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  1. It is sad. But remember female spiders also eat there male's after mating too. Sigh. It's what's called survival for the fittest.
    AND the female in this case is way more fit. Than the male Praying Mantius.

  2. Mantis’ are cool! Mantis’ are wicked sick! Mantis’ are ninjas!

    Me: Mantis’ are little fuckers that make you rip up your shirt because they bite at the back of your neck.

  3. Prain mantis logic: I’m in love with you but I need your ass stuck to my ass so you can Deliver your sperm into my thorax and you can’t do that alive for some reason so I’m going to kill you can control you so you can deliver sperm so bye

  4. Aww reminds me of my pet praying mantis.manti gaved him dinner every night….then he confessed his love by humping my hand

  5. So remember kids, always choose sex over survival, cause you're gonna die either way. So might as well have the sex.

  6. Almost like dating a 3rd or 4th Wave Feminist…

    Here's a question – which is worse – being a male Praying Mantis courting a female Praying Mantis, or Being a male human dating a Feminist?

    Answer, it's worse being the human male. A female Praying Mantis only tears off one of her mate's heads and then eats the rest, while a Feminist will rip off both of her mate's heads and never will eat him.

  7. Me: what's the moral of this story my friend (crush)?

    My crush: love hurts………… LITTERALY

    My crush gives me her sandwich and runs away screaming and crying my C: mamaaaaa!!!!!!!!

    Me: wtf

  8. Hes fine male mantises can fly most of em can and this from what its inspired by the species it most resembles males can fly females cant so either the mantis ecaped and lived or we got some lezbian action dont take this to offense

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