College (Animated Story)

College (Animated Story)

People always say that college is the best time of your life man I beg to differ actually you know what i’ll give you one first day of college I got lucky I landed prime real estate right by the front door the movement was smooth easy no problemo then my roommates arrived and they’re actually amazing they’re cool we’re talking about games we’re talking about girls were talking about parties in my mind I’m thinking yes I hit the jackpot coaching College is going to be awesome um the next morning we found bedbugs yeah I know dreams shattered so they make us bag up all of our clothes into a big black garbage bag and they give us twenty dollars for laundry and then they kick us out of the room my two roommates or should I say ex-roommate’s get an empty room together and form each I get relocated to the third floor but it turns out that i have this entire room to myself and it’s the same size as all the other rooms Wow not bad not bad at all I’m not complaining so that night I go down to the lounge area because you know i gotta make some friends and I’m socializing with all these other freshmen and from the corner of my eye I noticed a group of RS just bunch together rsr like the police of college there’s usually one or two on each floor and they basically help manage the dorm and make sure nobody likes the whole place on fire so the arteries are just in a corner of the lounge and they’re all like and then they glanced at me really fast they go back to be glad to me again so I walk over there and I’m all like what’s up guys what’s happening is you guys have to tell me something and finally after a while one guy says okay man okay man we’re not supposed to tell you this but uh the room you just moved into is supposed to be vacant it’s normally off-limits but with the bedbug problem and the campus becoming more overcrowded they decided to move you in anyways wait why is there something wrong with the room well well now really put on how do I put this a couple years ago uh-huh ok go on go on a couple years ago somebody hang themselves in the room wait-wait-wait-wait-wait white yes somebody hang themselves in that room but look on the bright side you get an entire room all to yourself with a price of what you paid to be tripled it’s either that or we move you into another dorm which could take like two weeks and then you’ll be tripled again see on the type of guy who actually really enjoys his privacy sometimes I like to just sit there after a nice hot shower naked completely butt-naked not doing anything but just enjoying the air move between my dies you know yeah just chillin so I said yes for the next couple of days I actually had a pretty hard time sleeping I just felt like super weird sleeping in a room where somebody killed themselves one night I just couldn’t sleep at all so i decided to roam around the building to explore and get used to this new building then I was living in it was like 5am so nobody else was up and i was walking around until I finally walk into the trash room on the third floor and look up at the ceiling and there’s this hatch with the latter attached to it hatch into what looked like some sort of attic so of course you know I climb up there very curious guy here’s a picture of the Attic i took that night and as you can see there’s a path you can walk on I look down the path and I saw something all all the way at the end I can really see what it was and I started slowly walking towards it now it’s important to note that my room was the third to the last room on the floor and when you’re up in the attic you can clearly see each room because it’s separated by scaffolding which makes like a little box for each room so I walk halfway down the attic and I see a chair a chair facing one of the rooms i start counting 1 so 3 it was an empty chair facing the entrance of my room a room where somebody hung themselves my god so of course i ran the hell out of there because I’ve seen way too many horror movies to go any further I’m not messing with that stuff and I never went up there again because i was way too creeped up but actually besides that there was only two other instances where I was kind of freaked out in my room the first is I would always close my shades before I went to bed because it was extremely bright streetlamp right in front of my window and one day I woke up and my shades were wide open oh my god okay that one wasn’t that bad but one day i did wake up and the letters H and I were written on my wall I inspected and it wasn’t like somebody drew it on there it wasn’t pen or paint like paint peeling off it was literally a different shade of white than the rest of my wall it’s as if that part of the wall aged more than the rest of my wall yeah pretty freaky but I did do this thing where i took both the beds i had in the room and I combined them into like a super bed and I could literally sleep in any direction I wanted so so I guess my first semester of college was pretty awesome after all I hope you guys enjoy this video it’s actually a true story stuff like this happens to me all the time so let me know in the comments below if you want to hear more stories like this i’m sure a lot of you guys are wondering improvement pill why why did you upload this what is the lesson behind this story honestly the story solely for entertainment purposes but the real lesson in this video lies with the animator he goes by the name salt jackalope and i have a link to his channel in the description below when I first spoke to him over the internet i asked him how old he was you know I looked at his work and I said what are you like 16 18 and you know what he said he said I’m 12 but when i was 12 i was playing hide-and-seek at the park and here’s this kid was in the seventh grade he just got out of elementary school and he’s putting in dozens of hours into this project which by the way he did in just five weeks he told me he pulled multiple all-nighters and I was like what why i didn’t i didn’t give you a deadline having that level of work ethic at that age is truly inspiring so i guess the lesson for today’s video is that for all of you guys are still in your teens or in your early twenties take this opportunity now while you’re still young and chase those dreams if you guys enjoyed this video definitely show salt some love and check out his channel

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  1. And look at me, I just spent semester after semester studying my ass off accumulating thousands of dollars in debt. That's my college story. The End. Ya, not nearly as fun.

  2. If I were you and I saw that 'HI' thing on my wall .. I would not probably do nothing.. Instead I'll write a 'Hello' .. You should've done that man.. that would be exciting.

  3. your voice is very nice man, you made it deeper over time? or it was already like that, i try to maintain my voice deep all the time.

  4. im 12
    im not going to let someone my age work harder than me
    im going to start trying to get quility drawings that someone would buy
    or mabey just keep uploading animations
    one of those

  5. I’m 12 and I got asked to help Edit a movie but I couldn’t cause of school and stuff so I’m just waiting for another calling if not. Doesn’t matter more free time for me?

  6. There was a ghost of a gal named Wanda in my dorm and she frequently haunted the place. She left me presents. I liked her. She was cool.

  7. Why he scared the ghost is just trynna be nice and say hi i would get a pen and write hi back and maybe ask how his day was.

  8. Ghost : time to haunt some bois

    Some college student : uh yeah i love naked after showering and enjoying fresh air

    Ghost : time to left this freaky room

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