Connected Trailer REACTION

Connected Trailer REACTION

it’s time for a very quick animation
history lesson so for a very long time it was just Disney who of course
invented the medium but then Disney spawned a lot of its own competition
first Don Bluth then they upset Jeffrey Katzenberg and he went off and he
started DreamWorks and he was quite competitive for a little while now you
hardly hear from DreamWorks at all illumination I think is probably the
biggest name right now blue sky at its moments but kind of isn’t working out so
well right now and of course Disney bought Pixar which could have maybe been
quite the competition but just instead simply defied their hold on animation
but some really good animated stuffs coming out of other studios but doesn’t
get enough credit for it Warner Brothers has some great animated movies and so
does Sony in fact oscar-winning animated animation work not only the recent
spider-verse movie so good but also the recent hair long short from Sony
animation and interestingly some new talent some really strong talent to come
into the animation space is Phil Lord and Chris Miller who started at it Sony
then went to Warner Brothers with the lego movie stuff and now they’re back at
Sony largely producing now but their track record continues to be impressive
and so this is another movie that they’ve put together for Sony none of
these you know you know Sony and Warner Brothers animation haven’t really been
able to make a big dent at the box office despite producing fantastic work
for instance the Angry Birds 2 was a huge flop although it’s dominating
Netflix right now it’s one of the most watched things on this on the streaming
service as it should be cuz it’s hilarious you should watch that but now
together let’s watch this new trailer let’s see how it looks here we go the incredibles data used to be my
little buddy go on nature hikes rocks we used to be
so connected he did smile you know you could experience things a whole lot
better without that care dad this is how I experience things I don’t think you’re
into the Cameron kids war I’m finally leaving for college but in the meantime
I made you guys just give I’ve it yeah you know what this is our last night
together how about we make 10 seconds of family high contact starting or go down
you’re letting link it’s just high contact oh no screams at the table then
why are you kicking me I don’t understand I’m just
look I’ll watch it that it’s too late i watch it okay this is exactly why I’m
excited to leave to lady oh I know you can fix this why do you need all that to take me to
the airport I canceled your plane ticket to college
we are gonna drive you to school on a cross-country road trip as a family behold the animation style can you check
the trunk yeah sure Katie the kids are supposed to be some
great Ike throughout this is someone we here a pal bout to drop our biggest
invention yet meet the helper part we promise you they will never turn even
mom II promise you don’t ever turn evil oops I guess he was right about screens
being evil huh like stormtrooper it always been weird
don’t worry I never do that’s what makes us great it’s going a little I think it didn’t
need to go that far into this into the sci-fi aspect but I
think it looks it looks good um it got a little bit generic with the sci-fi stuff
but I like the rest of it and I think that the animation style is really
fantastic but I think to see a little bit more you know like I don’t know like
it just seemed a little bit you know like not enough it seemed a lot you know
what else reminded me of home which actually was quite good
but you know I don’t need to do that again I’d like to see something
different thank you very much that’s the trick in Hollywood similar yeah
different enough that you feel you can still go see it here I’m still not quite
sold and I don’t understand what her being into filmmaking has to do with any
of this so we’ll see she’s not using like her immense knowledge like like
Peter Parker does right I love the Peter Parker always has ideas and the Marvel
movies from you know old films classic films that would be funny but they’re
not doing that so we’ll see but September 18th that’s not that
competitive a date what do you think share your thoughts down below thanks
for watching with me subscribe today and of course as always you can check out
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  1. I feel like the only person in the world who hates the overly sentimental, cutesy, manipulative stories that animated films churn out

  2. Oh my God, I love this trailer. Need to see it! I really laughed out loud in the train. Last time I felt about to need to see an animation movie that bad was with spiderverse.

  3. This is the least focused looking animated movie ive ever seen. But ill give props to sony again for utilizing animation for things unique to its style (that the other companies seem to have forgotten)

  4. I like the first 2 minutes better. I hope the rest of the movie is gonna be good. Love the animation style! Very innovative.

  5. started alright (a little forced but alright), and then went straight bad… yeah this is a definite skip…

  6. This looked really good. Ya, it got a bit genericky with the sci-fi stuff but the rest was so strong that this is the first animated movie since Wall-E that I'm interested in seeing in theatres.

  7. Even though you can already tell how the plot would go if they stuck with the reconnecting as a family storyline, it still would've been amazing to see.

  8. oh man! I was on board at the beginning of the trailer, it looks good and funny but then, the robots happened and, I didn't care anymore…

  9. Disney already did a similar story: COLLEGE ROAD TRIP Starring Martin Lawrence and Raven Symone; this movie looks just like that + few stuff from this movie and that movie. It just doesn't feel fresh and original at all… What's with the Robots and all that? I think I will stream this later on.

  10. Trailer is a bit of a mess. Sets up one kind of grounded family oriented story but then cannonballs into scifi spectacular with literally no warning, and even weirder… it doesn't do this until the final quarter of the trailer. Bad song choice. Didn't Klaus on Netflix just use this a few months back? Also, the title seems way too blah, but I thought that about Frozen too and look how that turned out. Love the animation and the story might be fun, but the marketing is off putting and just… strange, strange choices.

  11. Did you hear that the James Bond movie got postponed to November ? … I wonder what this could even mean for movies with names not as big as "James Bond" pulling crowds for them

  12. I liked the flying laptop. It's every parent's fantasy these days, at some point in their child's development.

  13. FYI, dogs are naturally very affectionate, and when close to a human, they'll often give kisses. To do otherwise would be unnatural.

  14. Her being into film making is her clashing with her father over technology :/. You know, it’s the one thing she’s really passionate about but her father feels like it’s creating distance which in itself creates distance and is probably the central conflict of the movie…basic stuff here lol.

  15. "I saw all the works that were done under the sun,And look! everything was futile, a chasing after the wind."(Ecclesiastes 1:14) This bible principle is the only thing that I have to say about Connected.

  16. This theme is trash and overused. There's even a Short Circuit thing about this theme, just because it's interesting to older people who lived before the Internet doesn't mean it works EVERY TIME.

  17. At first, it looked like a movie where a father an daughter would learn to connect again – and learn a valuable lesson across the way. She would teach him that technology is beneficial, he would teach her that it isn’t perfect, and she’s a bit addicted. She would learn to find balance between her phone and her life. He would find balance between controlling his daughter and letting her be. It could have a been a great movie, with a modern message about technology and parenting that a lot of people need to hear. But then, I was disappointed. Oh well.

  18. I liked it until it threw a save the world action plot into a perfectly fine feel good family movie. Partly because of the jarring sudden tonal shift. Mostly because my suspension of disbelief rips apart at the task of rationalizing why that family of all people is qualified for the task. Hard pass.

  19. It looks cute, but this trialer was disconnected for sure. It seemed so disjointed. Not cohesive at all.

  20. I wonder if they'd kept the Robot Invasion part a secret if it was one of those things that only people that went and saw the movie would know about, like the big spoiler, for everyone thinking it was just going to be a 'family roadtrip bonding' movie.

  21. oh my god, Grace. That's not a dawg! That's a PUG!!! Licking is what they do! hahahahaha I'm def watching this movie just for the pug ❤️️❤️️❤️️.

  22. I loved the dog.  Cracked me up!!!  I liked how they mixed the different anamation from computer to drawn.

  23. Can we stop using High Hopes in every animation trailer? I'm always invested and interested then that generic song comes on and I just lose interest completely

  24. 1st half: a new bit innovative story from a road trip that will be very funny and cool and you might enjoy it since animation is cool and story looks great
    2nd half: fuck that, ROBOTS

  25. Because the Dad was Like saying ‘put the Tech down’ to have a Family moment at table, (Like saying let’s not lose attention to each other), And then they had The Robots threatening The Apocalypse.. ARE THEY REALLY GOING TO GO PREACHY AH With The Moral of Family over tech? R YA *SONY??? 🥴😏 *Also A Big Machine Company

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