Chota Birbal – Choron Ki Murkhata – चोरों की मूर्खता – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Chota Birbal – Choron Ki Murkhata – चोरों की मूर्खता – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

‘India has been the birthplace
of great ancient cultures.’ ‘It’s unique and beautiful culture has
attracted the entire world to it.’ ‘Many great people have taken birth here
whose fame is spread far and wide.’ ‘Today we’re going to tell you
about the life of one such person.’ ‘480 years ago,
in present day Madhya Pradesh.. the Parghana county
of Siddhi district..’ ‘..lies a village Gokhara where
a boy took birth in a Brahmin family..’ ‘ the year 1528.’ Dear, your son is really cute.
Just like a doll. Have you thought of a name for him? No. Nothing yet. Will I have to do this as well? What should we name him? – Mahesh. He’ll make it big one day. And slowly his fame
will spread far and wide. With your blessings,
that will certainly happen. Certainly.
That will certainly happen. Here. Hold him.
And take care of your baby. – Yes. And listen.
Give him a good upbringing. And always try to keep him happy.
– Yes. ‘Mahesh started to grow. And
even his mischiefs started rising.’ ‘He was now big enough that his
parents started contemplating.. ‘ ‘.of sending him to the school.’ Today I’ll take him
to the school at any cost. No. I’ll not go to school.
– What did you say? Enough of your whims and fancies. Are you going to remain uneducated
despite being born in a Brahmin family? That’s enough.
Don’t scold him anymore. Okay. Let me handle this.
– Okay. You manage him. No. Don’t cry. Listen to me. Tell me. Why don’t
you want to go to school? I’ve heard that the teacher
scolds as well beats. He beats those who don’t study.
And do mischief only. If you don’t do mischief and study well
then the teacher will not scold you. In fact, he’ll love you.
– Are you telling the truth? Yes. I’m telling the truth. Now be a good boy and
go to school with your father. Okay. I will go. But if the teacher beats me.. ..then I’ll never go
to school from the next day. Okay. But first give it a try.
– Okay. I’ll go. Let’s go, father.
– Yes. Let’s go. Hurry. It’s really late. ‘But even after going to school Mahesh’s
mischiefs didn’t become any less.’ ‘And one day…’ Two ones are one. Two twos
are four. Two threes are six. Two fours are eight.
Two fives are 10. Two six are twelve.
Two sevens are fourteen. Two eights are sixteen.
Two nines are 18. Two tens are 20. Two ones are one.
Two twos are four. You rascals.
What mischief are you guys up to? Where is Mahesh? Mahesh. Come here quickly. Keep all this here. You thug. You’re very naughty. Teacher. I’ll never do that again.
Your hand will get dirty. What did you say?
My hand will get dirty? Bathing in cold water
last night has infected by ear. If you pull it, you’ll… Put your hand out.
Come on. Extend it. Quiet. Will you steal more tamarinds? Quiet. Want some more? Tell me. You saw badly he beat me.
Firstly he took all the tamarinds. And also caned me. I had gathered them
with such hard work. He took all of them. All of them. Yes. Let’s make pickle together.
What kind of a teacher is he? He sleeps during the lectures.
So isn’t he at fault? We’ll have to teach him a lesson. Certainly. But how? Listen. Listen carefully. Tomorrow morning, we’ll… Who is it? Who is it? I’m doomed. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Watching this gives
me immense pleasure. Pull the rope tight.
Don’t let go of it. Help. Help. Help. Wait. Wait. Someone’s coming
this way. – Who’s coming? Teacher, is it you? – Help. Help me. Someone help me. Run, everyone.
Come on, everyone run. Come on. Hurry up. Help. – Coming, teacher.
Coming. Don’t worry. Help. Help. Help. Someone, help me. Where? Where did he go?
Where did the rascal go? What happened?
Why are you shouting so much? Why shouldn’t I shout?
Don’t we have enough problems? The fields are drying
due to lack of water. Now how I pay the tax to
the landlord’s man? God knows. Hello. Hello.
Is Shivdutta at home? Someone is calling you. Go and see who it is. So you were in the house?
Come. The landlord has called you. Come on.
What are you thinking? Hurry up. Okay. Let’s go see. God knows what’s
going to happen now? The landlord’s man is taking
my father. Is it something urgent? I’m sure he’s taking
him to the landlord’s house. Let’s go find out. Greetings, master.
– Oh. Shivdutta. What’s the matter? Where is this time’s tax? Master, it hasn’t rained at all this time.
The crops have been destroyed. So what? I have heard that you’ve
had a great yield this time. Yes. It had. But due
to no rains the crops dried. So what? I want my tax. Listen, I should get
my tax in the next 7 days. Otherwise I’ll keep your land. What are you saying?
Without the land, we’ll die. You’ll die. You’ll die. Hey. Keep quiet. Have mercy.
Have mercy, master. Have mercy. Go. Don’t talk much.
– Master, don’t do this. My land is everything for me. What are we going
to eat without the land? Have mercy. Have mercy. Have mercy. You’ll have to pay the tax. I’ll have to do something. But what do I do?
I don’t understand. Such lovely jackfruits. We’ll steal all of them tonight. But let everyone go to sleep. We’ll sell all the jackfruits
in the market tomorrow. Hey…Hey…Listen. I want to take a jackfruit home. My wife loves it.
She’ll not leave me if I don’t. Mahesh. Mahesh, where are you? Hide. Keep quiet. If they see us we’ll be in trouble.
Come on. – Everyone, hide. Where is he? Has he come home? Where does he keep
wandering so late? What are you saying?
He came home early today. Mahesh, just come here. – Coming. I’m not feeling good at all. Father
will be in the next room if I go there. Where is this noise coming from? Mahesh, hurry up. Yes. Coming right away. Listen. Listen. Listen to me. Seems
like everyone has gone to sleep. Come on. Let’s go get all of them. No. Hold on.
Looks like everyone is still awake. Why are you in such a hurry?
– Come on. The entire night lies ahead of us. Just wait. The fun begins now. Assume that the landlord’s
tax has been arranged. Where had you been?
Don’t you want to have food? Give. Give me food fast. Here you are.
Eat to your heart’s content today. Who knows what might
happen tomorrow. There’s no need to worry.
Everything’s going to be alright. How is everything
going to be alright? And who is going to do all this?
You? – Yes. I will. Mother. – What happened? Can you give me two bags?
– Bags? What for? Are you going to
pester someone again? Are you going to steal
fruits form the orchard? No. No. Give me two bags.
– Okay. Hold on. Hey…Come on. Seems like
everyone has gone to sleep. Let’s go steal. Yes. Let’s go. Now we can go. Come on. Come on. What happened? – Oh God! What happened?
You can’t even walk properly. I’m doomed. I’m doomed. Keep quiet. Why are you shouting? Don’t make any noise. Great. Both the bags are full.
Now I’ll teach them a lesson. Today they’re dealing with me. I’m dead. – Quiet. Quiet. It is so heavy. What are you doing?
Don’t cry. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. It is so heavy.
So heavy that I can’t even lift it. But even this won’t be enough. Really. Who keeps wealth
and money in the house? What if thieves and
dacoits come to know? They’ll definitely steal it. Father is right. Let me throw both the bags
full of money into the wall. We’ll pull out both the
bags whenever we need it. That’s it. Now there’s no worry. The thieves will never know
that we have so much of wealth. They’ll never be able
to jump into the well. Quiet. Quiet. Okay. Now let me go tell father.. ..that I’ve put all our wealth into
the bags and threw them into the well. It’s so late. Hey…Let’s go and get the
bags full of wealth from the well. Yes. Let’s go. But the jackfruit?
– Darn it. Forget the jackfruit. Come on. There are bags
in the well. Let’s get them first. Yes, let’s go. – Let’s go. Oh my God! – It’s deep. There is a lot
of water in the well. How are we going to get
the bags from the bottom? Don’t waste time. Get buckets. Let’s draw all the
water from the well. There will no water
in the well if we do that. Then we can get the bags. We’ll be rich overnight. Come on. Come on. Don’t waste time. I can’t do this anymore. This is not possible. How are we going to draw all the water
from this well with this tiny bucket? We can do it. For sure. Don’t talk much. Pick up the pace. Oh God! No more water. No. Listen. Listen. Stealing
jackfruit was easier than this. Look at this. It’s dawn. Come on. We won’t get the
wealth now. If people see us.. ..then we’ll be in big trouble. Yes. Let’s get out of here.
You’re right. Both my hands have stiffened
up drawing water all night. Let’s go. Run. Get going. And the jackfruit? My wife is not going
to leave if I go empty handed. Good luck with the jackfruit.
We’re getting out of here. Wait. Wait. Don’t leave me alone. Run. Run. – I’m also coming. Let’s get out of here. I’ll have to get up. It hasn’t rained even today. The sky is crystal clear. How did this happen? It hasn’t rained. So where has so
much water come from? This water has come from the well. From the well? But how? – All thanks to your
dear son. He has done all that. Yes. Thanks to your son. We’ll not
lose our land to the evil landlord.

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