Coco Trailer (2017) | ‘Find Your Voice’ | Movieclips Trailers

Coco Trailer (2017) | ‘Find Your Voice’ | Movieclips Trailers

It’s you. You’re gonna get me in trouble, Dante! Someone could hear me. I wish someone wanted to hear me. Other than you. Ew, okay I know I’m not supposed to love music. No music! No music! But my great-grandma Coco’s father
was the greatest musician of all time. Papá? Ernesto de la Cruz. One day he left with his guitar, and never returned. Now my family thinks music is a curse. Great-great-grandfather … none of them understand me. I’m supposed to play music! All right, who’s in there? I’m sorry. What’s going on? I’m just dreaming. Do you mind? Welcome to the Land of the Dead. Dante, you gotta stay with me, boy! This isn’t a dream, then. You’re all really out there. Agents at the Department of Family Reunions
are available to assist you. Please be on the lookout for a living boy. Miguel, you’re here! We’re your family, mijo! I know your great-great-grandpa. Wow! I’ll get you to him. What are you doing? I’m walking like a skeleton. No, skeletons don’t walk like that. That’s how you walk. No, I don’t. When there’s no one left in the living world who remembers you, you disappear from this world. But you can change that. We gotta find my great-great-grandpa. You gotta do it by sunrise. What happens at sunrise? You’ll be stuck here forever. I’m a big fan. Never forget how much your family loves you. It’s almost sunrise. One cannot deny who one is meant to be. I am terribly allergic. But Dante doesn’t have any hair. And I don’t have a nose, and yet here we are.

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  1. Looks very interesting 😀👍🏽 I wish they didn’t play Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve in the trailer though. I actually really love that song 💜”Cruel Intentions”💜 but it doesn’t match the movie at all lol

  2. So I didn’t know the song called la Lorana was a song about a urban legend about how a woman killed her children in rage from her husband leaving and starved her self to death and when she died she hunts the rivers and looks for her boys and if she finds someone that looks similar but realize there not her sons she will kill them and I love the song tho

  3. I liked this quite a bit. Pretty obvious where the story's going to go most of the time, minus one big thing.

    Still very watchable, anyway. Very pretty movie.

    Anything with goofy dogs and musicians, I'm in.

  4. this movie was so stupid, in my opinion. I sat down, having good thoughts about it, and about halfway into it, I walked out. The story was just another film about another guy stealing another guys glory and fame, and I've seen too many stories about the same subject. The comedy was terrible, the boy was flat out annoying and the characters were bland and unrelatable. And the story was lame.

    In no way do I disrespect the fans of this movie, I just thought it was the dumbest movie I've seen.

  5. I rememberd my grandma😒i miss her alot,coco shows that v shouls always gave respact or LOTS OF 2 our parents ,granparents THAY DESERVE LOTS OF LOVE

  6. Yess just now I saw this movie what a movie…..hats off… touching emotions..
    Love ur family ur traditions….they are the one who never changes….nice movie must watch

  7. Coco confuses me, if Miguel is family of Hector… why does Coco need to remember him? Isn’t Miguel’s memory enough? Or does his picture need to be up on the ofrenda?

  8. When Hektor finally gets to walk on the brigde and see coco again i cried like a lil baby lol this movie is amazing!! 😍

  9. Theatrical Trailer Shown In Movie Theaters, Digital Copies, VCDs, Internet, DVDs and Blu-Rays: From September 13 to October 5/November 5, 2017

  10. I don't know what you guys eat but that movie was the baddest motherfucking of all time you guys beat again
    I don't know much Spanish but for you guys
    Excelente mejor película perfecta que me hizo llorar

    que Dios los bendiga chicos

  11. Aren't trailers supposed to make me want to watch the movie? Can't gamble 90 minutes of life hoping the movie is better than this.

  12. i can't watch it calmly because anytime i see someone with a sombrero on their head, i think about Panchito Pistoles

  13. The plot was a little too much like Moana. A kid who is part of a family that hates something that the kid happens to love and so the kid runs away with an animal side kick and a guy that helps the kid.

  14. Watched the movie about 8 times from the beginning to the end. Loved everything about it. Gives an insight and is an eye opener to the beautiful beliefs of the Mexican culture. Although the souls are abit skeletonish looking and abit freaky and funky but hey every culture has their beliefs and besides I loved it with the matriarchI style music and dancing., I'll watch it again😊

  15. Honestly, the scene where Miguel played Ernesto's guitar and the leaves glowed around him was what got me into watching this movie. And I was not disappointed.

  16. I was hoping that Selena had a cameo in the film since she was the Queen of Tejano music, Even though she already passed many people are still remembering her legacy.

  17. I am very much late to watch this movie but seriously this movie made my eyes wet. So heart warming. So touching. Loved it.

  18. I had no idea about this movie when I first watched it. I thought it was some funny children cartoon.But in the end of the movie my eyes were full of tears. This movie is about the meaning of life itself. Its the most beautiful movie I have ever seen.

  19. His guitar is my electronics. “NO INTERNET! NO WIFI FOR UUU!”. At the end, when he finally gets to play music, is when I’m home alone 😭.

  20. If anyone wonders why they played: "Bittersweet Symphony" in this trailer, it's probably because the editor thought it was a good choice for music.

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