Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Family Feud Part 2 – Ep 623 – 4th October, 2017

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Family Feud Part 2 – Ep 623 – 4th October, 2017

This story begins
at lake Pawna in Maharastra. A man
finds a corpse in the morning. The police come
to know about two women who last saw the victim. The police go to
their home to interrogate them. Does
Ankita live here? – Yes, sir. Please call her.
We need to speak with her. Sir, she hasn’t come
for three days. Puja is missing
along with Sister-in-law Ankita. Puja’s real name is Zeenat. And her daughter’s name is Zeba. The police knew it in the
beginning of the investigation that Zeba doesn’t have
the ability to speak. But the police come across
a shocking truth which revealed something. What is your
name, dear? – Zeba. Zeba isn’t mute and Ankita was kept in
captivity by her mother-in-law. But before
the police could reach there she managed
to escape from the place. What had Payal aka Zeba
and Puja aka Zeenat had to do with Varun’s murder? The story continues. Please come, dear. Don’t worry.
Come with me. What is
your name? – Zeba. Zeba! It’s a lovely name.
Please come in, dear. Ankita, you needn’t be scared
of your in-laws anymore. You are under our protection. No one could hurt you. Listen, we’ve come to know
that you were kidnapped by your in-laws. Because we had followed
you to the building near which
we eventually found you. Sir..
I’m not feeling well. I want to take some rest. Okay. It’s all right if you don’t
want to talk to us about it. Just tell me this.
Where are Zeenat and Zeba? Zeenat and Zeba? Zeenat or Puja
and Zeba or Payal. Don’t you
know their real names? No, sir. Their names
are Puja and Payal. It’s just
your misunderstanding. Tell me this.
Was Payal able to speak? No, sir. All right.
We shall take your leave. Hello. – Pankaj,
Inspector Shindey speaking. Yes, sir. Tell me. {an5}We’ve found
Ankita, your sister-in-law. {an5}Did she tell you
something the kidnappers? {an5}She said that she
didn’t see their faces. {an5}If you want to,
you may take her home. {an5}All right, sir.
We’ll be on our way. {an5}Have this, dear. I’ve
brought you a glass of milk. {an5}Come on. {an5}Won’t you drink it? What is this?
Won’t you show it to me? Can I see it? Show it.. Is this is your mother’s number? All right. Do you want
to speak to your number? All right. I’ll let
you speak with her. But you’ll have to drink
the milk before that. All right?
After that, I shall call her and you can talk
to her all you want. All right? But please drink the milk. Good girl. Here you go. We want to
know where you met Puja. Sir.. I was in need of money. So I started
to work in a parlour. And to earn more money I gave
advertisements in the newspaper that we give training and
jobs for women in our parlour. I thought I’ll get commission
in return for their jobs. Puja called me
after seeing that ad. Puja was a widow just like me. So, we became good friends. Do you know this man? He is Arafat. Is his name Arafat? Who is he?
How do you know him? Sir, Puja had told me that
Arafat is her cousin’s husband. A few years ago,
Puja’s husband died after which she was in
desperate need of money. That’s why she borrowed money
from Arafat in helplessness. But Arafat’s heart
was filled with greedy. He started to demand
more interest from Puja than it was acceptable. When Puja couldn’t
give to money Arafat began to threaten her. Frustrated by this, Puja moved
to here from Koynanagar. Puja began her new life
after coming here. But I don’t know how, Arafat
found out that she is here and he began
to harass her again. You have three days. Sir, Puja and I were
close friends and I wanted to help her. That’s why I decided that
I’d help her by selling all my jewellery. Wow! This necklace is so good! I haven’t seen
a necklace like this. I know. My aunt gifted
this to me on my wedding. Who killed Arafat? I don’t know. Please look for
Puja and Payal, sir. God knows where they are! You still won’t tell
us who kidnapped you? I’ve told you, sir.
I didn’t see his face. How can I tell you then? Okay. Kelkar, does Ankita really not
know that Puja’s real name is Zeenat and she is a muslim? Is what Sheetal told us
really true or is the matter something else? Sheetal and Shakuntala
say that Zeba can speak. How does Ankita
not know about this? Could it be that Ankita
is hiding something from us? Kelkar.. – Sir.
– This man, Arafat, I want his entire history. Dig out everything about him,
only then will we be able to learn about him. Okay,
sir. – Come on. At last, this nameless
corpse was identified. Ankita told the police that
the name of the person who was murdered was Arafat. But the police didn’t learn
anything about Arafat except his name. Why was Ankita concealing
the truth about her being kidnapped by her
family and the identities of Puja and Payal. Was Ankita purposefully
doing this with a motive? And no one knew where
Payal aka Zeba was amidst all this. What was happening with her? And just who was the family
who kept her with it? Good morning! Did you sleep properly? What happened?
Do you want anything? Yes,
I want my notebook. I want to
talk to my mom. Really? I’ve already
spoken to your mom. Do you know what? She is
coming to get you this evening. What happened? You’re not happy? Your mother
is coming to get you. Zeba, what are you thinking?
Why are you sad? Come on. Come to me. Go. Go to him. Get up..
– Come on.. Good.. Ankita! You people must be
wondering why I didn’t tell the police the truth. You don’t
have anything fear. I won’t tell
anything to the police. But you people will have
to do what I ask you to do. That’s it. First of all, tell me where
Puja and Payal are and what did
you guys do to them? You’re still
worried about Puja! Come on. I’ll show you
what she has done, come on! Come with me! Come on!
I’ll show you, come on! Come with me! Look at this! Your friend,
Puja, broke into the cupboard and stole all the jewellery! Look at this! Look at this too!
She didn’t spare anything! She betrayed you while
staying in your house! You’re lying! Puja can’t do this. This is not possible. That is the truth! She even lied
to you about her name! Her name is not
Puja but Zeenat! She is a muslim! You allowed a muslim
to live in the house? No, this is not possible!
And you tell me. Did you inform police
about this theft? Are you mad? The police is
already around the house because of a murder
case and I should tell them about this theft? Then the police
will start living here! Do you know what the
neighbours think about us because the police visits
our house so many times! Sir, Arafat
Khan is a history sheeter. He has cases of robberies,
kidnapping and half murder against him. Sir, you must have
read about the case of Mulshi Resort in the newspapers. In that case, he stole
Rs. 30 Lakh with two of friends. Zeenat? – Sir, this
woman is Arafat’s wife, Zeenat. She has a daughter named Zeba. Okay, what are the names of
the two associates of Arafat in the theft. One is named
Parikshit, who is now dead. And we don’t know anything
about the second one. How did Parikshit die? Sir, we found Parikshit
in a heavily wounded state. He was attacked by knives and he
somehow reached the hospital by himself. Before dying,
he told us that in this theft Arafat was also his partner. Sir, they had a skirmish about
money and Arafat attacked him. But according to
Parikshit he had given Arafat’s share of
money to his wife Zeenat but Arafat
didn’t accept this. Sir, one thing is clear. That Puja’s real name is Zeenat. She isn’t Arafat’s
sister-in-law. She’s his wife. And she changed her name to Puja in order to protect herself
from Arafat so that he wouldn’t be able
to find her. Is it possible
that the 10 lakh rupees that belonged to Arafat was
given to Zeenat by Parikshit. Zeenat kept the money
and came here along with Zeba. The tea seller saw Arafat
along with Zeenat and Ankita while he was asking
his money back from Zeenat. But what would’ve Zeenat done
with the 10 lakh rupees after coming all the way
from Koyna to here. Sir, Zeenat used to stay
at Ankita’s house. She might’ve hidden the money
in Ankita’s house. Maybe. Kelkar, get a search warrant
for Ankita’s house. Okay, sir. Kelkar. Search each and every corner
in the corner. Okay, sir. Sir, what happened? Wait and watch. Finally the police
got to know everything about Zeenat and Arafat. If Zeenat had really eloped
from Koynanagar along with Arafat’s money. Then the amount would be there
with her. Is it possible that only Ankita
knew about those 10 lakh rupees. And she was the mastermind
behind all of this. Or is it that Zeenat herself
had killed Arafat and eloped
with the 10 lakh rupees. Police searched Pankaj’s house but they found nothing there. Sir, we found nothing
at Ankita’s house. What if our train
is on the wrong track? Kelkar,
it might also be possible that we’re on the correct track
but the station is wrong. They might’ve got to know
about Zeenat’s money. Ten lakh rupees
is a huge amount. Anybody could’ve killed Zeenat
and her child for such a huge amount. Kelkar.
– Sir. Was Zeenat stuck
in the tornado of greed? Let us go. Why isn’t mom back yet? Dear. I’ve spoken to your mom. She said that she’s held up
with some work. That’s why she isn’t back yet. But she has promised she’ll return soon to meet you. Really? Did you speak to my mom? Really. I spoke to your mom. Then why didn’t you ask her
to talk to me as well? Dear, she was in a hurry. That’s why she hung up the call. That’s why I couldn’t make you
speak to her. Okay. Leave all of this. Let me show you something.
Okay? Have a look at this. My mom never allowed me
to apply lipstick. Okay. I’ll apply it to you.
Okay? Here it is. Come on, pout. No.. My mom will scold me. I promise that I won’t tell
your mom about this. Let me apply the lipstick. What shall we do now? Ankita isn’t even ready
to listen to us. She’s totally inclined
to Puja and Payal. We can’t do anything to her. And even if we try,
we’ll be in trouble. It’s better we allow her to do
what she wants to. Sooner or later,
she’ll calm down on her own. More than her,
I’m worried about Garima Her demands are increasing
day by day. You need not worry about her. I’ve already decided
about her. ‘Hello. Control room..’ ‘The dead body of a lady
has been found’ ‘near Khandala Valley.’ She’s the same lady whose sketch was forwarded
by the Lonavla City Police. Yes, sir. Inform them. A girl child was there with her.
Did you find her? No, sir. After the murder of Zeenat this case was upgraded
to a double murder case. The police had all their doubts
on Ankita. Why was Zeenat murdered? Did Ankita kill Zeenat in the greed
of those 10 lakh rupees? As she had always been
in need of money. Were Ankita’s family members
also involved in this murder? Police had no clue
about Zeba yet. Was Zeba safe? Sir, I know nothing about it. Puja had never told me
that Arafat was a thief. And even if Puja
would’ve arrived here after taking the money
from Arafat. Then where
has all that money gone? I used to pay
for Puja’s expenses. And why would’ve she borrowed
money from me if she was already having
that amount? Ankita. Ten lakh rupees is a huge amount and we feel
that this could be the reason behind Zeenat’s murder. Do you really knew nothing
about this amount? Not at all, sir. And.. You’ve a doubt on me? Suspecting people is our job. Zeenat was last seen
on the 25th. She had been to the parlour
on that day. But left in the afternoon. Yes. She used to go to the NGO
to meet Payal. NGO? Yes, sir. Actually.. My mother-in-law
is a wretched woman. It wasn’t safe to leave
an eight year old girl all alone with her. She believed that Payal
could speak and she wasn’t dumb. There used to be fights
every day at our house because of this issue. So I asked Puja to enroll Payal
in some NGO. So that Payal is raised
properly and she gets education. Which NGO Zeba used
to go to? Yes. She is Payal. She studies in our NGO. Her mom had come.
She looked helpless. So, we gave her admission. Ma’am, I’m helpless.
Please help me. I’m raising her alone. Her dad is no more. Please give her admission,
ma’am. Why not? Any way, our NGO
helps such children. You can study here. Yes, sir. Puja would often come during
lunch and take Payal. And on that day as well,
both of them went out together to have food. Do you know where they
had gone to have food? Payal told me that Puja would
take her to a nearby park
to feed her. Payal told you?
– Yes. Sir, that means, Shakuntala Devi
was right. That Payal can speak. Had Puja given you
her number? Sir, we do keep details
of students and guardians. I’ll check and tell you. Here’s the number, sir. Sir, that’s Ankita’s number. Sir, we are trying to call her
up since two to three days. But, the number is
switched off. Sir, I didn’t get one thing. Why did Zeenat hide from
everyone that Zeba can speak? Maybe, she was scared if
Zeba speaks up that they are muslims. And Shakuntala Devi would
have never tolerated that. But, sir. Why would she go
to the park with Zeba and have lunch? She could have lunch in
the NGO as well. Because, park is the only place
where Zeba alias Payal could speak. – Sir, this case
seems complicated. If Zeenat had hidden the fact
from Ankita that Zeba could speak, then
why did she give her number to the NGO people? Why didn’t she fear
the fact that Ankita would get to know the truth? Maybe, because Zeenat thought
that the NGO people would call Ankita only when
there’s some emergency. Any way, let’s go to the park. Okay, sir. Were you here on 25th? Yes, sir. I was here
on 25th. Had you seen this girl here? Yes, sir.
I had seen her. There was a lady with her. Was she that lady?
– Yes, sir. They often come to this park. What else did you see? Sir, I saw that a van came.
A person got down and took the child away. Just when I was about to shout,
that lady sat in the vehicle willingly. Had you seen the number
of that vehicle? By which they were taken
away. I don’t remember the number,
sir. It was white colour vehicle. Like a tourist taxi. There was a picture of lion
at the backside of the vehicle. How many people were there
in the vehicle? I can’t tell you exact numbers,
sir. The vehicle was parked at
a distance from me. It seemed like there
were two people, sir. Okay.
You may go. Okay, sir. Kelkar. – Yes, sir. Check the CCTV cameras of all
the traffic signals nearby. The vehicle must have got
captured in some or the other CCTV.
Get details of the vehicle. Hello.
Okay. Sir, Zeenat’s post mortem report
has been given. As per the report, she died
on 25th at around 2 to 3 p.m. She was strangled to death
first. After that, her corpse
was thrown. 25th. And Arafat was killed
on 26th. Kelkar.
Did Arafat kill Zeenat? Then, who killed Arafat, sir? That’s what we need to find out. Let’s go. Garima, tell me the truth.
Why did you kill Puja? And where have you hidden
Payal? Speak the truth whatever
you know. Or else, I’ll go to the police
and expose you. Got it? Sister-in-law, I don’t know
who killed Puja and who kidnapped Payal.
– Don’t lie, Garima. I’m speaking the truth,
Sister-in-law. I don’t know who killed Puja. I just know that mother-in-law
lied to you about Puja. Puja didn’t steal the ornaments. What? Pankaj and mother-in-law
are greedy. Sister-in-law Ankita. We shall lodge a complaint
against them. Enough. I know why you are saying
all this. You want to get benefitted
out of it, right? But, remember one thing. I know each and every member
of this house very well. Got it? Sir! Sir, look at this. The CCTV footage from the signal
that’s across the park. Sir, there is a picture
of a lion on this van. It is similar to the one
the guard told us. Sir, this van was outside
the park on the 25th too. Kelkar, was this van seen
in any other CCTV footage? Sir, I checked the rest
of the CCTV footage too. This van used to be on
the road mostly at night and was seen on
the Lonavala route. Find this van immediately.
– Okay, sir. Pankaj, tell me truth,
where is my jewellery? Will you disclose the truth
or shall I call the police? Sister-in-law,
what are you implying? How would I know anything
about your jewellery? Does this van belong
to your company? Yes, sir, it does. Where was this van on the 25th?
– On the 25th, this van was near Hotel Blue Bird,
who is our client. They have a staff
member named Ashok who picks the van in the morning
and keeps it all day long. In the evening,
our driver brings it back. Was it returned on the 25th?
– No, sir. This van wasn’t
returned on the 25th. It was parked outside
Hotel Blue Bird. It was returned on the 26th.
– Do you recognise this man? No, sir,
I have never seen him before. Okay, where is this
Hotel Blue Bird? – Sir it’s only two kilometres
away from here. All right, thank you. Hello. –
Sheetal, this is Garima. Yes, go ahead, Garima. Look, Sheetal, I haven’t called
to have an altercation with you. I am aware of what’s going
on between you and Pankaj. All I want to say is that
the way he betrayed me he will betray you too for
some other girl one day. He will never marry you. And yes! I called you because
I want that jewellery. Jewellery? What are you referring to?
– The ones Pankaj stole and gave you. Listen, I do not have any of
your jewellery, you get it? So, you won’t give up
the information so easily? Fine! Then, I will have
to involve the police! The police will retrieve
the jewellery from you! – No.. Why involve the police?
I will disclose everything about your jewellery. What did the entire family have to do with this
double murder case? Was Ankita the mastermind
behind all this and wanted to cover up
the matter deliberately? Where were the Rs. 10 Lakhs? Could this be a conspiracy planned by Pankaj,
his mother and Garima? And perhaps, Ankita
discovered about this later and she murdered
the victims due to greed? Why was there a rebellious
attitude in Garima? The mystery of the family was yet to be disclosed
to the police. Yes, sir, I am the one
who got the van that day. And Pramod was the one
who asked me to bring it. Pramod?
– Yes, sir. I and Pramod often go out
to get stuff for the hotel. So, was Pramod with
you on the 25th? Sir, we didn’t go anywhere
on that particular day. Pramod suddenly
started feeling ill hence, we cancelled
our plan to go. And the van was parked in
the parking area of the hotel. Who had the keys
to the van that day? Sir, the key was with Pramod. Yes, sir, I had the keys
to the van that day. But I was asleep in
the room downstairs as I wasn’t feeling well. That means, you didn’t go
to the market on the 25th? No, sir, I didn’t go to
the market on the 25th but on the next day, the 26th. You can ask anyone, sir. – Don’t
worry about our interrogation. We are policemen,
we are as sharp as can be. Yes, sir, they did go. Why? What’s the matter? This is a case of
abduction and murder. Sir, each staff member
here is like my family. I trust them completely. They will not stoop so low.
– Mr. Vandan. People we trust are the ones
capable of betrayal. Anyway, if there is a corrupt
man in your so-called family we shall definitely find him. We shall leave. Sister-in-law,
here’s your jewellery. It was with Sheetal
for safe keeping. Sister-in-law,
you are my friend. Because of
mother-in-law and Pankaj I am helpless and cannot
say or do anything. I fear that they might harm me. You are really good at acting! If you would pretended like
this in front of someone else perhaps, that person
would have believed you. But not me. Just remember one thing clearly. No matter how hard you try,
I shall never believe you. Do you get it? Hey, listen!
– Yes, sir. Does you shop
cater to Hotel Blue Bird? Yes, sir. Who comes to pick the stuff up? Sir, Ashok and Pramod
used to come. Did they come on the 26th
as well? – Yes, sir. So, you must have given out
a receipt. – Yes, I did. I need a copy of that receipt.
– Okay, sir. Yes, I told you, we shall meet
today. – Pankaj! Yes, Mom, tell me.
– Where is Garima? I have no clue,
she was in her room a while ago. I have looked everywhere,
she is not anywhere here. Sir, I talked to all
the vendors at the market. According to them,
Ashok and Pramod went to the market to buy
stuff on the 26th. The receipt we were
shown is also genuine. Sir, it’s clear,
Ashok and Pramod took the van not on the 25th but on the 26th.
– But Kelkar, that doesn’t mean on the 25th, this van
didn’t leave the hotel premises. Did you check the CCTV footage?
– Sir, generally, this van is parked near the servant
quarters behind the hotel and there aren’t any
cameras installed there. Sir,
I have to tell you something. Yes, go ahead. I know who kidnapped Ankita. Forgive me, sir. I made a mistake.
I didn’t kill anyone. I only abducted Ankita. in order to save my
property from her. I wanted to evict
her from my property. I didn’t murder anyone, sir. If I really had to kill anyone I would have killed Ankita
and cleared my path. I am sure you would
have killed her too if we wouldn’t have
found her on time. But why did you kill Zeenat? Did you discover she
has Rs. 10 Lakhs? Did you kill her for this money?
– No, sir. I am telling the truth,
I have killed no one, sir. Sir, I loved Pooja
more than my life. She was the only one
who understood me. Why would I kill her? I am not aware of any
Rs. 10 Lakhs. – You knew Arafat. You knew Pooja as well.
And they both are dead now. That Rs. 10 Lakhs
have disappeared too. What’s the deal here, Ankita? You are not as innocent as
you are trying to prove. Why did you conceal this fact that Pankaj and your
mother-in-law abducted you? Sir.. I wanted to discover
about Pooja and Payal somehow. I assumed they were the ones
to vanish Pooja and Payal. Sir, these are Shakuntala
and Pankaj’s call records. Sir, Pankaj has
incessantly lied to us. He received a call from Hotel
Blue Bird on the 30th of May. Let’s go! Who had made that call?
– Sir, I do not recall. Sir, I shall tell you. Sir..
I received a call from this man. He was enquiring about a child
and he was threatening me.. Wasn’t the kid with you? Isn’t she in your house?
– What! There’s isn’t any kid with me. Sir, I assumed it was the police trying to pry the truth
out of me. Sir, I am being honest,
I do not know who he was. Hotel Blue Bird definitely has
some connection with this case. Who was that man who called Pankaj from
the hotel’s landline and was asking about the kid?
– I’m worried about the kid. I wonder how and where
that kid Zeba is, sir. Open!
Is anyone there? Please, I have to play
right now. Have you lost it?
Why are you screaming? Sorry, dear. Shouldn’t you be
asleep by this time? And it’s a really big
day for you tomorrow. Your mom is coming
to pick you up, right? She is absolutely right, dear. And look, what we have for you. A beautiful dress! Does this number
belong to this hotel? Yes, sir, this number
belongs to our hotel. On the 30th,
between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. a call was made to a guy
named Pankaj from here. I want to know who
made that call and why. Sir, this number belongs to
our lobby. – All right. So, I need the CCTV footage of
your lobby from the 30th of May. Sir.. Speak up! Look we have discovered that you used
to make calls from the hotel. Did you abduct Zeenat and Zeba?
Speak up! Spek up!
– Sir.. I made an error, sir.. Weren’t you asleep
in the hotel room? How did you exit the hotel? I kept pillows in
my place under the sheet. And stealthily,
exited the hotel. Who else was with you? Kelkar,
he won’t speak up easily! You won’t..
– Arafat.. Arafat was with me, sir. He convinced me
to go with him, sir. How do you know Arafat? I was Arafat’s third partner in that resort burglary
that took place. But why was Arafat after Zeenat? Speak up! Did this deal start with those
Rs. 10 Lakhs? Did Zeenat truly have those
Rs. 10 Lakhs? Sir, Parikshit gave me all
the money before his death. I lied to Arafat that Parikshit
gave the money to Zeenat. So, when Arafat
came home and saw that both Zeenat
and Zeba weren’t there he was convinced of what I said. He assumed Zeenat stole all
the money and ran away. But Zeba is a kid. It must have been
easy to abduct her. But Zeenat..
– Sir after seating Zeba in the car.. Don’t be scared,
she hasn’t died! She is only unconscious. And if you want to see her alive give me my money, you get it? I told you already,
I do not have your money. Hey, don’t do this melodrama,
understand? Parikshit gave you the money,
I need that money! Parikshit hasn’t given
me any money at all. Don’t try to act smart,
you get it? Give me my money or else,
I will kill her. Okay! Kill her and me too! Kill both of us! I just need my money,
I need nothing else from you.. Where is my money? Where the heck is my money! Where’s my money? Where.. Hey! She is dead! If Arafat’s plan was to abduct Zeba so
Zeenat would return the money then, why did he kill Zeenat? Did Zeenat return the money
to him? – Sir Arafat found another way
to retrieve the money. He was planning to sell
his daughter for money. What happened next?
Why did you kill Arafat? Did you want his share
of the money too? Sir, why will I kill Arafat? I have no clue who killed him. We reached the hotel
with that kid and all I did was bring them
through the back entrance and hide them in the hotel room. Hey, you! What are you up to? Whom are you calling? Hey! Whom were you calling? Whom were you trying to call? Come on, go, sleep there! Take this from here! Sleep without fussing,
understand! Sir, the next morning,
when Arafat woke up he noticed Zeba was missing. Zeba had escaped from there,
sir. Pramod,
I want Zeba at any cost. She must have definitely
gone to Ankita’s house. I will bring her right now..
– Look.. Just calm down.
If you go there we will be in trouble. We will tell her calmly
that she’s your daughter so, she should
return her to you. Let me do one thing.
Let me find out the phone number of any of
Ankita’s family members and then,
call the number from here and ask that person to bring
the kid, you don’t worry, okay? I will be back soon. Sir, that particular day,
I had gone to Pankaj’s store. That’s how I found
the phone number. So, when can I expect this
delivery? – In two days. Can I get your number I will call you
after two days before I come. Keep my business card. Who was Arafat going
to sell Zeba to? Sir, I am the one who
fixed Zeba’s sale deal. Sir, I do not know that man but I did talk to him
on the phone. Sir, he claimed he
had a good client who wanted to buy Zeba. Even our meeting was finalised. But it had to be cancelled
because Zeba ran away. And I couldn’t meet
that man either. Kelkar.
– Yes, sir. Check the call history
of the hotel and find out where this
call was made from. Okay, sir. Sir, the girl is
absolutely ready. The delivery is
possible right now. Sir, just check
out the girl once. You will become elated! Whom are you talking with? Dear, I was talking to you mom. She is on her way to get you. You do one thing,
hurry up and freshen up. All right?
– So late at night? – Yes. Your mom is coming soon, right? Hence, you should look fresh. Wear the dress I got for you. You will look beautiful in it,
okay? Now, go and freshen up.
Go on. Sir! Sir, here are the call details
of Hotel Blue Bird. Sir, there used to be call
from Lonavala to the hotel. That number belongs
to a private bungalow. Yes, sir.
– Call your master. He isn’t home.
– Where is he? I have no clue,
he didn’t inform. Did you comprehend
what you have to say? Here, take your
phone and call him. Sir.. The police had come
to the hotel yet again. They are looking for Ashok,
I have to meet you immediately. Can I come to your
house right now? Kelkar, come on.
– Sir.. Oh, pal, it’s been
so long! Where’s the girl? Here is the girl. Come. Come, dear.
– Go, dear. Go to this nice man.
He will take you to your mom. Come on. Come close, dear. It might be Pramod. Do one thing,
take the girl inside. Pramod should not discover
this girl is with us. – Okay. Go. – I will take her inside.
Come, dear. Get him!
Catch him! Catch him.. Look, Malang! Disclose the truth calmly. If we try to pry it
from you, you will regret it! Sir.. When I discovered
that they lost the girl I assumed Arafat and
Pramod sold her to someone else. So, without Pramod’s knowledge,
I went to Arafat’s room. Pramod was clueless that the man
he was doing her sale deal with is none other than me. Hey! Who are you?
And how did you come in! That question isn’t
important. But my question is. Where is the girl?
– Hey! How do you know
the girl is missing? Where is the girl? Where is she?
I want my daughter back. Tell me,
where did you make her disappear tell me, you scoundrel!
– You made her disappear. Don’t lie!
– You scoundrel! This racket you have going
with the hotel as a front.. I shall tell the police
and when they beat you.. I will expose you.
– No.. I went to Arafat’s room
merely to check if his girl
was there with him. But he started blaming
me for making her disappear. He started threatening
me that he will inform you there’s child prostitution
business going on in my hotel. Somehow,
I got him to calm down. And I promised him to
take him to see his daughter. Then, you took Arafat to
the lake where you killed him. Only because he threatened
to expose you to the police. Look, I do not care
who you are, you get it? I just want my Zeba
– Look Zeba is not with me.
– What does that mean? What do you mean by
she’s not with you? You rascal, I will lodge
a legal complaint against you. I will expose you.
– So? You will be imprisoned
and learn your lesson. – Really? And the prostitution
racket you run at your hotel will be out
in the open too. I honestly didn’t
have that girl. Then,
how did you find that girl? Co-incidentally, Pritam
was passing from there and that girl was returning
to the hotel for her school bag. The person who was
dealing in Zeba’s sale was identified
to be Pritam. The police arrested
him and his wife for legally holding Zeba
hostage and for selling her. And Pramod
was found guilty in being an accomplice to
Zeenat’s abduction and murder. People like Malang are
immune to what’s good or bad. Their only interest is
their own benefit and money. And no matter how much money
they have, it’s never enough. Arafat never made any
relationship nor did he fulfil any. His conscience was so low
that for the greed of money he was out to sell
his own daughter. No matter what the world
thinks of Ankita but the fact remains that she
supported Zeba and Zeenat even during
the toughest time when she knew
Zeenat lied to her. With the help of an NGO,
Zeba lives with Ankita now. And she has found her
mother in Ankita too. Remember, form bonds
with only those people whom you truly
love and trust. Because such relationships
cannot be bought with any amount of money. With this thought, I,
Anup Soni, bid you good-bye. I shall meet you again
in the next episode with another
shocking case. Till then, take care of
yourself and your family. And keep watching,
‘Crime Patrol Dial 100.’ A punishment to one but a lesson for us all. ‘Jai Hind.’

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