Panini Tomato mozarella Here I am! I can’t believe everyone went to eat at the cafeteria In such a dangerous epidemic period They are totally reckless Oh, look! A panini shop that seems to be almost bankrupted Perfect! Eating here will divide my chances of finding someone else’s saliva in my food by 10 Well well well Which panini am I gonna have? People who whistle annoy me so much… Have I ever asked To bear this metaphorical whistle of this person’s awfully exhibited good mood? A monday morning In my OWN ears? While waiting for the elevator? Does he even ask himself if, me too, I spent a nice Sunday? No! That’s unbearable! Which floor? 10th floor Ah, me too Oh, there’s “Parasite” of Bong Joon Ho! I really wanna see it But in such an epidemic period with this Coronavirus Go and see a movie called “Parasite”…. I shouldn’t mess up with karma that much Well, let’s see Oh look at that! “Life is beautiful, just like a sunflower under the sun” This That’s a movie that seems to spread health, Prosperity and peace All right, let’s go! Let me see… Single ticket…. Oh look at that “Life is beautiful just like a sunflower under the sun” Perfect! It’s still on screen! Alalala… With these strikes No taxis, no electric kickboards And here i am In this bacteria nest Well at least I covered my face my hands and my feet with hand sanitizer I minimize risks It would be indecently unlucky to have a coughing man sitting right next to me and starts to cough on me… Oh my… What the heck did this one do? I can smell alcohol on him even 10 kms away My eyes are itching He’s gonna… He’s gonna make me sneeze Hello! I would like to have an information about the… Everyone, hands up! Come on, give me all your money, I’m in a rush Let’s go, faster faster I said… Hands up… Hello?

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  1. 너무 감사합니다!!!
    아 그리고 정말 공짜로 보는 입장에서 죄송한 부탁인데 나중에 시간이 되시고 마음이 되시면

    일상생활에 쓰는 용어들과 상황으로 애니메이션을 만들어 주셔도 너무 좋을거 같아요.ㅎㅎㅎ…

  2. 정말 재채기만 해도 눈치를 봐야되는 이 시기..ㅠ 하루빨리 종식되길 바라며…
    프랑스도 확진자가 점점 많아지는데 두분도 건강 유의하시기 바랍니다~ 유익한 영상 잘 보고가요^^*

  3. C'est marrant. Mais je peux pas rire. Parce que ma ville est totalement comme ça. Je souhaite que le jour où on peut rencontrer les gens sans masque viendra.

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