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  1. 4 years on and this is STILL the number one best CGI Animated short .. this and Dima's "Last Day of War" are the standards that of yet most can not even come close to challenging for the top spot.

  2. Actually the ingredients in conventional bombs along with the ash make exceptionally good fertilizer… especially when mixed with bone meal.

  3. It would be horrific if the aliens come to earth and they realize all the cities, transport systems, and war machines are working without control of any living being.

  4. what if we are those machines which have lost their operators and which are self sufficient to keep on doing whatever they are doing, what if those machines depicts us humans who have lost their roots to nature, hence are doing whatever that seems logical to that narrow ability to calculate and an inseperable instinct to keep surviving on all costs!

  5. 전쟁은 자동화로 계속되는건 이해했는데 해골이 비행기의 이착륙을 진행하고 무기적재도하고 모든게 자동화라는거야????
    좀 뜬금없네…

  6. 전쟁으로 인류 망한 뒤에도 기계들은 프로그램에 의해 계속 전쟁을 하고있단거네;;

  7. I have a cool idea for a D&D adventure based on this. A long time ago, two powerful mages fought for reasons long forgotten. After countless clashes, they both began building construct armies to fight by their side. These constructs wiped each other out, so they began working on self-repairing constructs, and instructed them to flee when badly damaged or outmatched and return to base for repair by other automated systems. Finally, after years of back-and forth, the two mages clashed again in the skies as their soulless armies fought below. Eventually, one of them got the upper hand, but in his spite the other closed the distance and cast an antimagic field, negating both of their ability to fly. They plummetted to their death, locked together and trying to strangle each other with bare hands.
    But they never gave their machine armies a command to stop, so to this day they sally forth every day to skirmish with one another, retreating if they face destruction. And if the party doesn't find a way to shut them all down, that's what they're going to continue doing as long as the world turns.

  8. Cluster bombs vs single nukes make no sense, other than that it was cohesive. Seems to be the left overs of a automated savagisation.

  9. つまりこれは人類が絶滅してしまった世界で尚、人間に課せられた任務をこなすオートマタの物語だね?

  10. Sir, why you made that bomb so weAk? It doesn't even melt the city after that 4 consecutive drops?
    Please make a 4 one-drop bomb scattered at different points of the earth, that can melt half the objects on earth's crust that includes massive crater like a full moon size, then create a story who made the final distination bomb, how they made/built it, include some strange and rare fuel they used in it, then connect it to this current video of yours.
    I think it will work, thanks.

  11. The earth is only people until we leave.  Then mother nature and time takes over once again, don't believe me just look at Detroit.

  12. At the end the camera pans down to the ground and views a cockroach flipping the middle finger in the air. The meek shall have the last word.

  13. Wonderful…but sad that man-kind just can’t stop fighting …the ultimate goal? supremacy over another entity! So sad! Gr8 film though animation is stunning!

  14. Damn. This was very intriguing. I hope for two things.
    1:No war like this ever occurs
    2:This is adapted into a film

  15. I watch this over and over again for so long now. The atmosphere is great and sinister. Great quality and well thought storyline. If anyone knows more of these kinds of movies please reply.

  16. 2019 here and may i ask how did that plane got so corroded before reaching the target location and maintained power

  17. So I gotta ask, I get that automated systems continue the war, but how did the pilots die? Even in their suits

  18. They’re still cleaning up bombs dropped during WW1. Fuck we might as well have these shits on autopilot dropping them long after everyone is dead…


    Roll Music: All Along The Watchtower (With Cylon Intro)

  20. I think what it's trying to convey is our machines will continue to kill us until we are gone and continue even when we are extinct

  21. russians are funny. a bunch of guys always pictures and makes these kind of bs vids just as if they wanna tell you we are coming for ya. well, then look at your design… english voice in the plane, english display and some russian on the body of that whatever 'bomber' .. lol wtf is that thing? russian suddenly speaks english?

  22. in the 50's and 60's I drew all the time rockets, space crafts, then ? it stop to electronics. worked at a parts factory for the space program. 71 TO 75. got out and sold foods for YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS ,HAVE A SMALL FARM.TODAY! always LOOKING UP TO THE STARS.

  23. This is why it is necessary that nations that are not advanced should do their best to resist taking sides when the big players are having issues. Let them – through the mechanisms of their own inventions – destroy themselves, and then what would be left still standing strong would be the former little guys.
    This is to all the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, French, North Koreans etc; when you guys will start your WWIII, the smaller guys like us will sit it out and watch you all bomb yourselves back into Stone Age, and we will be the ones calling the shots in the new world that would be left behind.

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