Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!

Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!

You built a tower made of wood. Just to help them if you could. You built a Barracks made of stone. Try to make this house a home. You built a dream made out of clay, but that was all from yesterday. You build it up, they tear it down. Maybe it’s time to leave
this koo koo town. So go on your way. Bye bye, builder! Fly like an eagle.

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  1. 0:41wait why are the walls fences
    0:45 oh I thougt all the walls were fences because I see stone walls in the backround

  2. Don’t the buildings automatically get fixed or are you saying he does them all at the same time at the same rate

  3. So sad I missed out on getting the builder statue. I thought it was something you could save up to purchase, I didn't realise it was a limited time thing.

  4. Ahh i feel very sorry my troops waiting for me since 3 years i left it coz my busy life love you coc you were my first online game

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