Civil Rights Movement Cartoon: Watch this Civil Rights Movement for Children Cartoon (Black History)

Civil Rights Movement Cartoon: Watch this Civil Rights Movement for Children Cartoon (Black History)

Mr. Franklin: okay Frankie why do you have
that sad look on your face? Frankie: because Mr. Franklin the school takes
forever to get us new stuff. Mr. Franklin: Well Frankie you have to relax.
Change doesn’t always happen overnight. Frankie: I guess not. I should already know
that after what we are studying right now for history.
Mr. Franklin: really. Where are you at in class right now?
Frankie: Right now we are studying the African American civil rights movement.
Mr. Franklin: oh I love reading about the stories of African Americans fought for their
freedom. What have you learned so far? Frankie: well for starters it took over a
hundred years for African Americans to begin to be treated as equals.
Mr. Franklin: yes it is so sad how African Americans were treated throughout American
history. Frankie: I know. We learned in class about
people who were called abolitionists. They fought against African Americans being kept
in slavery. Mr. Franklin: yes I know. During this time
of history African Americans were used for labor as slaves and people who didn’t agree
with that were called abolitionists and they wanted to stop slavery. That’s where the Civil
War started. Frankie: yes because of the Civil War Abraham
Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves. It wasn’t long after that,
that the North won the Civil War. Mr. Franklin: You’re right Frankie but even
after that in southern states African Americans were still treated unfairly. This is where
laws were created in the south that were called Jim Crow Laws. These laws would force African
Americans to be separate from White Americans. Meaning they couldn’t be in the same places,
restaurants and things like that. It was so unfair.
Frankie: Yeah Mr. Franklin. We learned African American leaders at that time named W.E.B.
Du Bois and Ida B wells who formed the National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People also known as the NAACP in 1909. Mr. Franklin: Oh yeah.I remember this well
when I learned it in college. This was the time in history where people like Booker T.
Washington helped start schools that allowed African American to receive education.
Frankie: that’s right Mr. Franklin. My teacher also taught me about another woman named Mary
McLeod Bethune who helped to form schools to help educate African American girls too.
Mr. Franklin: well it sure does sound like you have been busy Frankie.
Frankie: I have Mr. Franklin. Today we finished learning about the march on Washington with
Dr Martin Luther King Jr and stories like Rosa Parks a woman who refused to take being
treated unfairly on the bus and that started the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Mr. Franklin: are on its Frankie. It is because of people standing up and fighting for equality
that in 1964, the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.
Frankie: That’s right Mr. Franklin. The Civil Rights Act stopped Jim Crow laws of the south
and outlawed discrimination because of race, national background, and gender.
Mr. Franklin: well Frankie even though you worked on an old tablet it sounds like you
learned a lot today my friend. Frankie: you’re right Mr. Franklin and I also
learned a ton about the African American Civil Rights Movement for kids.

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  1. Good stuff…Keep it up. I am an animator with my own business in the UK and produce personal celebration stories like these.

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