COVID-19 Update: Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 Update: Symptoms of COVID-19

Welcome to this Medmastery
coronavirus update. I’m Franz Wiesbauer I’m an internist,
trained in epidemiology and public health at Johns Hopkins and the founder of
Medmastery, where we teach important clinical skills to doctors and other
healthcare providers around the world. Today we’re going to talk about the
symptoms associated with COVID-19. They’re quite a bit different
from a regular cold. Let’s see how. The disease seems to start with
a fever followed by a dry cough. Around 80% of confirmed cases are mild and
can stay home, whereas 20% are more severe and need inpatient care due to the
pneumonia and its consequences caused by the virus. What’s interesting is that COVID-19
only rarely seems to cause a runny nose, sneezing or even a sore throat, even
though the sore throat seems to be a little more common. These symptoms commonly observed in
regular colds have been observed in only about 5% of COVID-19 patients. A paper published by Chen and coworkers
in the respected journal, the Lancet – describe the clinical course of 99 cases
hospitalized for SARS-CoV-2 associated pneumonia. They found that fever and cough, are the
most common symptoms of COVID-19 followed by shortness of breath. So the classical symptoms of pneumonia
seem to be dominant in these patients. 17% of patients in their study treated
for COVID-19 developed acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS, a severe
complication of COVID-19 and other pathogens and had to be
mechanically ventilated. 3% received extracorporeal membrane
oxygenation or ECMO and 11% died from the disease. These numbers are comparable
to those of other publications. And remember, these are numbers from
hospitalized patients not the general COVID-19 population. So that’s it for now. If you want to improve your understanding
of key concepts in medicine and improve your clinical skills, make sure to
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  1. When using cleaners and hand gels please keep this in mind : FRAGRANCE FREE PLEASE some of us suffer with breathing every day, your fragrance you enjoy so much locks our lungs up, leaving us gasping for air on a good day!

  2. How people can die from this regular flu?? How they can die from dry nose or fever? How this can be fatal? I had common flu in daily basic and I never die!!

  3. I had sniffels 2 days ago cleared up, but now today I am really heady, very very tired and nasal bung coming on… I am 58 which is the prime age for it. Just downed a lemsip. I don't have a GP so just checking on the symptoms gotta download this to watch later… hope i'm not a carrier or infected. Think people see this as Not to Panic since it has been played down but evry day and every few hours more and more are infected and more dying…

  4. How can there be "pneumonia" with a "DRY cough?" Isn't pneumonia fluid in the lungs? So you have fluid in the lungs but a "DRY" cough? These two symptoms seem to contradict themselves… please explain in more detail if you will. Thank you!

  5. Can somebody tell me if it just a cold or flu i have mild cough with phlegm fever yesterday but today im okay and green sinus and mikd sore throat

  6. Show me the health-care system on this planet that can handle 20% of the population being hospitalized at the same time for a couple of weeks per one case.
    This will be a disaster.
    This will be an even bigger disaster in the US as there are no tests what it's just ridiculous. The virus is now spreading freely as no one is tested and isolated.
    But at least the stock market was green for a couple of days longer, right? 'Primum non nocere' huh?

  7. best is protecting your immune system. I mean making it strong. the rest of the effect of this flu influences you by your fears.

  8. so if you suffer from asthma then happen to have a fever and went to the clinic for checkup, you are fucked.

  9. Took a walk to my local #HomeDepot today. Completely out of all masks and respirators. Then I stopped into #PepBoys and the paint section. Yup you guessed it!

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