encouraged
your constable son a lot? How did I encourage him? Some day my son will be a
big officer. I am very sure of it. I pray to God to fulfill his wish. Are you working on a style? Mahesh!
– Toast. Head constable. Didn’t you get some
other disguise to nab a thief? Give me some money. I am feeling very bad. I don’t know
when the thief will come. Are you new in this business? You will get some money
if you say mother or sister. If you keep quiet.
You won’t get anything. Yes. – Be calm.
I am getting very angry. Are you new in this business? You will feel ashamed
for the first time. But soon you will get into habit. Did your father throw you
out of the house or your wife ran away? Hey!
– Why are you begging? Sit calmly. God! How long should I be
in this disguise? I understand. Bhagwan was your business partner. He must have taken your share too. And kicked you. Many kinds of people
become beggars here. Who are you calling names? Beggar.
– Yes, I am a beggar. Your father is very rich. You are sitting beside me to beg. Then beg, don’t act smart. Don’t speak without knowing
my identity. – Who are you? Mahesh! After you are in disguise. No one must know
you are a police officer. Got it? Yes.
– Is the roof broken? I am talking about the roof top. Alright, I will share with you. I mean we will beg together. And we’ll share the money
that we collect. It is called sharing. But I don’t share with anyone. But I love your beard.
Will you fix the deal or not? Oh God!
– Then the deal is fixed. Welcome, sir. You don’t look like a beggar. Do I look like a chairman
of the railways? He is the station master.
He is the ticket examiner. What do I call you?
– I will hit you. Even I am getting angry.
Give me money and go. I will give you,
but you’ll don’t fight. – No. 50 paisa? It’s 25 paisa each. The government stopped
making it two years ago. A chocolate cost Rs. 1. A rich man like you must beg. I will give you Rs. 1 as alms. A broken glass is lying there, watch your face in it. Go away! They come early in the morning
to give speech. Go away. Stupid! Such people are a burden
to this world. He is worst than us. A fairy. Come on sound effect. Action! Sister, give some alms in the
name of God. – Please give us. You are a goddess. Sister! Sister, give alms in the name of God. Sister. Sister. Look here. Sister. Sister. Don’t hit me. Stay away. Sister, give alms. Give alms in the name of God. God will bless you, sister. If you give me Rs. 1.
God will double your money. Sister, give alms.
Have mercy on the poor! Sister.
– You feel pity on seeing them. Why did she give only to me?
– I think even she liked his beard. You are troubling me since morning. She gave you money too.
– Mahesh. Mahesh. Yes.
– The accused is coming. Is he here? Where is he? I spoke to her at night.
She doesn’t listen. What to do? I will never come here. Sir, will you come
to the police station? Go. Go quickly. Move on. Move on. Hey! What? Wait. Take this tea. The girl I saw at the railway
station was like a fairy. We studied together until 5th grade. Since then she wears a pretty rose, with lavender ribbon, she looks into the eye and winks. Is she like this? You say she studied
until 5th grade with you. She must be a mother now. Brother. – Yes. – Why did she give alms
only to me while there were other beggars? Don’t you know? You looked worse than the
beggars present there. – Shut up! If you love the girl
go and propose to her. Why are you coming to me? I try it differently.
– Samar Raj. Sir.
– What are you’ll talking about? Sir, the case. No, sir. We were discussing how to
make the accused reveal the truth. You are discussing? Yes, sir. And I must believe you?
– You have to believe us. You are talking like the officer. Type the case paper. Go. Hey. – Sir.
– Get tea for him. – Right, sir. Give me tea. The thief stays in Kerala. He is the most dangerous man there.
He plans everything. Sir, the thief stays in Kerala.
He spoke in Bengali. The boy is a Bengali.
So, he understood the language. Sir, what about us?
– I will see to that later. Samar Raj.
– Sir. Who is the goon in Kerala? Sir.
– His name is George Kutty. George Kutty?
– Yes. Yes, sir. Oh no. Nargis married very soon. Give it here.
You always eat others snacks. I will beat you up.
I will complain to the SI. Sir. What do you want? Chips? Take it. Don’t worry until I am here.
– Sir, you’re too much. I don’t know when I’ll become
an inspector. – Take it. Yes, Mahesh.
– The boat beside you. Go there. He will be there.
– Is it? This is the instinct of Mahesh. Mahesh says he will be in that boat. Check here too. Go in this room and check.
– Yes, sir. Come in. Hey! How did you recognize him? Sir, it was written in his garden
there is a gold chariot. And that name was
written on this boat. Both matched, so, I caught it. Do you know Malayalam? A little, sir. I thought you are a fool,
but you are smart. Keep it up. Good. Thank you, sir. Brother, wait here. Stop. What will you buy at this shop? Sir, please come in.
– He is a good boy. He helps to solve cases too.
Give him what he wants. Why are you taking these magazines? To read on the flight. Oh, to read on the flight? Okay. What is written on your hand? What does this hand tattoo say? My mother. Which village does your
mother live in? – Calcutta. Calcutta.
– Yes. Wow! Everyone has a branch in India. Brother-in-law,
how will this man do our work? Shut up. I know everything. Greetings, brother. Who is he? – My brother-in-law.
My wife’s brother. How much material did you lose? About 50 grams. Is it true?
– Yes. Brother, actually while complaining
I added an extra zero. I thought what difference it makes. You should come here before
going to someone else. I was coming to you on the same day. Think before you do your work, or you will have no life in your body. Brother, there’s a call for you. Nothing. M.K. Jewelers.
Mr. Manik. Last week 500 grams of gold was
stolen from his shop last week. Keep 100 grams and return
400 grams. It will be good. Go and contact R 5 station. Go and take it. What is happening here? Whose gold is he giving to whom? We will know if it’s solid. If it melts we won’t know
whom it belongs to. We have to distribute
this gold among 42 people. People must have waited
5 or 10 years to buy it. Everyone sees the tears
of people who complain here. How can we ignore those people? Why do you worry? Forget that. Keep 100 grams gold aside for us. Samar Raj.
– Yes sir, I am coming. They are clicking pictures with
the gold. Are you coming? Who wants to click pictures?
You can go. I will stand right in the front. You will feel jealous when you see
in the newspapers tomorrow. Click now. Samar Raj. – Sir.
– Stand with me. Go behind.
– Sir. Give him some place to stand. Sir, let me go. Click me. ‘I can’t see my face.’ Brother, you are at a corner
in the picture. Yesterday you were showing
your feelings, you are standing proudly
beside the inspector. Are you asking me to
stand in the last row? I was standing near the inspector. I will become an inspector very soon. Chote!
– Yes. A bird can build a nest, not a building. How will you become an inspector? I will. If a tea vendor
can become a Prime Minister, a bus conductor can
become a superstar, if you believe in yourself,
anyone can become anything. Sir, he has come from West Bengal. We have to send him
for the construction work. And we have to go the hotel too.
– Alright. When you’re done with this,
complete the formalities. – Alright. Are you alright? Now you don’t feel giddy, right? No sir, I had two shifts that day. I had no time to eat my food. That is why I fell giddy.
I am fine now. On one hand you have no time
to eat so you feel giddy. On the other hand there is no
way to eat so it’s a problem. Look at their luck. The left their birth place
and came to an unknown village. They are working
to feed themselves. Doctor. – Yes sir. – Prescribe
a medicine if there’s an issue. If they are here keeping trust in me,
I have to take care of them. – Sure sir. You are great.
– Don’t say that. I am not great. You’ll are saving life.
So, you’ll are great. I send them to work somewhere else. I earn my living
with the commission I get. How can I be great? Which police station did you say?
– R 5 police station. Sir, we had work at this
police station earlier too. How do you say
I love you in Bengali? Tell me.
– We are not here for the first time. Sorry, sir. Sir, I was saying that…
– Sir. You don’t need to tell us
what inquiry we have to make. The robbery took place at the
building where they work. Till this case doesn’t end they have
to come whenever I call them here. Also I want an update of all the
people who work at your agency. More than 40 to 50 men
come to us in a week. Within a month they miss their
home and go back. Some people go to another place
as they get more salary there. Tell me what to do? Until a right law is not made for them, till then you won’t know
who’s good or bad. In this time it’s a huge mistake
to think of serving at this age. – Oh! Okay.
– Bye. Check and get them.
– Yes, sir. Dad!
– Yes, I have reached. I will be there in two minutes. Yes, sir. The girls name is Shweta.
She studies in the 1st grade. God knows where she got down
from the school van. The driver didn’t see her leave. Alright sir. Right sir.
Do something. Did Shweta come there? Sister, do you have the number
of Mahadevan? I have no idea.
It must be noted in the diary. What? She didn’t come.
She informs us wherever she goes. Why are you feeling scared? She might’ve gone to her friend’s house.
– Is she in college to visit a friend? You will find your child.
Stop crying. Shweta! Where were you?
– Mummy! My child. Where did you go?
– Don’t worry. She lost her way. I got her from the station. Why did you go to the
railway station? Not railway station.
– Yes, she is here. Mom, she is back now. Why are you screaming? You did a favor by getting the child home.
Come in. – Shweta. Are you alright? Where did you go? You must have informed us, right? Why did you get down from the van? Someone looked like dad.
– I’ll sit here and look at her. I thought its dad. So, I got down. When I got down to see
it was not dad. It was someone else. If you can’t take care of your daughter,
what is the use of being a father? I told you many times not to marry
your daughter to a police officer. He is in CRBA police.
It’s a good job with good salary. But what happened now? Every year we go to
a new village or city. If he was not here,
what would happen to our child? I am leaving.
– Please sit down. Tell me if you don’t like
to stay in the house. I will leave the house. You should’ve thought before the wedding.
Why now? – I’d said this before marriage. Keep arguing. Okay? There’s a guest at home.
Ask him for tea or coffee. That’s a point. Some police officer is calling up.
Please check. Listen.
– Yes. A police job is not a bad job.
– You are right. But coming home once a year is
not good. What kind of work is that? No matter what family is family,
right? By the way what do you do? I… what do you do? I am a nurse at Sanghram hospital. I am a police.
No, I am trying for a good job. Tell me if there’s a doctor’s vacancy
at your hospital. I will do it well. She’s not smarter than me. Coffee was excellent. This was tea. Tea was excellent. Sir, come here. Sunglasses. Just like time doesn’t return.
In the same way, I won’t come if I go. Sir, girls will like you
if wearing this goggle. Shall we take one each while going home?
– Everyone gives offers during festivals. But we have offer for 365 days. Sir, come here.
– Which offer is he giving for goggles? He speaks like a businessman. Don’t get into your character. Don’t you know why you are?
– What for? We have come to nab the mad man
who comes at the ATM. – Yes. Sunglasses! She came while I am working.
What will I tell her? God, save me.
– Hello! Hello! You said you are trying
for a good job. – Why? Does this work have a problem? According to me one shouldn’t beg,
lie or steal. You can beg sometimes,
you can also lie sometimes, but not to steal. That’s all. By the way, how much do you
earn selling one goggle? I get Rs. 5. In the evening,
I have good business. Alright.
I will help you to sell goggles. I don’t want help.
I will sell them all. Don’t worry.
This is my daily job. Go. I will manage.
– You dropped Shweta home safely. Can’t I do so little for you? Please come.
– ‘Chote!’ Sit on the bike.
– ‘Are you in your place?’ Okay.
– ‘What did you say?’ Should I sit on the bike with you?
– Mahesh Kutty, what happened? Both of us. ‘Mahesh Chote!’
– Will sell these goggles? ‘Mahesh Chote’. ‘What happened?’ Are you wasting time with
the girl who is buying goggles? You are on duty. There is lot of disturbance here.
Let’s go elsewhere. Why is it getting disconnected? Hey! Listen. Hello! – Bye! Uncle, these sun glasses
will keep your eyes cool and protect you from the sun too.
– Yes. You can wear it as long as you want.
– Absolutely! Wear these goggles for some time, you won’t know where to see after that. If you wear it for a long time.
– Even you will not know. Sir, please. Check it. The quality is very good. Take one.
– Check it, sir. Sir, please! Does your face has fat? If you wear a glass on
this face it will look good. Hey! Aunt, please take one.
– Yes. Yes aunt.
– Will you keep quiet? Take one for me. Alright give it.
– Thank you, aunt. We sold all the sun glasses. Two are left. Wait. Let’s see if we can find
some foolish person. I found one. Who is it? – Ma’am. – Excuse me,
the woman in green color sari. She is calling you
and you are just walking past her. Keep walking. Don’t stop.
– Give it here I will sell it. Yes, mummy. Ma’am, only two sunglasses are left. Take it for him. Please! His mother has a mental condition. And his sister? She ran away with someone.
Love marriage. Yes. If he can sell this he will be
able to get his mother treated. Take it. Please! Sell it and save his mother.
Give her the money. Thank you, ma’am.
– Thank you, aunt. May your daughter be happy. Mom! She was just a friend. That’s all. Why? Did you tell her something?
– No. I said you both are in love. Why? Don’t worry.
Mummy doubts she is your lover. Even I doubt that. Where did you woo that girl?
From fridge book. Mother, its Facebook. So, you agree on it. How do I tell her?
I don’t understand. I am just trying for her.
I will tell you if something happens. Alright. Someone like Satish
will come to help you. You need to give him a commission too. Shankar Narayan famously
known as Cyber crazy. He first befriends people
on Facebook. After that he takes them
in confidence and cheats them. He told my client
that he’s a computer engineer and convinced him that he can
do business in millions. He cheated him too.
– Ma’am, there’s a correction. He sent a friend request
on Facebook first. It is a crime to accept
a request, your honor. Just answer what is asked
don’t talk in between. You stole money
and jewelry from his house? True, but I didn’t
do this crime alone. He is with me. So, he is my partner.
Am I correct? I didn’t get you. I will explain to you, Your Honor. In the first week we became friends, this is my family. My house. He sent a picture with his address. He instigated the greed in me. One day, he updated the status
saying ‘I am going to Goa with family’. ‘I will come back in 3 days’.
He posted, ‘I am missing my home’. I thought why I should
miss this chance. So, I went in the house. I checked on the net.
He was enjoying with his family. So, I commented, ‘Enjoy yourself’. After that I enjoyed by drinking
the brandy at his house. He posted saying, ‘back to Chennai’
after three days. I started packing things
which I needed. When he posted on the way, I picked up the things and ran away. Now tell me your honor.
if what I did was wrong. Then even he is also
an accused, right? Why do you have wounds
on your face? Did you fall?
– Yes, ma’am. I was going to tell you this.
– What? This inspector, he fought at his home
and beat me up. Why is he trapping me? Did you do that? No ma’am, while recovering the jewelry…
– Tell me the truth. No. While recovering the jewelry..
– Tell me the truth. What? Does anyone beat
a person so severely? He was even scolding me. Will she fire me from my job?
– It’s possible. What will I do after that?
– Do campaigning in Delhi. I have warned you many times.
This is the final warning. Okay, ma’am. Get him treated at Sangram hospital. Okay, ma’am. You will meet his medical expenses. Okay, ma’am. Sangram hospital.
Divya’s treatment. I am so proud of you, my child. We are trapped in this
and you are doing mischief. Sir, he didn’t trap me, but you. Actually, admitting him in a big hospital, the judge asked you
to pay his expenses. I was thinking how to meet
Divya in this busy schedule? So, he has given me
a good way out. I am worried here and you are thinking of romance. Of course. Hi!
– Hi! Sir, are you having an affair? What do you mean?
– Is it love? – Savita! How did you know? I can see her picture in your eyes. Even she loves you, right? Listen, actually the problem is that she doesn’t know
I am a police officer. Doesn’t matter, I will inform her. About my love?
– That you are a police officer. Why are you increasing my worries? Don’t say anything, please! When I pleaded at the police station.
Did you listen to me? My face is swollen because
of your beating. I will surely tell her
you are a police officer. Sir, spit in the wash basin. Can you tell her here?
– Not here. This mark is right. Yes. Little back.
– Yes, sir. Little front.
– Yes, sir. Try to understand
the depth of the matter. Attention!
– Yes, sir. The scenery is beautiful. Come quickly.
Open your mouth. – Why? Oh!
– Why are you here? My uncle has a chest pain.
– O God! While coming in the auto, the auto met with an accident.
– An accident? Because of the shock
of the accident, uncle’s chest pain healed.
– Then? He was going towards home, but the wound was small. So, I thought of admitting him
in the hospital to take care of him. You did a good job. Where is he? He is… You didn’t have to extract the tooth.
Couldn’t you tell me? – He’s there. He got his tooth extracted. Why did he extract the tooth? He keeps his tooth
on his tongue and speaks. That creates a problem for me too. So, I got his tooth extracted. What is he saying? He is an intelligent man. He preaches to the world. His tooth is extracted. So, he’s in pain. Go, I will manage.
– Alright. Take care. Yes. Oh no! I didn’t tell her
what I wanted to say. It’s because of you. Come here. She left. Hold this. Brother, you saw your lover. Smiled and spoke to her, but you
didn’t speak about your love to her. So, I doubt she doesn’t love you. Sir, you are talking as though
it’s a new case. I am asking you since one week. Tell me if you have any idea. Idea! Alright. Is her colleague around? Yes. There is a lady
who works with her. She is not a baby, a giant. Your girlfriend will meet that giant. She will ask something about you.
– Yes. Then she will look at you.
– Yes. If this happens, then its love. Then we have a confirmed
party in the evening. Sir, I told you he is searching a job.
He has finished his education. This is that man. Take his details.
– Okay, sir. And give him a job as per his ability.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.
– I’ve seen you somewhere. Maybe you were at R 5 police
station the other day. I don’t know about the police station, I know about railway station,
fire station, play station, F.M station and hill station. Crazy guy, juice please! Hi!
– You forgot it here yesterday. My friend gave it. Sorry, I hid from you
that I’m a police officer. Actually, what your aunt
said at your home. – Aunt? Your mother. I will tell you. Actually, you are not angry
even after I lied to you. So it means you… …have with me.
– What? The same thing. That.
– It’s a favor. For getting my sister’s daughter
home safely. After that you lied so much to me even I don’t know that. You helped me, so I helped you.
That’s all. Don’t you know
why I pursued you by lying? I don’t know.
– Then I will explain. Why was I pursuing you?
– I don’t want to know. Okay. Go. Go. Go. Divya, look. It is wrong to tell something
which is not there. He is hiding about this job
and pursuing you. So, I don’t feel that man is wrong. Alright. Everything
happened unknowingly. If you had nothing in mind then
why did you try to get him a job? Mind your own business. I said what I felt was right.
Rest is your wish. Hi Michael, how are you?
– Fine. Everything is ready. But there is a little negotiation
in the amount. Yeah, wait a minute.
I’ll talk to you. Brother, forgive me. I helped you a lot. You helped me a lot. You were even sincere to me. But if I gauge between sincerity
and work. Work is more important. Brother! Brother. – I told you not to do it,
but you spoke to another client. You fixed a date to meet them.
– Forgive me. No brother.
– It’s useless talking to you. Hi Michael,
I want to clear one thing. If you take this business
to any part of the world, you won’t be able to do
the work easily. So, I accept my terms. We need to accept.
This is the last hope. Yes, accepted. Good. Bye! Throw his corpse
in front of his house. The people who are with him
will understand only then. How did this happen?
– Do you know what the matter is? Move back. Who is he? Mahesh. – Yes, sir.
– Collect all the reports. – Okay, sir. Stabbing is just below
the diaphragm and injured completely. Gall bladder is also injured. On the right thumb impression,
on the neck. shows the injuries to the ribs. The one who attacked was a
left-handed, doctor. – Of course. The knife is stabbed hard
from the left. Whoever killed him
can be a left-handed. You all understood? Yes. – All clear now?
– Yes, doctor. Okay. Now, it’s your turn. Sir, he didn’t put earplugs in his ears.
– What’s the case, sir? Make him talk. Speak. A murder took place yesterday.
– Yes. The accused has surrendered. You say as though you found him. He has surrendered on his own. Sign here. ‘The knife was stabbed
from the left.’ ‘Whoever killed him
can be a left-handed.’ Sir! There is evidence the murderer
of this case is a left-handed man. But the one who surrendered
is a right handed man. Something is fishy. You are right, it is fishy. I know he hasn’t
committed the murder. Even after knowing… Look, do your duty. Don’t interfere in my work.
Go away! My duty is to punish the accused.
– Go away! I told you to leave. Mahesh, we have to give
evidence in the court on Friday. Yes brother, we search
evidence and hide the mistake. We police officers
are committing mistakes. I don’t like it.
– Yes. You won’t like it. It will be an insult.
You will feel hurt too. This is what happens here. When I joined duty, at that time I had the same
fervor like you. But with time everything changes. Take this case for example, the dead man is a culprit. The one
who murdered is also a culprit. What will you do
by bringing justice in this? Correct, sir. We can’t do anything by bringing
justice in a murder case. But if it was a robbery case
we would get some bribe. You are talking about the 500 grams
gold we found in Kerala. DC came forward and said to give
him 400 grams of gold. We gave it. You think I used the remaining gold? I called the complainant unofficially, I and Murugan handed that
gold to them. But those 400 grams went to
the wrong hands, right? Who did this mistake?
The police officers, right? Listen, we don’t have the total power. You need to use wrong
means to do good work. Even police officers have limitations. A police officer
can’t do anything alone. We have to follow the
orders of the seniors. Look Mahesh, this is a chain.
We are just a link. We can give many ideas,
but can’t work on it. If you can’t do it, then resign. But I will do my job.
– Come on. You can’t understand
what I am saying. You will understand this when you will get a case
which will shock you. Then you will either
lose the job or your life. You won’t know who will hit you. You are a true police officer, right? Then take up a case, after that talk to me. Do you understand? The milk is boiling. Can’t you see?
What are you doing? You keep sticking pictures
all the time. Give it here. Leave it. Leave it. Leave it! Where are you running? Come here! Brother!
– I told you to wait. What is this?
Why are you hitting a child? Sir, look what he does? He keeps
sticking pictures of airplanes. If he doesn’t work. Why do I need him?
I will break your face. Come on. Go. He is a child. He is earning a living. Sir, if he is a child will I let him
earn without working. The agent takes money every month. If I don’t make him work.
How will I manage? Bye sir. Mahesh, are you thinking
about what the senior officer said? They keep scolding.
I get scolded too. I don’t bother about anything. So many accused
must have spat on me. If I worry about them,
it will be difficult to live. You can say that, but I will surely take up
a huge case. I used to say the
same thing earlier, but I know about you. You will surely take up a big case. Then the officers will
appreciate you. Right? I have found a new way
to get to your love. I named it ‘Possessiveness’. Forget it.
– What? I was thinking hard for you.
– I am doomed. I am doomed! I am robbed! With much difficulty
I found this name, ‘Possessiveness’.
– How is it connected to my love? You love a girl.
– Yes. Sit with another girl
in her presence. If you speak… …with her with a smile.
Your lover… …will get angry. It means she doesn’t want
you to speak to another girl. I know only one girl. She doesn’t talk much with me. Where will I find another girl? We had gone on a raid yesterday. We have picked 11 girls from there. We will let 10 of them
go to the court. I will keep one back.
Go with her to meet your lover. How is the idea? Listen.
– Yes. That man there has a problem.
– The goggle looks cool. You will put us in trouble. He has a problem.
– Yes. Do one thing. Go with him. Come here. Will you leave
at once if I tell you go? Look, go with him. Do his work. Go to the court from there. Yes. Alright. Hey, look there. Brother, serve us two cups of tea. Girls these days don’t
understand true love, but I am very fortunate that you understood my love. Forget it. Since we are here
you are only talking about love. I understand only one thing. To be sincere
to the one who pays me. Sir, bill. – You were talking about
money and in came the bill. Go and talk to him.
– Listen. – What? We will surely ask him.
– We will go to the park now. We won’t go to the park. It is crowded. If you want shall we go to the hotel? No.
– Yes. Go and ask him. Not me.
– Go quickly. We will go to the hotel. The nurse is angry.
– Have you lost it? Stop the nonsense! Why are you talking to my lover? Are you here to speak
for someone else? – Yes. Aren’t you ashamed
of talking in this manner? Now you know.
– You are roaming with him. Divya will harm you. He is staring after doing
what he shouldn’t have done. As though he’s lost in some fair. Son, don’t follow girls all the time. You should make girls follow you. I need to steal her bag for that. My idea maybe old, but do what I tell you. Watch how… …that girl comes
searching for you. – Is it? Yes. He is not here.
Ask in the crime section. Is he inside?
– Yes. Finish this before
the inspector comes. Sir, that… – The junior officer
takes care of important cases. Go and meet him. Okay. Yes. Tell me your bike number. TN 10 AK 1255. How do you know the bike is lost?
– His mother must have informed him. What?
– His grandfather would’ve told. When a young girl comes
to the police station in fear… …it is understood either she is
in love or she lost her bike. Seeing you,
I feel you are not in love. Tell me your identity and address. To find the bike. Yellow color Vespa.
– Yellow! Side mirror…
– Side mirror must be broken. What to do? If I had followed
the book instead of girls… …I would be America’s President
not a police officer. Alright. Let it be. Your bike has…
– An indicator. Right? For the identity.
– Okay, for identity. The burn marks on the face. Wound on the waist.
A mole on the lips. A mole on the lips.
Is her bike a girl? Go and do your work.
– Okay. He is behaving as
though he’s a commissioner. If you tell some identity
of your bike then… …it will be easy for us to find it. And the investigation
will be easy too. Tell me. – ‘Love is God’
is written behind my bike. Is it only written on the bike? Here love means something else.
Got it? I don’t know how it’s there,
but here it’s only love. What? When will I get the bike back? You will get it. The lovers meet at a park in this city.
The name of that park… – Jeeva Park. How do you know? It is close to my house. Then come to Jeeva Park at 5 PM.
We’ll meet there. Do you want your bike or not? When will my bike arrive? What did you say? Whose bike? My bike. But it’s just 5:30 PM. The time to find the bike
is over too. Many people must be in
queue searching their bikes. Amazing. You can’t wait a little bit. What kind of people exist? You get angry even to wait. Yes. – Then let’s go.
We will stroll in the park. Hey! If I call up he will get the bike. Hello! – The police caught me
while coming there. They are not listening
even after requesting. Give the phone to them. They are saying they won’t talk. Wait here for 10 minutes. I… Okay.
– Be careful. It’s about love. Give some bribe
to the senior officer. A police officer is another
police officer a bribe. Amazing. Only a policeman will take
care of another officer, right? Keep my bike here. I will take it back in some time. She is leaving. No matter how much
you try it is not working. Where do you want to go?
I’ll drop you. No. That’s fine. Anyway your family
doesn’t like police officers. If I come with you
after knowing that, it will be escalate things. Doesn’t matter. I’ll hire an auto. I know my family doesn’t like you. I didn’t say I don’t like you. Anyway, you saved my
sister’s daughter’s life. So what if you lie? Catch him. He is running away.
– Sonu! Sonu!
– He’s hurt. He ran away.
– Sonu, get up. Sonu.
– Move aside. Hey, Sonu.
– Sonu, speak up. Sonu, get up.
– Sonu. Sonu! What happened? Call up the ambulance. Move aside.
– Go back. Go back. Go back. Yes. Go back. Go back. Careful.
– Pick up the child quickly. Is he serious?
– No. His life is saved, but… his brain is dead. He’s brain dead. Ask the boy’s parents
to come here immediately. Yes sir. – Six people can be
saved because of this boy. If they agree we can donate
the organs of this boy. When they come inform me.
– Right, sir. There is no hope of survival. No. 99% no. We need to keep in the hospital
and check. Some months or few years. But it will be expensive. His organs are donated. He is not dead, but I don’t know
how long we can save him. He has no father.
Only a mother. She signed on the form. She is booking a flight from
Calcutta to come here. What will anyone else
doing by coming here? Brother, my phone balance is over.
Get it recharged. Rajkumar, call my relatives
and tell them that my mother is killed. What do I do? Tell me.
I don’t understand anything. What is this hand tattoo for?
– My mother. Mother.
– Calcutta. Sir, does he speak in Bengali?
– Yes. He just said my mother.
– Right. Why is he crying and saying it? His mother expired in the village.
He is speaking about it on the phone. ‘He has no father, only a mother.’ She signed all the forms. Sir, in Bengali ‘Maa Harni’
means she died. – Yes. The lady who came in the hospital
was his mother or guardian? She was his mother. Check it and then tell me. I took the signatures.
It was his mother. Where is the body of that boy? It is in Royapettah GH
for the postmortem. I want to see his hand. Yes, Mahesh.
– I sent you a Bengali name. Yes.
– Tell me its meaning. – Okay. Can we make someone’s brain
dead artificially, doctor? Carbon monoxide. If a healthy man comes under
the influence of this poisonous gas, his brain can die. Will we know in the post mortem? No. It is difficult to find it out
in a post mortem. As carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. It has no color or smell. Yes, tell me. The name you sent is Durga Devi. Is there a problem?
– Yes, I will call you later. What is the name
of the mother who signed? Her name is Chitralekha. ‘His brain is dead.
– Carbon monoxide.’ ‘It’s his mother.
– Calcutta.’ ‘The name you sent is Durga Devi.’ ‘Her name is Chitralekha.’ ‘Six people can be saved
because of him.’ It is not possible. There is no chance for a
mistake in our hospital. That boy has no mother.
She is dead. Her name is Durga Devi. The one who signed
the forms is Chitralekha. The child is given carbon monoxide,
that killed him. But why will someone give
carbon monoxide to that child? I was with him till he went
inside the operation theatre. Has something happened
in the operation theatre? There is no chance
for carbon monoxide to be there. Many senior doctors are
inside the operation theatre. It is not possible to give
carbon monoxide in front of them. It can’t be done openly. But what if someone gave it secretly? It is not possible.
I am telling you. The pipe that supplies oxygen
can we give carbon monoxide… What is it?
You are assuming things. What enmity will someone have with a young boy?
Why will someone kill his brain? How will someone benefit by that? The person who keeps total
control of this hospital, is there anyone? Our dean Dr. Dev Sangram. Then he’s involved. Look, don’t speak nonsense.
He is not such a man. He doesn’t lack money. He doesn’t need to earn
money by wrong means. Police officers think differently. It is not necessary
it took place in our hospital. It can happen elsewhere too. I feel it took place outside. It’s time for me to leave. ‘If it happened
at the operation theatre.’ ‘The pipe that supplies oxygen
can carbon monoxide…’ ‘It is not necessary
it happened in our hospital.’ ‘It can happen elsewhere too.’ ‘Sir, don’t worry, hold his legs.’ Sister, what happened?
What are you searching? No, just like that. Which gas cylinder do we purchase?
– Why are you asking? For study purpose. Do we buy carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide is used
only in chemical industry. If it goes in the wind pipe
that person dies. But why are you asking these things? I asked for my information. Thanks. ‘Sir, we have messaged you the
address. Thanks for calling Just Dial.’ Sir, we had only one ambulance
in our trust. It is gone for repairing
since one year. What to do? The trust has no funds.
We can’t do anything. ‘Third party server access’ ‘What you said is correct.’ No, what you said was correct. We don’t purchase carbon monoxide
in our hospital. But I found information
in the system. What? There were 20 people this
year who were brain dead. Organs of 11 people were
donated by the government. Without giving any information
to the government, the organs of remaining
9 people were stolen. And this has been done by our
hospital dean Dr. Dev Sangram. There is a similarity
in these 9 people. They were ordinary workers
coming from North India. Their local in charge is, S.P Manpower agency’s owner,
Sindhu Parmar. The man you introduce me to. Yes, it’s him. Do you have proof of what you told? Yes, I do have it. Do one thing. Save it in a pen drive.
And meet me at Jeeva park. – Right. Oh no. Let’s go. Yes, Divya.
– Hello! Come here. Divya. Drive the car. Hey! I have got a big case
with the right evidence. The victim is not the accused,
but they were very poor. Tell me sir. What will we do
as police officers? Yes, sir. Certainly, sir.
No. No one is hurt much. Thank you, sir. It’s a big issue. Watch it. We will be pressurized
from the top officials. Let’s take them to the magistrate house.
We will take them in custody after that. If we say who did the case…
– I will handle what happens. I will sign the FIR. I don’t want any risk. Okay. Mr. Sindhu Parmar. We are here to arrest you. Can I know why you are arresting me? You will get your answer
at the police station. Please come.
– Please, sir. Sir, that doctor is not in the village. He has gone to London for a conference.
They showed the flight ticket to us. We checked the airport immigration. There is no chance to get details. As its three hours the flight has left. Ask someone to guard.
– Okay, sir. Sir, he’s a VIP. That is why we are arresting him
at night. Nine murders. If we arrested him after the news
was out in the media, then Sindhu Parmar would be
beaten by the people. Sir, please! Without involving him. Is there a
chance to release him? – No sorry. Sir, going out of the way..
– Hey! Sorry. Sorry, sir. Can I know who is handling
this case? I have signed this FIR. Check it. Can I talk to him? Yes, you can talk to him. Sir, go and meet him. The magistrate must be waiting.
Let’s go soon. The case that is in front of you, the one who solves it bravely
is a real police officer. I was like you at your age. Minister’s son committed a crime.
I shouldn’t have beat him and inquired. My 10 year old daughter’s
head was severed and they put the head at my feet. Such an incident
shouldn’t happen to you so I didn’t allow you to work
on a dangerous case. I always insulted and scolded you. Don’t mind those things. Mahesh, this case will not end easily. Whenever you need remember
I am with you. Okay. Raj Shekhar.
– Sir. Look what happened? It’s the same girl.
Pick up the phone. If she gets angry
she will leave you. Answer it. Hello! Hello? If she wouldn’t have
called you up yesterday, you would be in this position today. Parents feel happy
in their children’s happiness, right? I came here to tell you this. My daughter
must live happily with you. We want your family to grow. You have to do one thing for that. You have to resign from this job. You can do any other job. I will get you married to her. Now think about it and tell me. Just a moment. I don’t have anything to think. It is better you get your daughter
married to someone else. Mother is asking you
to leave the job. Say yes when you like a boy. If you want him to do your will
make that clear to him. I am leaving, aunt. Sanskrit Chants ‘I had seen him when
I left the house after a fight.’ ‘After that I am seeing him dead.’ Maybe I had enmity with him,
but he was my father. Brother, this happens in life. Brother, whatever be the
reason of his death. I will find and kill him. I have got additional charge
of the police station. Till someone joins this police station,
I will be the in charge here. I am a constable since 54 years. I was also the driver of the IG. I am about to get retired
and I’m still a driver. That is why posted me
at the police station. The four years that are left, I thought I would be
at a police station. But seeing the injustice
happening here I thought I will fight against injustice
the remaining four years. I am not physically strong. Nor do I have that much training. I don’t mind if I die, but I will find the criminals
associated with this case. I will surely get them punished. ‘Dr. Dev Sangram
hasn’t gone to London.’ ‘He got down at Mumbai
and came back to Chennai.’ I found it out through a friend. He has a guest house at ECR.
He must be there. Sorry, whatever mom said yesterday… I knew you would come here. It is a doctor’s duty to save a life. But why did you kill a person? Organ trade. This business is spreading
very fast in the world. I did the sin of selling and buying
human organs for money. But there’s a huge reason behind it. Sindhu Parmar’s son, Durai. Durai sent me to get you released. He is on line.
He wants to talk to you. Dad!
– Don’t call me dad. Whatever reputation I build, the
respect and honor I got from people, you ruined it all. Did Sampat tell you? Don’t get emotional.
Mistakes happen. This happens in business. Playing with others life
is your business? I am telling you what a father
can never say. You won’t live in peace. I will tell everything about you
to the magistrate. I will get you hanged. I agree that I kept my men at your
place without informing you. A son has the right in his
father’s property, right? Listen carefully.
If you listen to what I say then you will be alive
for few more days. I don’t want you to give me
my life in alms. I will die after getting you punished
for what bad work you did. Then I had to release a Diwali rocket. Medical tourist from abroad come
to India for medical treatment. No one knows what happens
to them, but, the organs are changed. To change the organs, there is more chances here
than any other country. And it cost less. Foreigners who change their organs, and to fulfill their needs, Durai is their agent. In the organs that are stolen
we know one organ is kidney. But beside that, we change many parts of the
body in the trade market. Imagine,
my body weight is 90 kilograms. We reduce it allowing hormones
secretion in the veins, getting tissues and lungs
to function properly. A heart can be made to
beat 28 times in one minute. My body will be about
2 crore in Indian rupees. The children who have no parents
and come here for a job. They are given carbon monoxide
which results in their brain death and then
they are got to the hospital. It is taken care that carbon monoxide
is given in that quantity… which will not affect the
other body organs? Then giving a little oxygen. It is kept alive and this is
happening from some time. The heart transplant of my only son
was done in this manner. Yes. I agreed on this because of that. He had a heart disease
since childhood. Without a heart transplant it was
not possible for him to stay alive. In this state,
Durai made a deal with me. But after six months
of the operation he died. I told Durai. I don’t want to do that
work anymore. Doctor, either you have to die or I will have to die. Till then we can’t cancel
the deal we had. Are you threatening me? Will you go to the police? I won’t go to the police or media. You will ask for a proof. The deal we spoke of
and the money I gave, I have a video of those moments.
– Oh no! Durai, this is incorrect. The one I work with
turns sincere to me. If they are alive
then his family will benefit. Even if they die
many people will benefit. People don’t have
poultry farm to eat meat. If you think in this manner
you can be at peace. Just before you came I took an injection.
– Get water. – Yes. I am counting my last minutes. I would like to say Durai
is not a common man. When he can kill his father,
I don’t stand a chance. This is a mere thing for him. In the hospital records
I and Sindhu Parmar are together. This was Durai’s idea. I can’t be saved by any doctor. I have injected myself with
0.2 dimethylmercury. ‘Famous doctor of the
heart transplant…’ – I told him. committed suicide. He…’
– I will handle this. injected himself and committed suicide.’
– Maybe he was very scared. Don’t worry. Everything will go correctly.
– ‘He was under pressure since few days.’ Don’t worry. – ‘Maybe that’s
the reason of his suicide.’ ‘The police is trying…’ I will go ahead.
You’ll follow me. – Yes. Alright.
– Sir. You are asked to meet the officer
after the press meeting. – Okay. Sir, we must tell the commissioner
the truth. – Commissioner? Sir.
– Sir. Who is responsible?
– Who is responsible for the blast? Look, the investigation
of the case is going on. A special team is on this case
in full swing. Inspector Satyamurthy had arrested
two terrorist six months ago. Both the terrorist were
from a dangerous group. We found out they were
supporting Sindhu Parmar. We had arrested them
on the benefit of doubt. It is believed that bomb blast
is also done by this group. The highest authority of city
police is the commissioner. What can we do against him? And if we do it he had
planted a bomb for his father. One day it will be for you and me. Actually, the evidence we have for
Durai are not strong enough. What can we do even
if we have strong evidence? Commissioner is from his side.
– So what? There’s media, court, loyal judges. One strong evidence against
Durai is sufficient. We can arrest him then. Mahesh, no matter what you do,
whom you arrest, I will sign the charge sheet. FIR and charge sheet is useless when we don’t have all the power. Then we need to do good work
through wrong means. You will do it illegally? We work like brothers here. We speak casually though
there’s an age difference. I don’t mind it. But don’t involve me in this. I am an ordinary man. I have a family too. That is why I can’t support you
or I will support you. Sir. Sir, the auditor of Durai, his driver, this is his maid, and these are his staff.
Everyone’s detail is here. Sir, we can’t hack Durai’s phone as he uses satellite phone. No one can operate
his laptop beside him. As it has a security alert. It is not easy to enter his house. What are you looking at? I had gone out in anger. What do I do? A police man thinks like
a police officer even when he sleeps. But there’s a man whom we can use. And that is Jyoti. The man looks dangerous. I don’t know the deal
between him and Durai. But Durai is the one who brought him in politics. Jyoti wants Durai to give him
MLA’s seat in this election. Sir, last month a bomb exploded
in our area. Isn’t it? What? Sir, plug this in your ears
or you can’t hear a word. Last month a bomb exploded
in our area, right? That blasted in Jyoti’s house. When we inquired we found
it was a publicity stunt. He had planted a bomb
in his house for campaigning. You have plugged it,
so, why are you saying yes? After this bomb blast men from our
police station went for his security. We have one solution to find out about Jyoti. If we want to know
everything about Durai. We have to follow him. He looks like a comedian. Why should we get serious about him? What will we do then? Our method is right for him. What?
– Yes. Hail to the minister! Hail to the minister! Hail to the minister! Hail to the minister! Hail to the minister! Hail to the minister! Boss, tell me one thing.
– Hail to the minister! Why is he coming down
in this manner? Dear, it’s Monday. The direction
is not right in the east. So, he’s coming from the west side. Don’t pull my leg.
– Hail to the minister! He should have a door
to the west, right? Doesn’t he know it?
– Hail to the minister! It was not right to have
a door in the west. Beside that the wind blows
from the west. The wind doesn’t suit him. He fears of flying away. You looked weak earlier. But after you became the minister.
You shine bright. What’s the use of shining? There are
no girls. – Yes, it’s useless. Who is it? Who is he?
– Who are you? Sir, I am Mahesh,
a police constable of your area. Batch 87, batch number 57827. Trained and controlled by police station.
Working at R 5 police station. We have no other branch. I am here for your safety. And I am having 9 number
model pistol. Brother, the flowers are fine,
but why are you hitting with the plate? Sir, you get the sweet
and underwear together. What is he saying?
– I don’t know. Ask him. Brother,
Mahesh had worked here earlier. He has a second wife.
Third offering. He is on holiday. What is your name?
– Sir, I am… Brother, just tell me your name.
– Mahesh Mane Manjre. – Look. I don’t want the head, hand or leg. Just call me boss. Brother, you love brave men. That too who are calm. I did that just to say a poetry.
Don’t make a mess. Brother, you can stay with me
after this. You will get one holiday in a week.
– It’s my duty, sir. I will stay with you
whenever you want. What did he say? The saying is good.
– Why do you ask me? Ask him. Brother, I have to meet an important
person once a week. His name is Durai. Come with me.
– Durai is not at that side. Dogs are sitting there.
Come from here. Greetings!
– Greetings brother. He is my man. He’s a guard. He does what I say. Exactly, sir. Shut up! Sir, shall we go? Very good. Eat as much as you want.
– Let it be. He’s a child. There’s a different kind of business
deal between the minister and Durai. Durai is saying take 5%, but minister wants 10%. Girls don’t want to
change their man. They wait for him. You should have told me
this on the phone. Hi! I am Satish.
In short, your enemy. Do you understand? I am Divya’s sister’s husband.
– Oh! Nice introduction.
– This is how I am. Hello. Nice to meet you. Divya told me everything. The boy’s family will be here
to see her tomorrow. So, I came to meet you. What’s this? You are watching TV
since morning. Call and ask where they are. – I called
them so many times since morning. They are on the way.
– Doesn’t matter. If you ask again
nothing will go wrong. Where do I keep it?
– Keep it there. – Right. I have to do everything.
– Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I had sent the files. Sure, sir. I will check it.
– Okay, sir. Greetings, I am Mahesh’s mother. I know everything. This is your daughter’s life.
You have to take a decision. Before that I want to speak to you. My son like be a policeman.
That’s his goal. It’s not only his dream,
but mine too. The reason for him
to be a policeman is, his father Inspector Ratnesh. We were very happy
as he got a police job. He died in a fire accident on the
sixth day of being an inspector. He couldn’t save himself
saving people. But my son didn’t garland
his father’s picture. After he died with the
same sincerity, my son worked in his place. My son can’t think of
leaving his job. I was very sad
after my husband died. ‘Don’t worry, I and my sister are with you.
We will manage’, this is what he said. He did what he told me as a child. My son is one in a million.
I am proud of him. He has a police job.
He’s serving people. I am happy. Not everyone gets such
a good life partner. Your daughter has got one. He will keep her happy. No matter what happens I won’t let
my daughter marry a policeman. Mom, why are you being stubborn? This is Divya’s life.
Let her decide. Don’t interfere in this. Mom, why? What are you saying? They have come to our house.
Ask them to sit. Shut up! Meenakshi, how are you talking?
Think before you talk. Okay. If you all agree
then get them married, but I don’t agree to this match. If they come here after marriage, won’t you bless them? I will do those things. But I don’t agree to this match. Won’t you love their child?
– I will do that. But I don’t agree to this match. Excuse me. Why has the watchman come home?
Haven’t you given him some token? – Hello! I am Shiva from America. I am software engineer. Monthly salary one and a half
lakh rupees. – Is it you? Okay.
– You called me for an alliance. You’ll are busy talking
when I am here. I will wait outside while you talk. We have finished talking. By the way who are you?
– He is getting married to my daughter. Which daughter?
– The one you came to see. Yeah. By the way,
I am Mahesh Mane. I am a local. A constable by
profession. Just 14,000 salary. Bye!
– Go. Bye. – They rejected engineer proposal.
– You are standing since you are here. Please come in.
Shweta, bring some coffee. His name is Prakash. He is Durai’s assistant in this work. He is like a trump card for us. He can give all information
about Durai. He’s a drug addict. We need to keep him drugged. Keep this phone with you Mahesh. Hello, Mr. Durai. Nothing special.
I had a prayer service at home. If we sprinkle the cow’s urine in the
house it will be blessed. I am fine. I don’t need it. No, if you are fine
I will be fine too. That is why I came here.
– Go away! Hey!
– Sir. What is this? I am wearing a thread
which the priest gave me. This is a good idea to have
information on Durai’s home. Why are you coming here? Brother, the door is from the west.
Let’s start from here. That’s not needed. Go there
and sprinkle it. – Please! Go. You look very happy today. Looks like someone else was here.
– This is Durai’s house. No one comes here beside you. The Lord who allows me to come here, stay happy always. Can I kiss you? Jyoti! He’s here. He allows me in,
but he doesn’t let me stay. Anyway, it’s useless. Yes sir, what happened?
– I want to talk about your seat. Yes.
– Come at the office tomorrow. Where is Mr. Prakash? I’ve been trying to reach him. – Prakash
can’t be reached on phone since two days. What is the next process?
How can you do this without… I will talk to him and call you.
– Okay. Karthik.
– Yes. ‘Durai’ Hello! Brother, the number you gave to
track was switched on a while ago. He is within 100 meters
of where you are standing. Okay. Hello? Yes, brother. I reached here from Agra in the morning.
I got sweets for you. Shall I send it? Tell me quickly.
It’s the famous sweet of Agra. Sweet. Karthik. We will get lot of clues
if we get this laptop of Durai. That’s the next plan, sir. But I am thinking how to execute it.
– Sir. Look there.
They are playing games. Sarla, come here. It’s time to leave.
– Something is pricking me. Check it. Oh my God!
This is the locket from the priest. How could I forget it? I will remove it. Sir, whatever will happen
it will be in front of you. I request you to forgive me once. Who is calling up? It’s Durai’s call. Hello, what happened, sir?
Whom do you want at this hour? Who? Item number 7. Item number 7. Who is it? Yes. Helen. Your taste is different, sir. I met her at a party yesterday.
– Have seen a film? Did you understand what business
deal he and Durai has? Working as an agent
is his main profession. To go behind them like dogs. I don’t like it. Let’s go. Hey, stop this nonsense.
Let’s go. – Okay, sir. We will sell this CD in the market. We can settle down in Singapore then. Sorry, sir. I am happy in India. Will you record it?
– Okay sir, it will be done. Sarla, where are you? We will climb the drainage pipe and jump
in the balcony and enter the room. Okay? Brilliant! Why are you calling him boss?
– He is the boss. You are a dummy. Don’t waste time. Let’s proceed
with the plan. Look at me. Looks like I’ve seen him somewhere. Look here. Are you the grandson of Crazy priest?
– Right. He pretended to be the Crazy priest.
– Why? – To fool you. Yes.
– Got it? Sarla, where are you?
– It’s time to leave. – Oh god! Everything is recorded. How did you record it?
– Stupid. He said this is a camera.
Didn’t you understand it? This has a camera.
– Yes. Oh my God! Take it. What’s the use of removing it?
Everything is recorded. I am asking you without hesitation.
Couldn’t you switch off the light? No, I can’t romance in the dark. Listen, we want Durai’s laptop. We will take it,
but you will help me. If you want the laptop, buy it.
Why do you want this one? That’s none of your business.
Just help us. If I refuse?
– I will upload this video on YouTube. Oh my God! How do I take care
of this? I don’t understand. What do I do? Oh my God! He’s here. I don’t know what to do. Greetings, Durai.
– What is this new drama? Actually, going to the hotel
is an old style. This is a new style
to enjoy in the caravan. That is why I got her here. Come inside. Wait. Why do you want the phone?
It will disturb you. Give it here. Yes. Now go. Oh my God! I will do my job. Hey, all of you follow. Boss, it’s very dark here. If it’s night it will be dark, right? Sir, as per our plan
our guys will work hard. You will have no problem.
Number 2. Proceed. Climb up. Come on. Come on. Quick. Oh my God!
How will you work with this weight? Stop! The security is here. Look and walk.
– What are you doing? Sorry sir, I thought it’s open.
I will walk through. The glass door confused me. How to go inside?
– From the front door. Who can open the door? I can open it, sir. Do you know to do it?
– Give me the keys I will open it. Hell! 12 in total. 6 here and 6 there. I want it open from here. Come on. Look there. What? Oh my God!
– Boys, all of you out. In the land.
What’s the new sound? Why are you making a sound? Durai! Mahesh, I tried a lot. He heard the bell ringing. He is coming home. Copy the file in the hard
disk quickly. – Right, sir. How long it has been copying?
– It’s half an hour. How long will it take?
– It’s done. Alright, I will get this.
You all go out now. How will we go out? Take him from here.
– Go out. This is Durai’s phone bill. And this is the bill
of the scent bottle. This last bill is of 15 lakh
for a branded alcohol. That’s all. There are five mixed pictures. We are checking if it opens or not. We are trying for some time. I don’t know if this works out or not. Did you hear that?
– Here. What is this? (A-B)2 + 10. It is written materials are ready
to be delivered soon. It’s a letter. He asked to mail it immediately. We tried our best. I don’t think we will find anything. Stop thinking negatively,
think positive. We will get some proof.
– Hello, ma’am. There’s plus and minus in this. Don’t say positive and negative
and drive me crazy. That’s an idea.
– Which idea? In medical terms plus and minus
is positive and negative, right? Yes.
– Then this formula can be suggesting positive and negative
blood group. Pick up that paper.
– Here. Sir, excuse me. (A + B)2 it means
A2 + B2 – 2AB + 10. If we match it with other
blood group then, 2 people in A +.
2 people in B +. And 2 people for AB negative.
– What about plus 10? It can be O positive not plus 10. Ma’am, you are saying
it’s code word for blood group. But how will we confirm it?
Tell me? There’s a solution for that too. This is the blood group
of 7 people as you said. After the doctor died,
Durai plans to send the boys alive. These people work for that man
power agency. I don’t know
more about them. After transferring to that network, our work gets over. After that even if we want
we can’t meet them. After the work gets over,
we will reach Bombay. I know only this much.
Only Durai knows everything about site link. It is necessary to save people’s
life instead of nabbing Durai. We need the list from manpower agency.
We need to find those 7 people. But this won’t be easy. About 10,000 people will be there. And very few people
with O + blood group. Who is he?
– His name is Mahesh. He came as my security guard. He’s a constable
at R 5 police station. Constable. The blood group details of people working
for Manpower agency is in this. The details of where
they work is here. The dean said his target are orphans. The blood group we have that matches and if we find boys
who have no parents, we can save them all. Raj Singh.
– Sir. Sukhdev.
– Sir. Sai Ram. – Sir.
– Upendra Singh Raghav. Where is Upendra Singh? Uttar.
– Sir. Madhav.
– Sir. Kapil.
– Yes, sir. Arjun. He’s gone out. Raju. Police. Looks like someone broke
the door to come in. It’s dangerous to be here
after this. Let’s go. I am the commissioner speaking.
– Sir. You think you are James Bond. You changed a guard during
duty hour and committed a fraud. You used a laptop of a VIP
by forcing yourself in his house. What do you think of yourself? Inspector Satyamurthy
worked for 25 years. A 10 year old boy
who was an orphan, counting them,
it’s the question of 16 people. Do you have any evidence?
– I have all the evidence. But you are not so sincere
that I give them to you. You are a constable
who follows order. Do what is your duty. What is the duty of a constable? To open your car door, buy vegetables,
take your children to school, right? When you are on duty and a biker
or car fellow comes drunk, you take money from him
and let him go. He has to pay as he is helpless. Then you will enjoy with that money. You will show people you are honest. What about us?
You will let us drive a car. Give something to eat.
That’s your duty. Isn’t it, sir? The rules that are given
to both of us is same. There is no different rules for
a constable or commissioner. Everyone has the same duty. Protect law. Punish the criminals
and the safety of common people. If we want we can save those people.
– Shut up! You are imparting knowledge. Who are they to you? Siblings?
Relatives or something else? Darn it. Will you teach me? Will you tell me the rules? A constable can’t back
answer his officer. He has to obey the orders.
Don’t you know this? I know, but to support
a wrong man and to respect him.
I don’t need to do it. – You. Mind your tongue. What are you talking? Take it. Suspension orders. An inquiry will be made on you. You will lose your job. You will be a normal
constable after this. Out. Get out! I knew this would take place. Okay. Where is the SI and Divya? Greetings constable. How are you? The people you are searching
are with me. I didn’t catch them. They got trapped on their own. They are kids. They feel everything is easy, but, it’s not that. This is the outcome of those things, which you have done. You are a naughty child.
An ordinary black ant. I don’t get angry seeing you.
In fact, I feel pity. I don’t want to lose
another police officer. Please let them go. Correct sir,
come and take them back. You will find him at Saidapet
Railway station in one hour. After that the person you saved, bring the boy along with you. People will laugh hearing
a constable is my enemy. So, let’s kill him quietly. Yes. Good. The deal is done. But I thought about it, I thought this man is making
a mountain out of a molehill. When I didn’t spare my father, how can I spare him? How can I forget
standing in front of me he poked into my eyes? How is my game? I know the price of a life. I won’t waste it for any reason. You are saved. Along with the boy you sent, seven people will cross
the state border. Even if you want to no one will be able to save him. Why are you laughing? It’s possible. The police can save them
if they want. This conversation must go on
that’s why I was running. You didn’t understand, right? That small boy of yours, he is not the guy you kidnapped. 172 stations, 294 inspectors,
17 AC, 12 DC. He is the only son
of the commissioner who controls all this. What did you say?
I am an ordinary black ant. I am a black ant, but I am annoying
an elephant like you. I will irritate your brains
and come out through your eyes. I did a mistake by letting you go. Are you worried so soon? You have to see many
other things, my dear. If I say like a minister then, it’s just a beginning. Don’t touch my son. Don’t worry, sir.
You said a while ago. Is he your relative, siblings? I have no relationship with him, but you are related to him. There are many people who believe
if we complain things will be fine. Even I have that same faith. If we think about it. We can save
those people along with your son. I won’t spare you. What is it? You can’t handle
an ordinary constable. Are you a commissioner? Listen Durai, I will do everything. Please return my son. Am I driving the tractor? Should I tell them to stop
the tractor and return? You are getting your share
every month. I am doing this business
by killing my father. He is a mentally unstable boy.
Forget him. Beget another child.
– Durai. Don’t shout unnecessarily. The material has left from here. No one can stop it. There is a GPS in your son’s shirt. The signals are intimated
at the control room. Check Mumbai route from Tirupati. The other children
are of your son’s age. They have come here to earn. Forget what wrong you have done, but it is in your hand to save them. I’ve informed all stations
from the control room. Everyone is waiting for your orders. Yes. Okay. We are coming, sir.
– Okay. Mahesh. – Yes, sir.
– We are coming soon. Hello Sun TV. Do you want to see
live action of the state police? It’s in the surrounding
50 kilometers of Tiruvellore. Come within an hour. Live and exclusive. Look here.
Can you see this? Follow it. Hey! Is he okay doctor? Look the patient is safe. I need to
take him to the hospital quickly. He will be fine then. Take him
in the ambulance. – Okay please. Come on fast. Who informed the media? I didn’t inform them.
– I did, sir. When we have done a good job
shouldn’t the world know about it? Sir. – Go back.
– Why were the boys kidnapped? Go behind.
– I’ll answer. Some children were kidnapped
for organ transplantation. We caught them when they
were being taken to Mumbai. Many people are involved
in this racket. Our department will try our
level best to arrest everyone. Mahesh the constable
of R 5 police station, he informed us in time. I gave whatever information I got. We must appreciate
the commissioner. Within half an hour
of getting the news, he came on the spot
and saved everyone. When police does a few mistakes, it becomes exclusive on TV,
FB, and Twitter. But there are police officers
who lose their life too. They do their duty
with all their soul. They don’t back out from their duty.
– Congratulations, sir. We congratulate you
on behalf of the media team. We will highlight this news. You will be the hero and headline
in tomorrow’s newspaper. You wouldn’t get this
appreciation with money. Won’t you take any action
in this case after this? Sir. What is this?
Are you here to arrest us? Okay.
Did I steal hormones? You didn’t steal hormones,
but organs. The organs of human body.
– Forget that. So many murders take place every day.
Did you catch any murderers? You got such a huge force
for a mere robbery. Listen, within 2 days he will fight
election through my organization. You know election
is about to take place. Okay.
Do you have any enmity with him? No, sir.
– Then? Our team saved
the kidnapped children. And they mentioned his name. We’ll arrest whoever is his associate.
– Excuse me, commissioner. Don’t you watch flash news on TV? It comes slowly. Twitter. Facebook are faster. We kidnapped 15 people
from this case. I surrender to the magistrate. – Yes.
– And it’s 12 minutes now. If you think of arresting me, the law which respect you
won’t give you permission. Look here. Anticipatory bill. I already have it. It is signed by a High court judge. The fax just came in. If you want the original,
I can produce it to you in 30 minutes. Sorry, sir.
– You say sorry here. Listen, within 2 days
candidates will be announced. Look after the security
of that place. – Sir. Can’t we do anything about Durai? We can only arrest. After that the law punishes, but he has the law on his side. We need to arrest him once
to bring him to the court. But he took anticipatory bail already. No one’s life involved
in this case is of any worth. We can’t do anything to Durai. Isn’t it, sir? – Tell me if there’s
some solution through law. We have to do something
before the candidate is announced. I would request Durai that he felicitate the minister
with a garland. Hail to the minister! Hail to the King! Hail to Tamil Nadu. Hail to Tamil Nadu! Hail to the minister! Hail to Tamil Nadu! Hail to Tamil Nadu! Hail to the minister! Hail to the minister! Hail to Tamil Nadu! Hail to Tamil Nadu! Hail to the minister! Thank you. Thank you.
– Hail to Tamil Nadu! Thank you. You can go. For an ordinary man like you, a helper’s job is the right one. There are 84 MLA, 15 ministers, 1,000 members, sending a person
like me to prison, you shouldn’t have dreamt it.
Got it? Why are you staring? Will you kill me by your looks? Are you seeing the crowd?
If anything happens to me, they will shoot you. You saved 7 children that I sent, but with government support
I will send 15 people by flight, for Mumbai. Now business will be done
on a large scale. I will win the election
and become a minister. You can’t do anything to me. Fulfill any wish you have
in life as nothing will be left after this. Now we won’t meet. For the last time.
Let’s take a selfie. Come on boy. Now I request Durai that he felicitate the minister
with a garland. Okay, sir. The commissioner asked
to throw it. Throw it. This is done to progress
in life, right? If someone loses their life, they will imprison us
calling us terrorist. Oh my God! My hand is shivering. Look, I have no time for stories.
Do your work. Why did you light it?
– To blast. Throw it. Hey! Hey! Help us. Run! Run! Oh my God!
Thank God no one lost their life. What is this?
You are lighting another one? If you throw it in fear
no one will die. Throw it properly. Throw it. We won’t let any criminal to be saved in front of our eyes. Even once. He got shot by mistake.
He’s bleeding. Carry him. We need to take him in the ambulance.
Call the ambulance. Why hasn’t the ambulance come yet? I don’t want the ambulance. I don’t want the ambulance. I don’t want the ambulance. Give way.
They are taking the minister. I don’t want it. I don’t want the ambulance.
– Move aside. We want to close the door. Come inside. 84 MLA, 15 Ministers, do you know
the meaning to have 1000 followers? But it’s useless. You don’t know about an
ordinary constable like me. You can’t buy few people
in this world. Mother, father, good friends, a true police officer. If people like you die,
they go to hell. But you will go to heaven. As you have donated your organs. Doesn’t matter.
You will help many people by dying. I won’t be seeing you again. So, finally for the last time.
Let’s take a selfie. The people you killed,
must have died in pain. You are surely cursed by them.
Right? So, you will also die in pain too. Sir. – The incident that took place
at the party meeting we have a special task force for it. We will analyze the video footage. It can be the work of some
terrorist organization. We have that doubt. During the riots,
Durai slipped into deep coma. But the good thing is that
no one died. We hope the police department will complete its job.
Thank you. What is this? Get down. Hit! Break it. Break it. They always try to block traffic.
What problem do they have? They will change
when the police will come. Brother, they don’t know
about the new inspector. I called on his personal number. Look, how he deals with them. Here he comes. Police should be like him.
Only then a change will come. You are right. Let’s go. Come on. Go in. “Put your freaky hands up.” Mother, this is too much.
– What? My son believed his goal. Look, he won. Look. If you believe in your goal,
everyone can win. “I am so cool!”

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