Chennai VS China (2011) – Full Movie | Suriya | Shruti Haasan | Johnny | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Chennai VS China (2011) – Full Movie | Suriya | Shruti Haasan | Johnny | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Kunfu is the chief
in Martial arts. And to learn this thing China
is the best place in the world. These are the Martial
art training school. The chief of all
these schools is… The Shaolin Temple Along with temple
of Bodh Dharam… ..its a center of
self-defence too. Being the first to
teach them this art… and for having founded
the Shaolin Temple… the man who is revered as
God by them even now was the 3rd born prince
of the Pallava King.. Bodhi Dharman… an Indian… This school is a part
of the Pallava Dynasty at a time when other countries
engaged in human sacrifice… We… Along with martial art
and several other arts Medicine was also a special
part of the curriculum The cure for several
deadly diseases lay in an amazing form of
Medicine is made here. Along an expert in all these forms
he also master of hypnotism form was Bodhi Dharman Besides Martial Arts.. He was also well versed in
the art of Mesmerism… …the practice of which enables
control of the 5 elements This is the day when… The order by king’s mother
Bodhi Dharman was… … going to China If mother has taken a final decision
that I will be going to china. Then of course she sending
me for some important work. Thank you for giving
me the permission. These are inscriptions
l have written… at the appropriate time, these
will important and useful Give me blessings! After a three years long journey Bodhi Dharman reaches the
village of Nanyang in China. The villagers predict that huge
danger awaits to come for them. (Chinese language)… On seeing Bodhi Dharman who
reaches the village then they assume him to
be the evil force (Chinese language)… They are relieved that the
danger has been averted But the real danger
was expected to come (Chinese language)… The deadly disease that killed
millions of people in China struck that village as well. (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… Bodhi Dharman taught them
expertise in medicine… to physicians who came from
several parts of China. (Chinese language)… The village that had
recovered from disease more danger has arrived. He was beasts in the human form Villagers think that Bodhi Dharman is only
mastered of his medical proficiency.. but soon they realised
that he was a Master… …in the base forms of
martial arts ”Kalari” and had power to control
anyone through hypnotism (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… The Chinese people have never
seen such proficiency before And they also wanted
to learn this art. (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… Bodhi Dharman who was
fondly referred as Damo… … by the Chinese people He stayed in the village and
taught them his skills. After several years… when he announced to
return to his motherland. Once again they misinterpret
the Astrological reading (Chinese language)… If you want to safe this trobule so
you have to stop Bodhi Dharman here. At any cost Dead or alive! To stop Bodhi Dharman here
people mixed poison in his food. But Bodhi Dharman know
that thing very well. (Chinese language)… (Chinese language)… They pleaded that if
Bodhi Dharman’s… mortal remains are
buried in that soil… their county will be
rid of any disease. Bodhi Dharman
accepted their plead. (Chinese Song)… (Chinese Song)… Even today, Bodhi Dharman
is worshipped… in the many temples build
for him across China. This Indian who is being
worshipped in places… …like Japan ,
China and Thailand But how many of us know him? I have never heard. Bodhidharman! l don’t
even heared it. Sorry, l don’t know… no idea Oh Damu, yes I know him!
Kunfu Master! Right. I love him! Yes I know Bodhidharman, he
is son of king in South India l don’t know I know Damu master
he come from India Bodhidharman l heared
this name first time Sorry l don’t know lf an art that has been taught and later forgotten by us… if someone turns against us?
Then? Dong Lee! The one I
was talking about He is one of the best
student of Shaolin Temple Mr. Dong Lee! These are the chief
scientists of our country Struggling hard after eight
years about 36 scientists… They have created
one assignment… Operation Red is the
name of the assignment This operation red
is against India If we become successful
then within three years… Whatever we say will become Law In India Interesting! But one girl’s research
is trobule for us. If she get succeed
in her research… Then this operation red
will be of no use for us Thats why you go to India and
there you will kill that girl And come back here This is your assignment! Sir, it’s not safe to
send one man alone We will send entire unit There would be problems in
our country if he caught No one can catch him. -Dont
be so over confident sir! I don’t have trust on him Can you see a guard over there? General, is he honest soldier?
-Of course! Can he sacrifice his life
for our country? -Yes sure! But now he will sacrifice
his life for me Is it okay sir? So can you sacrifice your
life for our country? Or else for me? I want to know only one thing… What is this Operation Red?
-Mr. Dong Lee! You are the one to
begin this operation You will come to know everything
as soon as you reach India So when should I expect to go India?
-Today! Great Bombay Circus Good news for the
people of Mumbai. The show that you have been
eagerly waiting for… Great bombay circus Two shows daily near
the sea in Mumbai And four show on weekends It will have lots of fun come and catch the excitement
and enjoy the show What is this since
I am announcing… No one is paying attention to us Brother, now Arvind will entertain
the audience in our circus In his own style! “Regional language.” Unaudioable sound… (Chinese language)… “Hey come come, I request
everyone to come over here”… “Come here and enjoy
every moments”… “I am here to entertain
everyone present here”… “To make everyone cry and
smile on their face” “Come everyone”… “I want lots of
crowds over here”… “Come and visit the
bombay circus”… “Regional language.” “Hey come come, I request
everyone to come over here”… “Come here and enjoy
every moments”… “I am here to entertain
everyone present here”… “To make everyone cry and
smile on their face” (Chinese language)… “Regional language.” “I have my different style
and personality”… “No one can compared
me in front of me”… “I have my different style
and personality”… “This game is of
brave person”… “Game is full of timepass”… “We have chance to come here” “we will spread happiness who
wish to come over here”… ‘Ther person who didn’t got
happiness in his life”… “He will forget every sorrow..I
challenge everyone present here”… “Regional language.” “We will dance”… “We will always be together”… “Like tools we will
always stay together” “We have powerfull youthness”.. “We have control
everyones heartbeat”… “We dont listen to anyone”… “We are like flying birds”… “we dont know where to go”… (Chinese language)… “Hey come come, I request
everyone to come over here”… “Come here and enjoy
every moments”… “I am here to entertain
everyone present here”… “To make everyone cry and
smile on their face” “Come everyone”… “I want lots of
crowds over here”… “Come and visit the
bombay circus”… “Regional language.” Hey! come , let’s step
out for some time l am not coming,
l have work here Fine then , handle the
Boss if he ask for me… It will take some time understand.-Ok! -Hey
am I looking good Looking good. Come on move or else
boss will come to know -Please understand
– No way I can’t be done we are college students how
can we manage this much cash? Please sir, please Please sir help us. -I said no.
You don’t get it. lt’s an important project sir. Please help us.
-I am very sorry! Please sir! -Now
please go from here Sir! -One minute! I said so now please go. Sir please listen to us once Don’t you understand
what I said. Sir our project will be
incompleted please understand sir Arvind you are one who
can make them understand Sir please listen to us Wait, If all of you speak
at the same time… we won’t get it,
one of you speak Sir, we are actually genatic
engineering students We need to work on a project – Hang on. You tell… We are genetic
engineering students We need a monkey
for our research Just one day. if we take it in the morning we
will return the monkey by 5 pm For that he is asking
us for 10,000 Rupees The department gives us just
1000 Rupees, we are students What if something happens to him Yes, What if something
happens to the him He’s star of our circus Nothing will happen you can come with us if you want You can be with us the whole day come back with the monkey
in the evening. OK? Oh my god! OK, l will come just one day Sir will not leave me if
the monkey gets disappear Ok sir I am going with them They are students. Will you go for bribe
money from this girls Why are you insulting me sir I don’t want anything Just pay Rs 1100 for monkey Take 1100 sir. Ok! Ok then sir I am leaving.
-No No Arvind. Take him if you want
as he is jobless But the monkey will not
go to leave this circus. Ok as your wish then,
come on let’s go -They’re leaving sir. Please stop them.
– Let them go Let’s accept their
offer for 1000 Rupees If you want deduct
Rs 50 from my salary Look sir. She’s leaving sir. I am said okay. Okay sir.. It’s done! He said ok. I have been not
convinced you may go Let them go and you also go
and keep continuing your work What’s up Arvind… You thought you will impress her I will hit you Hey stop, it’s her, Get this
off get this off now stop lt’s over don’t get
scared what happened? lt’s that girl -Which girl?
-That girl at the circus About which girl are you
talking about? Arvind! Hey take me. -Sorry! l am feeling dizzy and
all chummed up inside if you get on to a roller
coaster with a full stomach Shut up Everytime usless talks.
-listen Arvind! Arvind wait for me. Hey! Hey! -I didn’t touch anything. Hey take me along with you. Come on lets take a group photo.
Ok! Yeah!… That ride was and what about you.
– Ya ya it’s nice. Hey look at this He’s there in all the pictures Sudha Hey, she saw us. Hmm! I think she is angry – Hi
– Hi – Bye
– Bye Oh god lets go from here Where is he gone? l am very tired Will you like to have tea? Make me sit up Oh god! My legs are paining. That girl told you no Then why are following her What will you get with this? The phone’s ringing pick up. lt’s not my phone lt’s ringing in your pocket Yes it is, but it’s not my phone Will you have Tea? 2
cups of Tea, please lt’s her phone How did you flick it? That time You are genius. I couldnt even steal
the wallet of anybody. and you flick the phone I will return back
to her dont worry. She will thank me when
l return it won’t she? Oh,- understand. Come on go and return her phone. You just said you were
going to return it. l said l am going to return it. did l say l am going
to return it now? l will return it tomorrow – Why? What is your plan? lf l give it now, she
will stop with a ‘Thanks’ lf l return it tomorrow. l will get a meeting
with the ‘Thanks’ You are a genius. Attend the call Why not? lf l take the call now, She
will think we are useless She will think that we are jobless and
waiting for her call..-It’s ringing She must be getting worried
as I am answering her call. Must have lost the connection Hello! Hello! My name is Sudha. Yes. This phone is mine.
l lost it today. Ok ok! In the phone there has lot
of important details. Don’t worry it’s with me lf you tell me where you are
l will come and take it. No, you tell me the place and time.
l will come and give it to you Tomorrow morning 10’O clock Ampa Skywalk Morning 10’o clock
, Ampa Skywalk, OK Thank you so much,
So kind of you lt’s fine. I found it that why
you are saying me so kind of you If someone else found
it never retuned it. will you be this
careless with the phone? No sir, l am always careful but a guy from the circus
was there suddenly he was there in all
the pictures we took don’t know if he was following us
or whether it was a co-incidence and i lost the phone
in that confusion yeah, l will give you
the phone tomorrow then We will speak relax then right now I send you my number
you save my name l am Mr.Arvind Ok Mr.Arvind. This is
my friend’s number. l will call you from this number – OK – Please keep
my phone safely Your job is done. What a technique you
used to steal her phone. Now make a plan how
to impress her. What did this happened? Idiot! lt was my plan. Hello! This is Sudha, l am here
at the ground floor You’ve brought my phone right? Yes l have. Can you see a
Mickey Mouse there? You see that Yes I can see Go to near it and say the
first letter of your name Why? You don’t want the phone? Ok! ‘S’ the first letter
of my name is ‘s’ Hello, this is only half phone. Ya! Do you see a flower shop
on the fourth floor? Yes I know. Go there and say the second
letter of your name. Excuse me. -Yes! The second letter
my name’s is ”U” This is for you. And this also. Can you see a KFC
in front of you? Yes! ls there a guy in the last
table in a brown T-shirt talking over the phone? – Yes
– Do you know him? How would l know him? You talking to him. But I am talking to
you now Then he.. Hi! Come sit. And this is the remaining
part of your phone. Sorry,you have in a problem
because of my phone No no it’s not a big deal.
Please. Nice dress. You were in all the photos that day
I had my doubts because of that No no now a days lt’s
good to be cautious You have to be. So anyway, l am Sudha!
Sudha Chaturvedi. I am Arvind l am getting a call as soon
as l switch the phone on Hello! Ya right now I am
with one of my friend. l will call back
you in 45 minutes. Ok! Yes, Is it Wednesday today? Oh what time? Ok! l am coming right now Arvind, No, not you Arvind I have to
go I am so sorry.. It’s extremely urgent.I
completely forgot. Thank you. ya speak… I know it’s my mistake but you
should have reminding me at least. Hello this is Sudha speaking Hi, how are you? What is this why are you
having a ride on an elephant Where are you? How did you see? Did you see the bright
on your up side Yes There is a bus stop which is
far away from that bridge. Yes l can see bus stop. There’s a girl in
a black dress and ..a red shawl talking on the phone.
Did you see. Yes now I see it. Do you know whom
she is talking to? She is talking to
me, so that’s you.. Stop… Stop! Hi! -Hi! How are you? l am good Sorry l couldn’t speak to
you properly the that day That’s ok. We can talk today Where are you going? l am going to a friend’s house Come,I will drop you. What? On an elephant? No I don’t want to, l am scared You like Elephants right? Yes, l do liked them
since l was kid So what is the problem?
come on come. No eveyone will look
it will seem ood Don’t wory about all that l am with you come on come. Put your leg it’s
good give your hand Climb up carefuly. Relax and sit.
there’s no problem. Okay! lt’s poking me Madam this is an
elephant not a sofa. You don’t take a tension. -Okay! Where are you going? Lakshmi is not well that’s
why going to the hospital Oh so ls Laxmi coming
behind us in a car? Lakshmi is the elephant She is not
well thats why going to hospital. Oh my god, so are we
sitting on a patient? So what shall I order
a streature for it. “You’re the one for whom my
heart is looking for”… “Finally you came in my
heart, my beloved”… “I am like a blossom flower”… “You are my dream”… “Please dont go away from me
and my heart, beloved”… “How should I say you”… “I am crazy for
you, my beloved”… “Since many years my heart
was crazy for your love”… “You’re the one for whom my
heart is looking for”… “Finally you came in my
heart, my beloved”… “I am like a blossom flower”… “You are my dream”… “Please dont go away from me
and my heart, beloved”… “You look beautiful as the
sun rises in the morning”.. “I will sacrifice all the
beautiful views for you”… “Even the shadow of
your looks awesome”… “I will become cloud
to touch you”… ..”and falls like
rains on you..” “And rare touching you, its thirst
quenched it joins in the sea…” “How should I say you”… “I am crazy for
you, my beloved”… “Since many years my heart
was crazy for your love”… “At the time of
dawn and dusk”… “my heart become
restless to see you”… “My heart become restless if
I dont see you, beloved”… “I spin like Bumble-bee”… “I just find you”… “The god is listening and
will never seperate us”.. “How should I say you”… “I am crazy for
you, my beloved”… “Since many years my heart
was crazy for your love”… “You’re the one for whom my
heart is looking for”… “Finally you came in my
heart, my beloved”… “I am like a blossom flower”… “You are my dream”… “Please dont go away from me
and my heart, beloved”… Whats the matter you
look so happy today My relatives are coming
from my hometown To watch circus. -What circus. Dont they watch circus
in their village. they are coming from village.
What rubbish you are talking. You just book the 20
tickets in the first row. Hey Arvind your relatives have come.
-They have come! Uncle how are you? is everything fine?
How was the journey. Oh grandma has also come. Great. How are you dear? Are you fine aunt?
-Yes I am fine son. And uncle are you want to go somewhere?
-No not right now. So come first we see the
circus -No I don’t want to. Our house is like a mini circus
by itself, take all of them. My auntie looks same as body builders.
-Get lost! Hey Gowri are you studying?
-Yes – in which class? 10th class. -10th class. Since you are asking about you.
How are you Arvind? I am fine granny. Look at youerself. -Hey
where are you looking at? ..-Nothing. -Come lets go. I have brought sweets from home. From home. Oh the bell has rang. How to put on make up? Who
wants to come and watch? – l want to see.- Come on.
You stay inside. Did you see he left
without eating the sweets and he also took the
children with him. He will later on, dont worry. Hey listen. I am talking to you Listen…-whom you calling now.
-listen. Whom you are looking for? Hello madam, they
are calling you! Come here. Who’s she? How are you? who are you? What happened? You
didnt recognised us? No. Don’t you remember you came to our
town a year and a half back ago you enquired about the
lineage of Bodhi Dharman? That wasn’t me. Did you hear what she is saying? don’t you remember this girl? No , l don’t She came our home and
did a blood test and 2 girls was also with her. It’s seems like that but i
don’t remember properly. You don’t remember anything.. Listen girl, you came our home
and enquired a lot about Arvind l don’t understand what
you are talking about l don’t know anyone
called Arvind There must be some confusion sorry.
Excuse me. I have to go. Knowingly everything she
failed to recognised us. Even l have feeling
l’ve seen this girl By tomorrow I will
give her a gift. I am sure she will
accept my love. I love you.. Wow! It’s so nice. Thank you ! l made this myself. Really? Do you know how to make all this?
-Yes. Please read what’s
written in this? I love you.. Oh thank you. I love you too. My friend Malathi loves dolls. You could have made
one for her too She will take this. Make
for her the next time ok? But thank you so much it’s lovely.
Thank you! Fine, l am going out for some work.
Shall I drop you? Me? Let’s go? Come One Minute Hey did you gave the gift? – Yes. I gave it. Superb. Hey Arvind
has given the gift.. what did she said? She said l love you too Congratulations! No, That “l love you
too” had no meaning lt was just like she
doesn’t mean it. Now a days girls say l
love you to everyone. Even in the class she says
I love you to someone. Even in canteen she says
I love you to someone. lt’s became like a
‘hi’ and a ‘Bye’ The situation is
turning different l am inside the
ATM he is outside He gave me a gift today and
its written I love you in it. l said something and
just handled it But now what should I do? Be careful and tackle
him him properly. Remember this.. He is important to us Handle it carefully She’s telling me to made
this for her friend also. all right she is coming
l will talk later come let’s go. ”Goverment Museum” Arvind stay here for 2
minutes l will be back- OK Hi uncle! Come Sudha, l have
been waiting for you Have you brought book? Ye, l have How is your research going? Before four months ago
its been completed. Right now l have sent my
thesis to China and US l have application for permission here.
– Is that so? You’ve taken a big
risk for me Uncle Yes dear lt was risky. But
it was important too.. The book is back thats enough so don’t take a tension. -ok. Have you informed that boy? Hi! Will you be free at
10.00 am tomorrow? l want to talk to you Sure as you say.. l also
need to talk to you too It seems we are probably going
to speak about the same thing Ok bye! -Bye! – Uncle
– Hey who’s that girl? did you see her.
She’s my friend. -Wait let me call her
– Stop it For how long do you know her? Around 2 and a half months. Only two and a half months? She is in search of you for
last 1.5 years, do you know? No its not like that, uncle. She came here to find a
monkey for research… ….that’s when l met
her for the first time. She wasn’t looking for a monkey She is in need of you. she came to our town One
and a half years back She was enquiring about the
lineage of Bodhi Dharman and took blood tests
of all our relatives She compared the portrait of
Bodhi dhrman with your photo and enquired about your name
where you work and all of that l saw her here after that She acted as if she knew nothing She said she didn’t know you Your Aunt remembered her. Even I had a doubt on her. And now she dropped you here. Arvind what happaned to you
I just dropped you now Who are you? Why are you following
from last 1.5 years? Tell me… Arvind! What do you want from me? What? Arvind no…please listen to me. So everything was planned? You’ve cheated me with a plan That is what l wanted to speak
to you about tomorrow Arvind. l am doing a research l was a fool to believe you eveyone asked me why
she were behind you But I was fool I didnt
listen to anyone. Lies , Lies all of it. You’ve done a post morterm
on me when l am alive l was telling you
everything earlier What were you going to tell me? You do research in this
rat, rabbit and all. Look Arvind, I wanted to
explain you everything. But you.. You think that I am
in love with you.. Oh! If l told you that
l didn’t love you So you wouldn’t agree
to the research That’s why I didn’t
told you anything.. lf you assume love blooms
even if we just shake hands That doesn’t mean
it’s love Arvind.. Sto talking rubbish You were the one who
followed me eveywhere You will do anything
to get your job done You would have fallen
down for anything. Stop it Arvind. Your words seem to
mean something else Yes! l mean it that way lt’s your fault that you’ve
never socialized with girls Because you have been raised
up between elephant and camel. even if a girl just smiles,
it will seem like love. Yes Sudha. l am in love I know I am around with animals
but they didn’t lied to me. They didnt cheated me. The way you did, Sudha. You Know Nothing was wrong to
love all this animals. But falling in love with you is
the only thing that is wrong Right? -Yes What else do you
know besides love? Go to hell you and your love. “Slowly slowly I
became mad for you”… “Why did I lost in your love”… “You decieved my me
and my heart”… “Why can’t i understand
it before…” “I didnt know when I
become crazy for you”… “What we get back if
we love someone”… “She broke all my dreams
and left me alone”… “Even she stolen my
sleeps as well”… “Why she gave me such
a big punishment”… “Why did she left me alone “… “On whom should I believe
that I get decieved”… “But how my heart come
to know all this”… “Please dont fall in love”… “After you get the
pearl of love” She went away from my life”… “she made my heart cried”… “Love is all about the game”.. “May god protect to all”… “Love is like a sea”.. “who have never cross it”.. “Love is like an
intoxicating drug…” “lf you take it. It’s a
tough journey ahead…” “Slowly slowly I
became mad for you”… “Why did I lost in your love”… “You decieved my me
and my heart”… “Why can’t i understand
it before…” “I feel nice whenever
you are with me”… “I am like sequestered”… “as my heart is broken”… “How should I make
understand my heart”… “From where should I
bring the broken dreams” “I know you will never
come back for me”… “You remembrebce
will torture me”.. “You will make cry a lot”… “Is this a life to live”… “You are one counter(star)
in the sky”… “that no one can
reach over there”… “the dreams didnt fulfilled”… “It get disappear when
I open my eyes”.. “Slowly slowly I
became mad for you”… “Why did I lost in your love”… “You decieved my me
and my heart”… “Why can’t i understand
it before…” Arvind Won’t you leave me? l cannot leave you Listen he is very upset He is not conscious the moment
he return back from your place. Can you come out for
an hour with me? No this is how you took him
earlier and ditched him What fault can you
find with Arvind? Keep quiet Please just come out
with me for an hour Hey Arvind you have to go. You wait oust I will send
him within a moment. government museum Why did you bring me here? Come l will tell you There’s a story behind
each and every thing here Those of us living here
today are not true citizen. The ones who taught
the world about… … Valour and civilization
many thousand years back they were the true citizens. This is not a museum Arvind. This is a memorial
of a true citizen’s Will you believe me if l said our
ancient study of sciences is… … around 500 years ahead
of today’s modern science? Today, space research
scientists tell you about…. …the 9 planets and their names
with the help of a telescope But several 1000 years back we worshipped the 9
planets in our temples How? How was Arya bhatta
able to tell…. the weight of the earth
1500 years back? The forecast says it will rain
tomorrow but it’s doesn’t They say it will be
sunny but it rains… That’s modern science They can accurately arrive at
the full moon or no moon day… …for even 20 years with our
moon less and full moon.. How’s that? That
is our science… Look at this Book This book and l have
no connection… But you have a connection
with this book Do you know who wrote this book? The Great Master ‘Bodhi Dharman’ An Indian Also calls him another Buddha… Before to know what’s
there in this book… I want to show you something. Don’t cry son. Have your food. Look at these childrens. All of them are
suffering from cancer. Even at the age 7-8 they
are suffering from cancer. What is their fault? In this age they didnt
have any bad habbits… that they will
suffer from cancer They are mentally
challenged children… While all other kids go
to school happily… …but only they are
struggling for life What is the reason for this? Genetic disorder, which
starts from the birth. A man’s DNA determines his disease as well
as his talents. Each call in our
body has this DNA ln simple words… hereditay disease
hereditay behavior.. both come through DNA Heart attack , Knee
pain , Diabetes the disease that
those children had.. the root of all this is
in our hereditay DNA Diseases and defects that
are passed on through DNA …can be rectified
in the DNA itself… … this is what my
research is about One more important thing… We can also bring back hereditay
talents through this DNA research An artist , A warrior’s
hereditay DNA will still carry those talents. By stimulating them we can bring back those
hereditay talents Bodhi Dhrman has written about
this in that book 1600 years back a book that was written 1600 years
back speaks about DNA research? We need to see these great people
as Scientists not as Gods. 2 years back a research
organization… Dug up the place were
Bodhi Dharman was buried Look at here They got DNA details of
Bodhi Dhraman’s skeleton through his hair and teeth
from his mummified remains l saw this on the internet This is Bodhi Dharman’s DNA l learnt that people from
Bodhi Dharma’s lineage.. Your relatives still
lived near Kanchipuram l went in search of them ‘KANCHIPURAM’ l tested them to check if Bodhi
Dharman’s DNA pattern… …matched everyone
of your relatives That’s when l went to
your Uncle’s house l saw something
amazing in that house A picture of yours that had a striking
resemblance in Bodhi Dharaman l took your hair sample
from a comb you had used As l guessed your DNA pattern matched Bodhi
Dharman’s more then 83% l came in search
of you after that When you got hurt at the circus and
were admitted at the hospital… l took all the test that were needed
for my research through the doctors Bodhi Dharman’s talents
are there in your DNA This is called genetic memory When this memory is activated , Bodhi
Dharman’s talents will come in to you Can bring back the
Bodhi Dharman… …who lived 1600 years
back with the same talents But how will those
talents be useful today Bodhi dharman was a great
Medical practitioner ln our county’s mountains
are filled with… …thousands of herbs that
cure several diseases. The details of these were erased with
the many invasions that happened later Bodhi Dharman knew the use of
every leaf and every root. That knowledge should
benefit the whole world All this can happen only
if you agree to it. what should l do? Welcome sir! Hey what are you doing there? Hey I am asking to you. Are you a Gurkha.. Who are you? What are you doing here? Get up Look at what this is… Needle, Medicine, Gloves, Box… Sir. l can only see the skeleton Who are you? Sir! What’s going on Dong Lee? Operation Red get a
successfull start. Has Someone died? 9 policeman. -When that
girl sudha will died? I will kill her tomorrow. Don’t let born Bodhi
Dharman again. I will end Bodhi
Dharman completely. – Thanks Arvind
– For what? You agree for my this
research that’s why. The meeting that is going to happen
now, it’s been my dream for 3 years So you trying for 3 years? l started my research
3 years back l’ve taken a lot of references and
have finished it theoratically. I have sent my thesis to
America , China , Canada None of the countries
responded though why, can’t this research
be done in India Yes I can. but need Goverment permission to
conduct research on a live person That’s why this meeting Today all big scientists are going
to be a part of the meeting but l can explain my
research vey clearly See this type of researches is conducted
in re American Society of Human Genetics. because to conduct a Human beings
research there are many laws involved. Ya theoretically your research is perfect.
-thank you. Let’s see what other scientist
will think about this. This is prof.Ravindranath Tyagi. He is well connected with all
the scientists in the world He encourages me a lot At the end I am saying that… …My DNA research is.. developed humanity.. …Against Heridatory
diseases… Thank you! Next Sudha chaturvedi. I am Sudha Chaturvedi. I’d like to thank everyone for
this wonderful opportunity today. I am persuading
Genetic Engineering. Even school kids conduct
Genetics researches now a days. My research is based on Genetic
disorder and Genetic memory. l have to cite a lot of
examples from Indian history.. …and Indian Medicine
to support my findings So can l speak in Hindi? Bodhi Dharman was a
near equal to Buddha He lived in the 6th Century. He was well accomplished in
Martial Arts and Medicine when l did a DNA test on family
members from his lineage l found that Arvind’s DNA had match
83% of Bodhi Dharman’s talents My research is about
activating this genetic memoy Your research is very advanced. Even America is at a
preliminay stage in this No Sir, Bodhi Dharman has written
the methodology for this in a book You cannot do DNA research
based on a Hindi book Should we ignore a book only
because it’s written in Hindi? This has become a
fashion Mr.Nelson They bring up Hindi
for everything. Listen English which is 800
years old is important to you.. but for me Hindi, which is come
before that is always important lt’s just been 2 lakh years since
mankind evolved but been… ….10 lakh years
since Monkeys did Does that make monkey more
important than humans? Your Hindi is like the monkey lt’s been old but of no use Sudha please.-Let him utter one more wrong
word about Hindi and he’s had it… Eveyone here knows Hindi. Why is talking non sense
about hindi language. lsn’t your grandfather
from the village Alibag? Will you forget Hindi because
you are settled in Germany? lf I only sreak in English
so you will believe But you will laugh if
I speaks in Hindi. We youngsters don’t
have a chance here. Reservation , recommendation
corruption… That’s why all the talented
ones are running away abroad First the English came
here and enslaved us now we go there and
enslave ourselves What’s the difference? This is why l did not
want to call youngsters. ls she a girl? She
said she’ll hit us what happened Sudha? People abroad don’t respect
us because we are Indians People here don’t respect us just
because we are speak in Hindi. What are they saying? They are not ready
to even listen Excuse me…We read your
assignment yesterday. Really fantastic stuff. lt
will be successful for sure. But anything nothing happen
here you head to the U.S Listen. Won’t they
listen to all of you Sorry sir, If we say something
they play with our internal exams – How?
– This is our numbers lf you need any help with
your research please call us So what will we do now? -We can not do
anything In India without their support Are you, Sudha chaturvedi? Yes it’s me Sudha. We want to ask you something. You come with us to
the Police station. Police? Can l come along? Ya! You also came. Do you know him? Santhosh!!!He is my neighbor. Why is he…. He killed his father
to slashed his neck This happened in
front of your house. And now he’s bluffering says some
Chinese man want to kill you.Ask him. Santosh! l didn’t do anything Dad heared a noise
and went to check A Chinese man was tying
to open your door He tried stopping him and
was enquiring with him And he kill my father.. l don’t know anything after that He has been saying the same
thing again and again. Hello can you hear me? Hello! He is that man sister.
It’s him sir. He came.. Run… He
is looking for you Hello control room. Hey let’s go fast You go away from here.-catch him Sister run he’s looking for you. Please You run from here -Arvind
please wait don’t go there. Have you lost your mind sir.
Sir.. You don’t stay here Please go or
else he will kill you sister. Arvind! Come let’s go quickly. Don’t move That way. He’s just looked one time and the policeman
started firing. Who is he? l didn’t believe it
when the boy spoke. What is this? That’s Hypnotism That art also went from India But why has he come
from china to here And why he wants to kill me? I dont understand anything. Turn the auto around We follow him turn
the auto around Arvind what are you doing?
We’ve just escaped from him Where has he come from? Why is he killing?
We have no clue Let’s find out something You turn the auto around Arvind!- come go fast. Listen to me Arvind.It’s
a very big risk Arvind. See that he’s going. Follow that car do it quick. Okay sir.. Someone lives here
who helps him. lsn’t this the Professor? Arvind Come in. No one is here. What a house? This doesn’t look like
a professor’s house Ok! they came back anytime so before that we have
to find everything. You haven’t told me
what to search for Search for some connection between
this Chinese man and the professor. lf you find something odd
informed me about it ok? Arvind. Arvind l am tense not knowing
when they’re coming back l told you to search
some odd thing and you are searching the trash? lf you want to know something
good about a man… So look at his Books And if you want to know the bad
then things search in trash. ln trash we get important mail. They are planning something
called operation red in India They have sent someone
called Dong Lee for that This Chinese man’s name
is probably Dong Lee But what is the link
with this professor? They have illegally given him
300 Crores in his account.. -What 300 Crores?
-Yeah l will send a copy of
this mail to my mail This seems like
something big game. Yes.. Let’s meet the Professor at
the College tomorrow itself We’ll threaten him with
the things from your mail and find out what this is about One second! It’s her. -who? Sudha. Talk to her. Hello sir! sorry to disturb you. Can l meet you at the
Department tomorrow? Is this your… Yes sir l want to speak to
you about that research One minute Sudha. She wants to meet me
tommorow in my department. He’s asking him for an idea They are looking for us they will ask to meet at a public
place, not in the department Sudha, can we meet at the
Lokhandwala circle tomorrow? Not at the department… We can chat up at any
coffee shop around there Ok sir thank you He has asked to meet near the
Lokhandwala circle at 9’o clock Let’s wait and see who the
real prey is going to be Been wanting to ask
you for a long while Where’s your family? Are they in Mumbai? These questions
struck you just now? My dad was a big Sidha
practitioner in Kolhapur. He was very talanted. He could easily cure diseases that
even big doctors could not diagnose This affected others business. hence they framed charges on
him called him a quack and Jailed him for 3 years After than he stopped
speaking to people He was died shortly after that After that health
centre at Kolhapur.. has been converted into lodge l get rent That’s it. My friend’s house is near by we can freshen up
there in the morning You don’t sleep please forwarded message at this time Subscriber is sleeping According to James watson the Helical
structure of the DNA allow us to extract the DNA and clubbed them together.
So by this you can also isolate.. l have to stop eating
rice immediately Have to start power yoga again l look fatter when I
looking at the mirror Chabi and l had a
big fight today She wants me to tell Arvind
that she interested in him I said I am not saying anything and
then she ask me that did you love him. Why? Shouldn’t l? He kind of agreed to the research
in his love failure mood But right now I am not thinking
about that kind of thing. I am not love him. but when he’s with me l feel happy I feel safe with him. Let’s see after the research This… Your phone was ringing so.. A forward message in
your phone.This… You were sleeping
when the message came Okay! Unaudioable sound.. “What happened to me
from last few days”.. “Everyone says I am in
love with someone”… “Why my heart
became restless”… “Why my heart wanders
anywhere”… “And in a flash
of lightening…” “Why are you embrancing
me my beloved”… “I feel shy to say
something”…. “What happened to me
from last few days”.. “Everyone says I am in
love with someone”… “Why my heart
became restless”… “Why my heart wanders
anywhere”… “I cant remove my
eyesight from you”… “And my legs leaped to
touch the skies…” “I feel shy to say
something”…. “Yes I know that I love you”… “Your heart aslo loves me”… “no matter your
lips refuses me”… “Today I tell you
that I love you”… “You are only mine
my beloved”… “my lips has no
obligation for you”… “One we had to fall in
love with each other”… “Someday my heart has
become yours”… “Even my heart waited
for you for my love”… “What happened to me
from last few days”.. “Everyone says I am in
love with someone”… “Why my heart
became restless”… “Why my heart wanders
anywhere”… “Why are you embrancing
me my beloved”… “l was drawn by the
golden rays of love…” “No one has undertand
my heart uptill now”… “I lost my sleep”… “I feel lonley without
you my beloved:… “I am not in consciouss”… “I may become mad for you”… “Even the condition of
my is same, beloved”.. “You young youthness
make me mad, beloved”… “Please keep an eye
on my youthness”… “the flower should not get
dry before it blooms”.. “I just became crazy
in your love”… “What happened to me
from last few days”.. “Everyone says I am in
love with someone”… “What happened to me
from last few days”.. “Everyone says I am in
love with someone”… “Why are you embrancing
me my beloved”… “l was drawn by the
golden rays of love…” “I feel shy to say
something”…. -Where you have to go?
-Post office! Hello! tell me Sudha where are you? We have to meet the
professor at 9 am The time is 9.10 am now where are you? l’m coming.I am in bus What bus…? Are you even serious
regarding this matter? l am waiting here for you. Now how to meet the professor Dong Lee would be
with him right? Message that professor’s
number to me Hello! Sir there’s a 30 acre
property in panvel. would you like to buy it? Who are you? What do you want? want you sir. heard you received
300 Crores Rupees from China think that you would need some
investments so that why calling you Didn’t understan anything. l don’t understad Hindi. Now how would you understand
if l speak in Hindi? You would understand
If l speak in Chinese That’s where a lot of
transactions happen these days You are doing mistake.
You will be in problem. Shut up! I have seized information
about the 300 Crores… ….from China and about… …Operation Red
from your computer Hello give it back to me Hey you think that I am fool. Now answere me my two questions Why does you peopple
want to kill Sudha? And what is Operation Red? Hello! l am getting another call
l will call you back Hey! ls your Chinese
buddy calling you? lf you dare to
disconnect the call… all news channels will flash information
about Operation Red this evening No don’t do this. What should l do? get in to an Auto -An auto?
-get in to an auto Okay! Auto.. Did you get in? -yes! Where I’ve to come? Come to BKC Driver Go to BKC Where are you now? I am near Leelavati Get of the auto and
walk near the station. But why? Get off the auto
and walk quickly.. Can you see a Subway there? Yes! Get into the Subway Have you got in? Climb up towrds the left. Have you come up? Yes! Get into the bus which is
there in front of you. Sit in. What’s the matter? Why you calling here.
-First came in. Oh my god! Hey what happened sir? -Who hit you Sir?
– Me Hey has anyone hit
professor like this? Hey do you know what he did? He has been paid 300
crores Rupees from China Its about dangerous mission
called operation red. Hey are you telling or not? Operation Red is a Bio War
waged by China on India Bio War means? Earlier when countries
were at war they had sword fights then they shot at
each other from a gun But the trend is of nuclear war. We can destroy the world
just by sitting at home. but this bio war neither
gun nor a missile lt’s a virus ln the 6th centuy millions of people in China died
of a virus called ”Hong Se” Dong Lee is the specialist sent
to re-create the same virus… … and spread it across India He has injected that
virus to a street dog ln 24 hours, the
injected dog would be seperate this disease by food. Hey! Hey! By now this disease would
have spread to many dogs from dogs it will spread
to humans quickly Earlier scientists
discovered cure to diseases Now a days they
invent new diseases No one can find a
cure to this disease But the Chinese has a medicine
to treat this disease lts the medical notes Bodhi Dharman
wrote more then 1600 year back ln 60 days more than 30 million of
the Indian population will die.. ..because of this disease When people get frantic without
a cure for this disease China will release
their medicine To get this medicine India will have
to agree to any policies China poses That’s the reason
for this Bio War You… But why were you behind Sudha? l sent Sudha’s thesis to
China three months back Bodhi Dharman’s DNA research
was a shock to them lf Bodhi Dharman’s
talents can be activated he can easily find a
cure for this disease He is tying to kill both of
you in order to avoid this Oh! so this is your game. You sold the country for money. We already have problems of
spurious medicines and fake doctors And now existing new diseases won’t you think that this disease
can get your family too? Arvind one second One second Arvind. We
have to do something. First we need to find out if this
disease has spread in the city My Uncle works with
the City Corporation can find out if we call him… … immediately. we have to deal
with this one steps at a time. Tell me Ashwin Uncle l want urgent information ls there a new disease that
has spread in the city? ..because of which lots
of people are dying. and in the veterinay hospital is so many dogs admitted. Give me 20 minutes l
will call you myself Ok! He said he will
call in 20 minutes Yes, it was our car that left
from post office at 9.30 am lt was booked by
Sudha Chaturvedi. But can’t tell you
where we dropped her lt’s against our rules No rules no details I want address. Fast track. Can i help you? 19th avenue Sangh mitra appartments
Aadarsh nagar. The car will be
there in 10 minutes Haven’t you gone yet? I said i want address. What is your name sir? Dong Lee. We can’t give details
for a name like that Hello Uncle yes tell me Ashwin you were right 6 people got admitted at
Coopar hospital yesterday of them one died at 8.30
and another at 11 .3O They are unable to
diagnose the ailment More than 300 dogs have
come in for treatment at… .. the veterinay
hospital on the same day This is all l have for now Ok we have to go to
hospital immediately What do we do with him? Hey is there a land
line in this room? – No Let’s take the stairs -Where is the general ward?
– Third floor Can we go there? -Yes! God! It’s the same disease
that came in the 6th centuy Bodhi Dharman went to China
to stop this coming to India and now it’s here What a huge betrayal Once I found him, I
will not spare him. No Arvind that’s
not important now The disease that has spread is
more dangerous more than him. lf we keep patients in
the general ward… … the disease
will spread faster Let’s go. First we need to shift the patients
into isolation immediately Ashwin, contact the health minister and
explain the seriousness about this disease. lmran, collect medical reports of
all these patients and mail to WHO Give the full details about the disease
through telegram and mail to everyone. Nisha , Malathi both of
you contact news channels We have to inform public how
dangerous this disease is. -Ok! Arvind, l will go and meet
the Dean of this hospital You go and meet to
chief and doctors. Let’s go. -Okay! What are you saying? A disease that came in 6th century?
-Yes Doctor this disease came to China in
the 6th century and lakhs… …of people died because of it A man called Bodhi Dharman from
Kanchipuram went there and cure it Oh! the first doctor
who went abroad Now that disease has
come back to India 3 of those patients are
admited in your hospital In which ward? Patients in bed numbers 76 ,77,
and 78 in the general ward Oh are you talking
about that patients Yes! That’s Chicken pox lf we give a dose of anti viral
they will get discharged on Monday No doctor , they need to
be isolated immediately lf you keep them
in general ward… …it will spread
to other patients. infact give face masks to the Doctors
and nurses attenting to them Look here girl, need to
do the blood test… …urine culture and all of that lt will take 5 days for
the results to come After that they’ll be treated Till then we will change medication
if they don’t get better Doctor please try to understand
we can’t have time for that Please understand doctor. l don’t have time either l have
to attend the OPT patients Doctor! They are here. If you want to meet doctor.. you can’t see him without bribe Hey! this is vey important Hello! -Hello Arvind
– Yes Sudha Get out of the hospital
through the back gate Why? Dong Lee has come
here in search of us Where is he now? Arvind don’t be in hurry We can’t do anything to him eveything will get
wasted if he spots you Arvind please try to understand. Arvind. -Okay! Where should l come now? Come to the rear side
of the hospital. I am coming. Hello, this Dong lee Dong Lee how are you? Listen carefully. l’ve tried controlling
someone’s mind l don’t know why but l couldn’t I want to know reason. l need to speak to the master That’s impossible Dong Lee can control
everyone’s mind He get a training
for this but now but where is he now? He is in Mumbai ,in India But there he couldn’t
control someone’s mind. -He shouldn’t be there
-But why? -Ask him to come back
-first tell me this. Why couldn’t l control his mind? DAMO! That’s Damo’s bloodline We have killed him. Let’s see what his blood can do Call your friends and
ask them to come here Arvind he’s here
He’s looking for us Where? Listen! Hide your face. Don’t look at there. Come. You all wait. Stop! Hey what are you doing? Sudha! Sudha! come. come let’s go. Sudha! Let’s go from here. Sudha! Hey wait. Sudha! Come let’s go quickly. Lets go come on. Let’s go Leave me. Sudha you go. -Arvind. Leave me. Did Sudha call? He came to the hospital Yes she told us. She’s asked us to come too Oh my god! What happened Sudha? He’s more dangerous
that we thought he was We’ve fled to save
our live Arvind… Arvind. Arvind. What happened Arvind? In our India.. lf a child was born dead they cut the chest
and burn them. They told never to show
your back and flee at war and today was it really brave
that we ran to save our lives? If he had kill us in Malaysia Srilanka But he kill us in our country. And we will only.. …afraid and run to him. Then you say what
should we do Arvind? Who taught about valour to world
It’s that indian country. And now we lose in our country. We have to hit back. He shouldn’t get back
alive from our land No Arvind, he’s too powerfull We can’t win against him Right we can’t Our valour along with the
swards locked up at the museum. We need to bring that out Arvind we need to first
understand our situation Our neighboring county
fought in the name of Valour did we win? We only lose Get the difference between
Valour and Betrayal lf 9 countries got
together to kill 1 India …that is not called Valour That’s Betrayal l understand Arvind l didn’t say we
should let him go We have to first stop the disease
that is spreading by the minute. Then go after Dong Lee Both look impossible in
the different situation lt’s possible Only one person can cure the
disease and destroy him Bodhi Dharman We need to start
that DNA research We need to bring back
Bodhi Dharman’s talents Let’s hit back at him
the way you wanted We should strike back so hard that no one in the darkest
unseen corner of the world will dare to raise his
hands on a Indian We need a Human
Genetic Lab for that No one should know about it He shouldn’t spot us for 12 days -Ther’s a lab l know
-wait lf no one should know where we
are going to before 12 days then one of you needs to stay
back and help from the out side And even he should not
know our whereabouts Correct. Malathi you are
the right person. We need to de-activate
all our SIM cards Only two simcards
will be activated. One for us and the
other for Malathi All the things we need
will come through Malathi and even she won’t know
where we are going to be l will tell you how Malathi, throw out your
cell phone SIM card We will send you a new card Okay! All the best. Now tell us where the lab is That lab in Gandhi park This is Gandhi Madapam This is the Cancer Institute The IIT campus is
in between this This is the place Ashwin
was talking about There is a big forest behind IIT Campus is spread
across 650 acres Of this 450 acres is a forest No one knows of such a big
forest within the city This is the composites
Technology Centre This the Machine Dynamic Centre The Genetic Engineering
Lab is 4 kms from here We are going to this Lab What if someone comes
there in 12 days? Luckily it’s the Semester
holidays time now lt will be closed for
the next 18 days lt’s all German
equipments in there lf we need medicines or herbs We will get them through Malathi Ok! When will Ashwin come? He will bring the
keys to the Lab buy the new SIM cards
and come here by 11 pm Has eveyone de-activated their SIM cards.
– Done Lets go. -ok! “Now we all will
not keep quite”… “we will never
leave the hope”… “Let’s make tomorrow
the day of victoy…” “we will make their
head fall down”.. “There’s no one to stop us…” “We are moving forward
taking fire in our heart”… “no matter if we want
to walk on fire”… “we are here to burn
all the enemies”… “lf we rise we will
rise like the waves…” “we will shine
like lightening”.. “we will move ahead”… “we will never look back”.. “we can do everything
we want”… “we will never stop even
though anyone stop us”… “we have set up our mind”… “We dont have any sorrows”… “by happily we have
choosen our path”… “all the people will watch how
we will destroy the enemies”.. “by our one move everyone
will get shock”… “we will destroy our enemies”… “come on move ahead and
kill all the enemies”… “Dont be mercy on them
and kill everyone”… Greetings. The mysterious disease
that has been spreading has claimed 118 people died. People are on the roads
protesting against the lack of medical facilities in
ashok nagar and mayur vihar. Now this mysterious disease is
spreading in whole country. Now this disease is spread
on other side of the state. All companies is closed due
to mysterious disease. The disease spread like fire the initial
symptoms are red boils on the face. There are too many hospitals where the
medicines are not available for patients. because of this riots have taken
place all over the city… We have to find the treatment for
this diseases as soon as possible. A hospital in was attacked
for refusing treatments As you can see our camera man
has all hospitals in states. As you can see all hospitals are over full
by patients due to mysterious disease. “we will never stop even
though anyone stop us”… “we have set up our mind”… “We dont have any sorrows”… “by happily we have
choosen our path”… “all the people will watch how
we will destroy the enemies”.. “by our one move everyone
will get shock”… “we will destroy our enemies”… “come on move ahead and
kill all the enemies”… “Dont be mercy on them
and kill everyone”… “come on move ahead and
kill all the enemies”… “we will destroy our enemies”… “come on move ahead and
kill all the enemies”… “Dont be mercy on them
and kill everyone”… Yes sir! How can i help you? I want to know Who was buy this? Sir I can’t tell this. This CD was purchased in 22nd February.
and payment made by Card. And card holder’s
name is Imran sahid. Credit card was HDFC bank. His name is Imran sahid. Tell me What he
purchased earlier? He was purchased something in
Apollo Farmacy 2 days before. Yesterday he was full
the petrol Rs.1500 Address is, Bharat
Petroleum Shivdi. TN09 AT 7419. TN09 -one second. -AT 7419. Yesterday in this car Imran… …was full the petrol. -Okay! But it seems.. …That is not Imran’s car. I want to know name and
address to that car’s owner. You were right Lee. They have total 6 people not 5. One girl helped them from outside.
Her name is Malathi. She’s Sudha’s school friend. And she’s in third year
in Civil Engineer. This is her address. Find malathi. And you will find
everyone automatically. If we know about their whereabouts
then don’t leave Malathi. Kill her. I am going to do
exactly like this. And don’t leave anyone Otherwise you will be in danger.
Kill everyone. -Yes! Madam. Madam. What is it? Good. Good plan. I won’t tell you anything. Because i also don’t
know there whereabouts It’s time for Bodhi Dharman. You Can’t escape from them. Tell them good luck on my behalf Malathi did you send everything
which is in the list? Genetic engineering lab. Malathi? – B wing. East newton circle. IIT campus Gandhi park Imran how did you get
malathi’s phone? And where is malathi? Why are you giving
the address now? This time you will not escape. You bloody… If you hate India and you dare so why
don’t you fight with Indian army. Why are you killing
innocent people? Arvind will killed you. You can’t escape
from Bodhi Dharman. Imran. Imran! Answer me Imran. Imran! Imran! Imran! What happened? Imran! What happened Sudha? Sudha. What happened? Sudha we need to go. We cannot continue
the research now. He must be heading here now Today is the last day do you want us to run
just to save our lives? Yes Sudha. Arvind’s life is more
important than ours now Bodhi Dharman’s DNA is important lf not us, someone else will continue
this research after 50 years hence but for that to happen
Arvind must be alive. But where will we
take to Arvind? sunlight shouldn’t
fall on his body Even if we all die, we will
save Arvind’s life. Let’s go. Cover his whole body.
We have to save him. Cover his full body. -Sudha
-Yes! Dong Lee is here Arvind! Arvind! What’s this?… Due to this disease the number
of died people had become less. We called it’s miracle because
this illness is cure by the… …Mr. Arvind who was
working in circus. You said that we’ve forgotten
about our custom and literature. But now a days how
that is usefull to us. Just as it is imporant
for a lost kid to know about name of parents and the address it’s important for us
to know our history We’ve forgotten our science because
we have forgetten our history The many rulers who ruled us
didn’t want us to know… ..about our Greatness or Valour
they hide it from us on purpose They erased our identity in the
name of conversion be it… .. Language , Race or Religion They made us burn priceless
ancient Palm leaf inscriptions… …during the Holi festival What’s worse.. Records of histoy
numerous inventions thousands of rare books were
burnt to ashes in library try to know our history and teach
it to those who don’t know about it Don’t give a religious connotation
to the usage of turmeric talk about the science behind it teach them it is an anti-biotic And because we failed to do that a country that doesn’t grow turmeric
has taken the patent rights for it To avoid germs from
entering the house… cowdung was sprinkled
and kolam was drawn as we did not teach
this why we are sticking kolam in tiles Tell tham neem tree, tulsi
tree in house is all medicines We must teach our next
generation on how we …were living. We were the
path beares for this world.. And because we
have not done this we lost everything and We are all struck by
smaller countries and are tying to toe their line That’s not all just like we send export quality
clothes and fruits abroad we are also exporting
intelligent Indian We’ve not only forgotten
Bodhi Dharman but several thousands of great scholars
and great minds that lived here They are all alive in your DNA They are alive in our blood lt’s not that you have to bring
them out only through research you can bring them out
through our efforts.

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  1. Never trust china
    China hides coronvirus case in 2002 but revealed by WHO and now asking help.You always created some new diseases

  2. A very powerful movie with a very strong message… mai bhartiya hoon and I am proud of it…I am pursuing mbbs and iss desh ke liye kch acha krke jaungaa..

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