Covered In Kittens – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Covered In Kittens – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Jack: How much did Lindsay freak out about the kittens? Micheal: Oh dude, she was mad. I find out ‘Oh I’m going to get covered in kittens.’ And they were like 5 weeks old. They’re like super tiny Siamese, I think they were Siamese cats. Their eyes were like… Their eyes were like crystal blue. They were just so blue. They were so new to life, they weren’t even scrambling or anything. They were just sitting there. They kept trying to climb into my jacket. They just kept climbing into my jacket for warmth and they had to keep puling ’em out of my jacket. I’m going over to film that and I turn to Adam Kovic, I was like, ‘Hey can you film this? Lindsay is going to be pissed.’ And he was like, ‘What do you mean? Is she going to be mad if you don’t take pictures?’ No, she’s going to be mad because of the pictures. She’s going to be angry, ..for two reasons. One she’s not here and it’s not her. And two, she knows I don’t care. Like it was cool but it was like, ‘Oh cool, cats.’ So the first thing as I get done with it and he gives me my phone And Adam took I think 87 photos Her first response was like, ‘WHAT?!? Damn it! You don’t even care.’

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  1. Why do animals do this? The same always happens to me, I don't care about animals and want them to leave me alone but I'm always the one in the room all animals want to go to.

  2. I wanna see the photos, I've never seen a kitten younger than 6 weeks, we went to try and find a kitten as a family, moment we went in we wanted a female kitten and we didn't care after this one chose us, turns out she was the only female and her first day at our house she was cold at 7am so I woke up just to check in her, since that day she's been treating me diffrent compared to everyone (I love kittens and wanna see photos)

  3. I love Rooster Teeth, have done for maybe a decade… but why do they keep making RTAAs based on Michael's dipshit stories on his shitty excuse for a podcast? Far more interesting stories that are far more eloquently told and could make for far more entertaining animations pop up almost every week on the main podcast, and yet we get this instead? Really guys?

    Here's the video where you can briefly see Michael covered in kittens. Took me way too long to find it. Starts at 1:20

  5. Idk what's up but the recent RTAAs have been meh. Jordan needs to find better material from all the podcasts they have. There are literally so many times when I'm laughing hysterically at work from a podcast or let's play and think to myself "I bet that'll be an RTAA" but then no …… you get this okay moment.

    I got so many friends to like RT just from these animations alone but now they're just so lack luster. =

  6. Why is he covered with all those kittens?
    And what's with all these emojis and people starting their comments with a bunch of them?!

  7. So I have some cerzy life story's and I was wondering if I could share them with you and if you think they are good will you contact me can't wait to here back from you

  8. Don't feel like scrolling down to check if the joke's been made already, so: I guess you could say Michael was drowning in the puss

  9. Yeah, no, Michael cared. I know people who HATE cats, who wouldn't blick an eye at kicking away an angry adult cat, who still think kittens are adorable. It's literally impossible not to like them when they're next to you. That being said, I DO believe Lindsay was pissed.

  10. Adam is like that friend who is really good at taking pictures but he thinks he’s garbage so he takes like 100+ pictures to make up for it

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