Dandaguli Khela | ডান্ডাগুলি খেলা | Bantul The Great | Bangla Animation Story

Hey constable,
why are you walking clumsily? Have you suffered a stroke? Hey brother! Are you sick? Do you need help? No, brother. I’m not sick. I’m soon going to lose my
job because of those hooligans. Bacchu and Bicchu
have made my life hell. The inspector will soon fire me. Is it? What have they done? I’ll teach them a good lesson. You want to teach them a lesson? No, brother. They’ll teach you a lesson. Let me go from here or
I may have to start begging. Oh no! He went away. Okay.. I’ll go and meet Lambakarna. Hey Bantul! I saw those
two guys going towards the school. You’re also going in the same direction. Are you going to school? No. I was going to meet Lambakarna. Okay. So, you’re going to play with him. You won’t get playing partners
in the ground in the morning. You can play snakes
and ladders with Lambakarna. Oh god! What a problem! He always wastes a lot of time. I’m going, Mr. Chakraborty. Do you want to play with me? No, brother. I don’t have time. I’ve lot of work. I’ll leave now.
I’ll play with you later. Thank god that he left. That’s enough. Let’s go and check
what Lambakarna is doing. Sourav is batting at 99 not out. Hit the ball for six
runs to make the century. I’m shivering out of excitement. What’s going to happen, Bantul da? The bowler is coming to bowl.. Oh no! Power cut. Oh no! This is unacceptable. A power cut at such an
interesting point in the match. They didn’t find a
better time for power cut. Who hit me on the back? Oh no! Bantul da,
the first one went for six runs. The ball from Eden Gardens
has entered your room. The second shot was played by Bicchu. He was unable to control his excitement. Hey! How dare you blame me? No, Bantul da I didn’t hit the ball.
Bacchu hit it. No. I can’t play. Liar! I’ll tear off your hair. I’ll put my fingers in
your eyes and damage them. I’ll feed you to the rats. I’ll make the cockroaches feast on you. Hey!
– Hey! Thank god. Let’s watch television. Oh no! All out. Did the power cut
happen because of this? I’ll switch off the TV. Let’s go, Bantul da. Let’s go, Bantul da. They’re playing an interesting
game of tip-cat in the ground. Let’s join them. Okay, let’s go. That’s better. Wow! You play the shots really well. You hit the billet hard. Will you let us play with you? Bantul da is also with us. No. No, brother.
We won’t take Bantul da. If he plays the sticks
and billets won’t remain intact. Let’s continue with our game. I assure you that
I won’t damage anything. If I damage anything then I’ll get
two sets of billets and sticks for you. Is that okay? Are you sure? Okay, agreed. Hurry up, let’s go. Oh no! I’m dead. Please save me. Oh god! Uncle.. uncle, shall I take the billet? What?
– Shall I take the billet? It has hit me very badly. I’m unable to speak.
Oh no! Oh god! No.. no.. don’t worry, uncle. The billet has been
hit hard with the stick. So, it sought revenge from you
and robbed you of your speech. Right! Run! Run away from here. I won’t return the billet. Oh no! It has hurt me so badly. No! We can’t play anymore. Bantul da, as promised by you
make two billets for us.. ..or we won’t be able to play. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Hurry up. C’mon hurry up. Walk faster. Oh no! Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Hurry up. C’mon hurry up. Walk faster. Oh no! We can make nice billets
with the branches of this tree. Why is this fellow messing up
with our residence? Beheaded ghost, teach him a lesson. That guy looks like a football. He reminds me of my childhood days. I used to play football in the ground. Let’s go.
Let’s send him to the goal post. Here you go. Oh no! Is he a stone or a mountain? I don’t have a head
and now I’ve hurt my feet. I should be called ghost without
legs instead of ghost without head. I won’t stay here. I’ll leave this village and go away. Lambakarna, why are you poking my back? Come and help me so that
I can make a sharp billet. I’ll fall down. Wait, I’m coming. Oh no! Bantul da,
I don’t think this place is safe. It seems haunted. C’mon, don’t talk nonsense. Enough of it. You always
feel that every place is haunted. Cowards! Oh no! Why has a strong wind
started blowing all of a sudden? It’s going to blow us off our feet. Bantul da.. what’s happening? You said that there’s nothing to fear. Bantul da,
I’m sure that this place is haunted.. ..or this wouldn’t have happened. Bantul da, I had been
quiet all this while.. ..but I’ve been hearing
voices for a long time. It won’t be safe to stay here. Let’s run from here. Here are two sets of
sticks and billets for you. They’re awesome.

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