Christina Miller, President of Algonquin Students’ Association

Hello there, welcome to Algonquin College, my name is Christina Miller and I’m the President of the Students’ Association here I’m so excited to see all the new faces coming this year. I look forward to making your experience here a wonderful one and make sure you leave here with lots of experience and memories. right now I’m standing outside the Students’ Association office which is actually in the Student Commons building. This building was built by the Students’ Association just for you It features 3 spacious floors with lots of lounge chairs, some great TVs study rooms, our own theatre and of course our very own Starbucks. A lot of the services are in this building so whether you’re coming here to lounge about or are coming to use our study rooms to get some group work done this is definitely the place you want to
be but enough about our building let’s go inside and I’ll tell you a bit more about our services As the President of the Students’ Association it is my job to make sure you come here, and get the best experience at the college. The Board of Directors focuses on what the students need to be successful our motto is “to create an environment
that inspires a passion for student success” that means whatever you need, we
are you voice. Whether that means better food, cheaper transportation or more silent. we are the ones who can make that happen.
We are passionate determined who want to make sure that we all leave here with
more than just a piece of paper. That we leave here with memories and a
great college experience. Now I know that we make a lot of changes but we also offer you a lot of really cool services. We know that college can be really stressful, from
leaving home and your family and friends. from having to study again. From having to make your own meals, I mean can we really live off instant noodles for two years? Maybe, but all that aside, college can be a lot less
stressful if you really know about all the awesome services that are given to you Some of the SA services that you have are.. your health option, your health plan. Which actually you can opt. out of that. We also have a bake sale table which is really good for raising money
for charities. You have the Observatory which is the College Bar we also have the Algonquin Fitness Zone, and Impact Zone, which by the way exercise is a really good way of relieving stress, so go on and hit those bags! We also have the Algonquin Theatre which holds really cool concerts and events and we have our athletics, which have some really good sports teams So go Thunder! We also have silent study areas that are really good for studying We have our own newspaper called the Algonquin Times You can create clubs and communities, and there’s so much more. You can learn more by clicking the link below me Now I know I probably talked enough for today. but if you have anymore questions, don’t be afraid to pop by and say hello you can also say hi to any of the other 8 directors. they’ll be wearing our green t-shirts, they’re really hard to miss don’t forget to say hi and I know that there is probably a lot of work going on so don’t forget to take some time away from your school and from your work and join your fellow Gonqs for fun. I hope you have a really good time here but remember stay calm and carry on

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