Chotu Ka Home Work – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Chotu Ka Home Work – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Munni, what’s wrong with my Chotu? Motu uncle stop it, hehe!! He is unwell, since yesterday. Are you giving him any medication? I’m giving him medicines, Dr said that he will be fine by morning and will be able to attend school as well. But there’s a problem, his home work hasn’t been done. You don’t worry about his home work, we will get that done. Patlu will take care of cleaning the house, sweeping the floor, dusting. And whatever you need from the store, I will get it for you. Haha!! By home work, she meant my school home work. Oh! Not a problem, I can get that done too. Yeah! Motu uncle will be doing my home work. Haha!! But Motu can’t even add two and two, he can’t do your home work. No, my Motu uncle knows everything. He is the one who will do my home work, what say uncle? Yes, and now I’m taking this up as a challenge, I will be the one doing your home work. Take this note book. You will find the math homework in here. One mango costs 2 rupees, if Ram buys 7 mangoes, how much money did he pay? I can’t understand anything. Patlu stop all the noises. Can’t you see I’m working on the home work. You are so noisy. Haha!! A bad work man quarrel with his tool. Do you even know how to spell math that you are actually trying to solve a math problem. Give it to me, I’ll solve it in a minute. One mango costs two rupees, ok so one mango costs two rupees, ok we are good till here. Now, Ram buys 7 mangoes, this is fine too, but the problem is how much did he pay for it? Boxer brother can you do your stuff without making any noise. Why are you making that much noise? You are telling me to keep quite, I will not let you go, you are telling me to shut up. Brother, first of all Ram is troubling me with his problem, he bought 7 mangoes which has disrupted my peace. f he had just bought one mango, it would have been so easy. Two rupees for a mango, a mango for two rupees, but he has purchased 7 mangoes and increased my work. And top of that, I have no peace to calculate that. Everywhere I go, there’s some sort of noise. How will I finish Chotu’s home work? Motu, my friend, my dear, don’t be upset. Here’s the answer to all the noise problems. Now you will not hear any outside noise. Now, you can go to the old school outside and finish your homework. No one visits that place. Big brother, I don’t hear anything. Thanks friends, now I can complete my home work in peace. Wow! I’ll work on the home work with this pen. Motu put the pen back, that’s a research pen. Keep it back, or else it will blast. I’ll keep all of them, if one pen runs out of ink, I can use the other one. Oh my lord! Motu put the pen back, or else it will blast. One mango is of 2 rupees. What to do? Break this school down, as fast as you can, there will be a new school build here. Yes sir. One mango is of 2 rupees, I understand until here, now 7 mangoes, how much is that for? Which means we multiply 7 by 2 or do we minus or do we plus. We need to do something. But what? Hey! Hello sir, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? I’m working on Chotu’s problem. What’s your problem? God has saved you today, otherwise it would have been a huge problem. Look around you. Help!! Tea Vendor, I need to work on Chotu’s home work, You won’t disturb me, right? Do whatever you want, just don’t ask for any samosas. Until you pay your debts, you won’t get a single samosa. What do I do? Where do I go? I’m not able to do Chotu’s home work anywhere. If you feed me a samosa, may be I’ll be able to get some work done. Go into the jungle and do your homework. No one will trouble you there. Thank you tea vendor, thank you. What would I do without you? Stop you naughty person. You always eat my samosas for free. I’m not going to let you go free today. Hey, stop!! Return it to me. Motu, I will see you later. It will be fun to do home work now, I’ll be able to do it in a minute. Stop it all of you. Can’t you see I’m doing Chotu’s home work. Everyone just wants to make noise. Go away from here, go. Run!! Mummy!! Help!! It’s the question of my reputation. If I don’t complete Chotu’s home work, he will make fun of me. If it’s ok with you, can I sit in your van and complete the home work? John will be a don!! The person who has always sent me to jail, will the don help that person? Wow boss!! What a poetry!! John brother, let me complete this homework once. I will never send you to jail again. Ok , don’t make him cry any more. Quickly take him to our van. John will be a don!! Now that Motu will go up, who will ever send me to jail? Can I get a glass water? John will be a don!! I couldn’t finish the home work. There’s noise everywhere. I was just trying to calculate how much I need to pay the tea vendor. One samosa is for 2 rupees and I bought 7 samosas, so how much is it in total. 14, what else. Hey, this was Chotu’s problem. Because it said mangoes, I was confused. Now I just need to change the words with samosa in every questions. Now I will finish all the home work that too in my home. With samosas, he can do a math of crore’s by calculating in his mind.

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