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  1. Super awesome tutorial! I've been using Octane for almost 2 years now and I still learned a bunch of new stuff, love it!

  2. Thank you – great tutorial. I'm also using 3.07 (R2) but my texture scale values have to be completely different than yours even though I'm using similar sized textures. What could be the cause, scene scale? Default units?

  3. Oh my god Thank you for that, it's OwesOme ^^ would you do a tut on the different use case of the 'multiply' node, for me it's still a little bit of a mystery, i only use 'multiply' or the opposite 'screen', when composting in PS, AE or Nuke. Anyway Thank you this tut have already open my eyes on it !

  4. It's so concise and tidy. No jibber. No losing time, losing track. No advertising oneself. Please find my left thumb attached.

  5. Thanks a lot for these great tutorials. I also record tutorials (for After Effects) and I know what kind of an effort it is to put these together. Big up!

  6. Hey David awesome Octane tutorial. Advance Octane tutorials is the way to go! Can you make a tutorial about tips and tricks on rendering animation because you do a lot of it on your work. Thank you

  7. Hey David! You really outdid yourself with this amazing tutorial! Have you used this same technique on animated objects? The textures seem to slide around when I use node 'Texture Projection Box' on animated objects. I've been using stick texture tag and and changing how the texture is applied in the c4d texture tab and only using transform node in Octane. Seems to be good for animated objects, but wondered if you had insight on that? Also is there a way to 'stick" the dirt node on animated objects?

  8. Hi i have a question, i follow this tutorials but when i render my scene, i only use a 1% of my graphic card. i have a 1080 gtx ti.

  9. I've only got 1 27" inch monitor (and a tv above me but it'd break my neck constantly looking at it) but without full screening it, its annoying it's not bigger – really I just need 2 screens so I can full screen of them.

  10. I'm really amazed how little stuff you need to get going. Also this node affair will work nicely with my houdini tuts 🙂

  11. Thanks, David! As always great tutorial, very informotive! Maybe you will find time for explanations creating car paint material in new octane metal material? very grateful

  12. I downloaded the object file. What's the purpose of the vertex maps? I don't understand why it's needed at all.

  13. Very nice tutorial and end results, was wondering if any one knows how to get the falloff/Fresnel "normal vs vector 90"on redshift

  14. great tutorial, I'm curious to know why you have two octane sky turned on? would love to see a duplicate of this tutorial using v4 🙁 ! i'm notsure what makes it hard to follow in v4, the dirt shader gives different result i guess!

  15. What's the difference between scaling through projection node vs UV transform node? On bigger node trees where you have to plug everything into everything else, that adds up to so much extra space

  16. One weird thing I found is that the mixTexture and mixMaterial [Amount] values act differently.

    mixTexture: when [Amount] = 0, shows texture 1, [Amount] = 1, shows texture 2;
    mixMaterial: when [Amount] = 0, shows material 2, [Amount] = 1, shows material 1;

    Once I figured this out, it was easier to wrap my head around the whole thing.

  17. Anyone looking for the "fingerprints touched 4K" texture won't find it on You can actually get the 8K version of the texture(s) for free from the awesome Cornelius Dämmrich on his Gumroad page: 8K Tileable Glossy Maps

  18. Awesome. Great big bag of kudo's if you still collect them. It's the second time I've watched it. I've a question, maybe 20% off-topic… How do you couple an Xpresso slider (i know how to make one) to let's say the Power of the Octane Texture Emission tag (I know where to find that). I know that you can rig one to the other but… yep. Which buttons are involved and in what order should they be pressed. If anyone knows, they get a great big bag of kudo's too. I've been dragging and dropping for hours. Can't find Octane's connection to Xpresso.

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