Chota Birbal – Gurudev Ki Seva – गुरुदेव की सेवा – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Chota Birbal – Gurudev Ki Seva – गुरुदेव की सेवा – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Shivu, did you recognize me? Who is it? Teacher?
Wow. I am so lucky. Come in. You have recognized me By the way where
is the dear little girl? She has gone to the lake.
She will come in shortly. Wow! Teacher you? We are so lucky. Be happy. Bless you. Teacher, I can’t stand any
more with this load on my head. I will break my neck. Oh yes. Come inside.
Come inside. Come inside. Sit here.
Sit here comfortably. Sit. What is this Shivu? I see that with age your
memory has also become weak. What happened? I have given up comfort
and entertainment.. ..since I have
renounced everything. Have you forgotten, dear? Teacher,
have pity on my neck please. I won’t be able
to stand any longer. Oh yes. Give it to me.
Give it to me. Give. Yes, keep it here. Bhola, please arrange my
resting place here somewhere. As you wish, teacher. Hail Rama. Hail Krishna. Shivu, I only rest on mats now. And I only eat vegetarian food. Teacher,
are you your way from Vrindavan? Yes, I was headed to one
of my disciples after Vrindavan. On my way, I was reminded of you. Since your home was on my way.. ..I thought of meeting you too. It’s so nice that
you have come here. We won’t let you
leave soon this time. You will have to stay
for a few days, teacher. Yes, dear. Okay. Sir. Sir. Sir. Give me my fare. I have been waiting since long. Look, I have forgotten
about it while talking. Shivu, go outside and pay
the rent to the cart driver. Oh yes. I will go and see. Dear. – Yes, teacher. Now it is time for me to take bath,
mediate and worship. Yes, teacher. Please come. Teacher, take your bath
here and then you can worship. I will arrange food for you. Teacher doesn’t eat anything but.. ..bread and sweets made
of pure clarified butter. And listen,
all food items for the teacher.. ..should be prepared
only in pure clarified butter. My disciple Bhola
takes so much care of me. Yes, don’t worry at all. Go dear. You can go
and make the preparations. I take light snacks after
I have finished worshipping. Yes, teacher. I am leaving. Mother! – Hey. Let me go Mahesh. Goodness. You have prepared so
many nice dishes today. Fried bread and vegetables. Sweets. Are you preparing them for me? The teacher has come
from Vrindavan today. All this for him. I only get puffed rice
and coconut balls every day. And fried bread and
sweets for the teacher! No, son. This is also for you. Move now. I will go and
give this to the teacher. Okay. Have it. Dear, who is this kid? Our son, teacher.
His name is Mahesh. He is a little naughty. I can see. – Yes, teacher. I can see impressions of
Lord Krishna’s childhood in him. Just like his childhood antics. Till I am here,
just send him to me.. ..every day for some time. I will change him completely. So dear,
go and get 8-10 more fried bread. I am very hungry, dear. And also get 10-12 for me. Hari. Hari. You have come?
But Mahesh has not come yet. Stop pressing my legs.
Fan me a little. Fan him faster. Yes. I will fan him faster. ‘Meanwhile they must have
got guavas from Madan’s garden.. ..and eating them all spiced up.’ This guava is very sweet. Right? Right. But where is poor Mahesh.
I am feeling sad. No need to worry about him. I have kept aside
two guavas for him. Look. Mahesh. Mahesh. You? Here? Have you got guavas for me? Yes. Take this. Listen. These children
are very naughty. Don’t play with them at all. What? we are bad? You are both naughty and thieves. I am sure you have not taken
permission to get the guavas. No, they wouldn’t have
let us take them if we had asked. In return they would
have made us scat. It is stealing to touch other
people’s stiff without asking. Bhola, make them leave at once.
– Yes, teacher. Yes, come. Come on. Come. Sit here. Yes, teacher. I will sit. So what was I saying? Teacher, in the Gita
Lord Krishna said that… Yes. I remember.
I remember. Gita… In the Gita Lord
Krishna said that.. ..if everyone serves
their guests well than.. ..they can be blessed
by Narayan easily. Mahesh, the duty of
human is to serve others. Not to hurt others. For example your friends
stole guavas from other’s farm. This was a cause of loss to others. This is not a good thing, dear. That’s why you will have
to stay away from those kids.. the future, dear.
One more thing. One more thing that
you need to always remember. Don’t ever be greedy
about anything in life. If you are tempted, suppress it. Sir, I think I won’t be
able to go to Vrindavan ever. Please put this necklace
around Lord Krishna’s neck. Yes, of course. Of course. I will have this donation
of a necklace inscribed.. white stone and
place it in the temple. You will pass away.
One day even I will die. But people will read
about your donation for eras.. ..which will be inscribed in stone. That is a big deal.
– Hail Lord Krishna. Hail Lord Krishna. Listen to me. A man’s life, wealth, money, etc.
are just an illusion. But his work becomes immortal. I am very tired now.
You can leave now. Dear Rani, listen. Please arrange scraped
milk sweet dish for me tonight. And what will you have,, child? Even I want scraped milk
sweet dish and 25-50 fried bread. I will make do. Listen.
I think you are very worried. Yes, you are right.
I was worried. – What is it? You are busy taking care
of teacher the entire day. And I have to borrow
money from Chandrasen.. get his expensive sweets,
clarified butter, etc. I don’t know how long this
will last. I am very worried. And teacher has also
ordered for the next programs. Don’t worry at all.
Everything will be fine. Mahesh, go and give
this betel leaf to teacher. No! I won’t go. You go. Look Mahesh, you shouldn’t say so. What did teacher say? You have to take the betel
leaf to him every day after lunch. Have you forgotten?
Go. – Drat. I don’t like all this. Okay. Give. – Take. Teacher.
Take this. – Wow. Very good. You kept them safe! I thought you have
thrown them away. So much preaching and lessons. And now he is eating stolen guavas.
Fraudster. I am having fun, teacher. If I continue to feast
on this rich food then within.. ..a year even I will
become fat like you. Just wait.
I will feed you special delicacies. Hello, teacher. Mother
has sent betel leaves for you. Wow. Rani dear takes
good care of us. Teacher, may I press your feet? You are serving me. Just watch. Soon you will attain salvation. You will earn the virtue
of serving your teacher. ‘Salvation will be attained
but I will see how.’ Mahesh, give this
bundle to your mother. And tell her to keep
it safe as her own. Okay? But careful,
no one should know about it. What is inside it, teacher? It contains 300 gold
coins for Lord Narayan. Okay, teacher.
I will give them to mother now. I wanted to teach them a lesson. But I didn’t know I
would get a chance so soon. Now it will be fun. Mother, take this. The teacher has told
me to give you this bundle. What does it contain, Mahesh? He said that it
contains 300 gold coins. And he gave me this
bundle and said that.. ..keep this bundle as her own. And said that this
coins are for serving him. Did you see?
The teacher knows everything. He saw our pain and troubles
and gave us this money. What are you saying?
I don’t understand. Have you forgotten the
sermon teacher gave this evening? Sermon? Which one? Teacher said that men
need to help other men. What did he say? He said something. What did he say?
Oh yes. I remember. All this wealth, etc. is useless. Men lives only because
of his actions. Oh yes. You are right. I think teacher wants to
help us because of our condition. And so that we don’t mind
he gave this bundle to Mahesh. Yes, it I possible but still
without asking teacher how can… No, father. The teacher had said not
to tell anyone anything about it. Listen, take 50 gold coins and
settle your debts with Chandrasen. And we will use this money
for the teacher’s hospitality. Later we will return
him the money that is left. Yes, that should be right. Mahesh, the thin man who
snatched guavas from us yesterday. Who was he Mahesh? He is teacher’s special disciple. His name is Bhola. Mahesh, who was the teacher? The fat one wearing saffron robes. The one who made you scat.
The same. He is that fraudster. Both are frauds. Why? Why are you saying so? That man who snatched
the guavas from you. Yes. Do you know what happened later? The teacher and the
pupil were having it later. There such frauds. Is it? Then we should
teach them a lesson. I have already taught
them a lesson.. ..but they don’t know yet. You have taught them a good lesson. But when will they come to know? The time they will leave. When will they leave, Mahesh? I heard this morning
that he will leave for.. ..Jagannath, Puri tomorrow. Tomorrow morning you can
hide behind my house and listen. You will find out everything
about the lesson I have imparted. The two will remember me long. Okay, I have to leave now. I will have to butter
up teacher today. Here you are teacher. I have made it especially for you.
For the journey. Do have it. Yes, dear.
Sure. Certainly, I will eat. Dear, give me my bundle of money. Yes, teacher. Here you are. Dear, why does my
bundle feel so light? Yes, teacher. Actually we have spent 100 coins
out of it as per your directions. When did I tell you to
use my money for my hospitality? No, you didn’t tell us. But you did tell Mahesh
while giving the bundle. That this money… To spend my money on me? Bad boy!
When did I say this to you? That day you said that
this money is for Lord Narayan. So I understood that
the money is for the guests. You lied, dear. Teacher, I have not lied at all. You are our guest here. You only said in your sermon that.. ..the guest in your house
is like Lord Narayan himself. This is right that a great
teacher like you is our guest. So aren’t you our Narayan? We can never forget
the opportunity you have.. ..given to poor people
like us by giving us money.. serve and host you. You have done a huge favor on us. We can never forget this favor. That’s why we will
inscribe your name.. ..on the rock behind
the basil plant. And people will always
remember this work.. have done by reading this. Isn’t it good, teacher? I curse you. That you will never get
blessed by God in this birth. How will the disciples
get blessed.. ..if the teacher
himself is not blessed? Mahesh. You shouldn’t
talk like this to elders. Father, you don’t know. That day he snatched
guavas from my friends.. ..and got rid of them from
her by calling them thieves. And when I had gone to
his room to give him betel leaf.. ..I saw that this
teacher and disciple.. ..were eating the same guavas. What? Is Mahesh tell thing truth,
teacher? You advised us to control
greed and you yourself… Bhola, we shouldn’t
wait here anymore. Run. Come on. Run. Look. Look. Look. Look.
The teacher is running away. What kind of teacher is he?

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