Corona Virus related with I Pet Goat 2 Animation video 2012

Corona Virus related with I Pet Goat 2 Animation video 2012

aslamolaikom Dear brother and sister. The deadly virus corona is being discussed
around us today. Alhamdulillah we are under the shadow of Allah’s
mercy, the virus may not have been seen in Bangladesh yet. That is how we can be in the shadow of God’s
mercy. Amen. And as a servant, the responsibility and authority
is to thank the Supreme Court of God. I came to my original discussion. Correlation of I PET GOAT 2 with corona virus. Many of you will be watching ANIMATION VIDEO
called I PET GOAT 2. Here are a few examples of the arrival of
MESSIAH DAJJAL. And some secret MESSAGES made with this VIDEO. It is very important to first know what the
word CORONA means. CORONA VIRUS is first commonly assigned to
the TITLE calculation nCov. At the WHO 2019 World Health Organization
they say: Here is n to sayNovel and Cov refers to CORONA VIRUS. The word CORONA VIRUS is taken from the Latin
CORONA. Which means the crown. Because the virus looks a lot like a crown. On December 31,2019, a species of coronavirus
was infected in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization named the virus
as ’19-NCOV’. As of February 2, 2020, there were reports
of infection in 12 countries, including China. So that 1118 people or more died. The news has been reported in the news media
that 45000 more patients have been infected with the virus. Many speculate that the new species is a snake,
although many researchers oppose it. Come back to I pet goat 2. While I was rehearsing this animation video. I’m a little surprised though. I’ll see here first. I see a symbol on the ice named Chinese ancient
philosophy Yin Yang. Which means darkness – bright. Which is meant to depend on one another. Simply put, is as good as bad here. In this video a Japanese or Chinese brave
girl with a white flag is approaching. On the other hand, you can see that 5-6 or
even more black war tanks are approaching. Take a look at the headlight green of the
first tank, but the rest of the lights are shown in red. Especially notice the tanks with one eye. Which is SignOfthe Illuminati. This may mean a few at first the girl wants
to make a peace deal with them. On the other hand, they want to fight to destroy
them. Secondly, these tanks can be diagnosed with
the Corona virus. Which is coming to consume the people of their
country. Shortly afterwards, a dead skeleton from behind
the girl lends her hand to her shoulder. Due to which the girl became very angry. But back then, the girl found that dead skeleton
had been subdued by Whiff. Now let’s analyze it. The reason for this is because the girl is
so quiet – she will never be able to win in this war. The girl understands this. We know that the Corona virus was first detected
in late December and early New Year. Take a look back at this dead skeleton once
and for all the way the world has done fireworks to celebrate the New Year, just like it has
been here. And you better see that these fireworks are
a lot like the Corona virus. So that means the animation video I pet goat
2, made in 2012, is actually a pre-planned and plot of the Illuminati. Surely many of you will know that there is
a laboratory research in the city of Whun where there are many powerful and dangerous
viruses. From this lab it is believed that the virus
is spreading throughout the city and now in the whole world. Dear brothers and sisters, please feel free
to comment. Isha’Allah. I will answer it. May God protect us from all our troubles. Amin.

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  1. Thank you for adding the subtitles. It was very interesting. I also noticed that the dark circle from the yin-yang might turn into the super moon we had last night…… thank you for sharing this….

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