Common Scenarios for Character Animators in Lightwave 3d

Common Scenarios for Character Animators in Lightwave 3d

3d character animation is pretty straightforward…
until you need to have them throw things or pick up and put things down… or interact with things or put things on or swing around or ride hoverbikes or hoverboards drive things… and a bunch of other stuff that
people usually dread having to animate. Introducing a new animation
training series for Lightwave 3d, Common Scenarios for Character
Animators is aimed towards the intermediate user who may already
have basic working knowledge of Lightwave’s animation functions,
but aren’t entirely sure as to how to approach problems
when it comes to making characters interact with things easily
and efficiently. The content in this series is delivered in a
project-based, easy to follow step-by-step format designed
to provide you with immediate insight into the most rapid
workflows available which can be applied anywhere on any rig in any scene.
If you’ve ever shied away from projects that involve
stuff like this or had to re-write your content to make
characters not do things you might think are too complicated you to do…
well… stop it! And allow me to show you that
Lightwave’s character animation tools a force to be reckoned with.
Common Scenarios for Character Animators is available
right now at

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  1. Tutorials always nice to have,especially when it can solve a problem that you might have been stuck on for some time

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