Get him Bunny!
-Chase him Bunny, He’s so low! Don’t fall for it. Don’t you dare! (Oh shit) (RIP) Counter-Terrorist wins. Skin Whore Fuck! Huh? A Dragon Lore. (REKT) What? It was a real Dragon lore. I’ve only seen it in videos. (Sighs) You guys are idiots. Boys boys! Come look at EZBucks’ awesome gloves. That’s it. I can’t do this anymore. I need a knife and cool skins like him. The next scene was too long and contains elements of violence over Bunny. So, I cut it out. Dear Gabe, can I borrow a few more keys? No cash, No keys. Hey, dude. Why are you so sad everything all right? I spent all my money on cases and got nothing good one okay thing, but no knife. Bunny, don’t be sad. I’ve been there too. I wasted a lot of money and just like you were swimming in consumer grade items I would have kept doing it if I didn’t learn about the trading sites cs.money Where you can trade in your bad skins for much, nicer one. Can I get a knife there? You can. There’s a huge collection of skins stickers and keys. but before you start exchanging, You need to log in Via Steam and insert the trade offer link. After all of that your inventory will be on the left and of course you can exchange all your consumer goods for a knife right now. Here we go! (There’s alot of cheap shit.) You know they put it here and for the amount received choose a knife from the list Up there, I want this. Okie dokie also here you can see ahead of time that theory rated the skinny You can look at it in game by clicking inspect select it and Click trade Here’s one of the bots for trading us Hello, Drawn bastards. I am a bot from cs.money I have brought you your knife in exchange for consumer Goods Let’s quickly confirm the exchange through the mobile Authenticator for the knife the Merciless animator for some reason drew it stuck in my head It is very painful form the Tray change in third Ouch Caution Ow fuck. How heavy. Well off I go. some dick wants the dragon lore. in exchange for keys Over here It’s convenient to Sort everything you can choose the collection You want or pick just the type of weapon you need we can also reduce the size commission by adding CS Dot money to my steam nickname In short I and the one who drew me use this site constantly by the way if you play dota There’s a similar site for it. It’s called dota. Dota.money it functions. The same way as Cs. Dot money (Oh shit) (RIP) Counter-Terrorist Wins. Trader fuck! (Caption by X-Uteen)

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  1. I dont like that players bully other just becuase they dont have skinns its not fair allso i dont understand why people give respect to bullys just bevuase they got skinns like why are you out of your mind???

  2. Para mim só isso funciona melhor * zepisguides. com * Adicionado ouro e diamantes ilimitados para minha conta já.

  3. C'mon, you can't blame someone for falling for a dope skin. And it's not only for CS, for all games. I feel like this is going to be used as an insult, i hope it won't cuz ppl that hurt each other online are absolute dickheads, like when ppl say "ez" at the end of a match or when your team loses teammates say "noobs", its so annoying, doesn't help others, shows bad sportsmanship, and disrespectful. There better not be ppl saying "Skin faller" in the chat after someone just died from picking up a skin then getting killed.
    Most of the gamer society is sad. BTW not ranting at this video

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