Character design – Cartoon Samurai speed drawing

Hey guys, this is Dan creator
of the Samurai Boy webcomic In this short video I’ll show you a quick illustration
of a cartoon-style samurai. (Which, you can guess, is a
character from Samurai Boy) First I use the Blob brush to sketch. I do it in a blue tone so I can set it apart
from the inking which I do in black. Here I draw once on his face and
then I duplicate it and flip it. I do the same thing with his eyes. (Duplicate and flip). Not only is the Blob brush here I also use the elliptical tool. For his beard I use the Pen tool. For pretty much everything else,
I stick to the blob brush. Illustrator is great for a lot of things but I think it’s specially good for cartoon style art. Which is the main style of Samurai Boy, my webcomic. This is Hajime, he is a real samurai and here’s the father of Samurai Boy. You can read more about him for free
at That’s it guys hope you like it! Bye bye!

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