CGI **Award Winning** 3D Animated Short : “Through The Storm” – by Fred Burdy | TheCGBros

CGI **Award Winning** 3D Animated Short : “Through The Storm” – by Fred Burdy | TheCGBros

(waves crashing) Come back. -Come back. (shrill scream) *sobs* I know what you are, Banshee. Bring him back please. Let him come back home. Then take me to him. To the dead… I can’t… I have to bring him back. I need your help and you will give it to me. -Take me to my husband! (waves crashing) *gasp* (ragged breathing) *sharp inhale* (boat creaks) Where is he? (low growl) (growling) (growl) (intense growls and hissing) (growls) (growl) (fierce growl) *sharp inhale* (ominous music) (shrill scream)

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  1. Don't knw if anyone noticed d voice at the beginning “come back," I think is from the Titanic, the chara character rose at the End of the movie before she blew the whistle.

  2. She was warned by the banshee. Still she was willing to risk all for the man she loved. That is actually true love. I only watched this because the still picture looked interesting. I like the art, and the story.

  3. No, she asked to take him back with her. The banshee didn’t give her what she asked for. I was expecting he’d return with her but that he would be all different and mad that she returned him. Kinda like Pet Cemetery.

  4. Banshee – A female spirit whose wail forewarns death to those who hear it. Irish clans who have the O on their name like ÓBrain or ÓConnor are thought to have banshees. It is a tradition for mourning females in a family to wail while grieving someone’s death.

  5. i just learned i have the attention span of a 4 minute old fruit fly… couldn't even not skip forward on something already called a "short"

  6. wow…fantastic!…super scary and suspenseful. The Rolling Stones were right…"ya can't always get what cha want, but if ya try sometimes, ya just might find, ya get what cha need!"

  7. Отдать свою жизнь,,за любимого человека….насколько должна быть сильным Любовь!!!

  8. Even in mystical tales you cant exscape the rule of you cant get something from nothing. Even back before greece people always understood the conservation of energy.

  9. Не поняла, почему в конце они поменялись местами?

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