CGI 3D **AWARD WINNING** Animated Short : “Sumer” – by Alvaro Garcia | TheCGBros

CGI 3D **AWARD WINNING** Animated Short : “Sumer” – by Alvaro Garcia | TheCGBros

I’m so sorry… my dear son I’m sorry that you have to grow up in this place. Alone. Many years ago the world was so different. Our ancestors lived among trees and plants that flourished… cohabiting with other living creatures. Birds filled the sky, and huge whales swam in the great oceans. We were able to drink the water from the rivers, relax with our families, and play in lush, green grass. We were able to breathe… fearlessly. Us humans had everything. And that was precisely what made us lose it all Self destruction. We never knew when to stop. And all we leave behind is deserts… droughts… emptiness. We have murdered Mother Nature, herself. I hope you can forgive us. -Mom (incoherent announcements from a loudspeaker) (sounds of desert winds and ambience of emptiness) Humph! Oomph!! What’re you doin’ here, kid? Turn around and go home. there’s nothin’ ‘ere for ya. (gasps) Leave. (wind chimes outside the window) (soft, deep, flute music plays) (bird chirping) Huh!? (coughing citizen complains that the toxic air is ‘killing him’) (loudspeaker blaring incoherent announcement) Move. (constant whirring of alarm siren in the distance) (unibike engine starts. action music begins) Hey! Stop! Kid!! Stupid! (adventurous music plays) (bike sounds warning tones regarding air toxicity levels) (THUD!) (crash) (wind blowing) (bird chirps) Hhhh! (bird chirping) (deep rumble in the distance) (ominous tune plays) (spooling of aircraft engines) (from aircraft loudspeaker) You CANNOT leave The City. You have broken Sumer 39 protocol. For your own safety, please return. (action music begins) Humph! (photon gun charges up to fire) WAIT!! Aahhhghh! Put down the gun! He’s just a kid! (guards profanely arguing in the distance) Fuck. Wait! (panting) (music crescendos) Oh… my… God. (desert flute music plays softly) (music of triumph and discovery plays)

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  1. That, or something like it, is what I would expect biology to do in case of a major extinction catastrophe in our planet.

  2. I am sixty years old and today, for the first time in my life, it is too hot to be outside in my northern location.

  3. I liked this video this video opened my eyes …. we do very bad with the earth … one day the earth will definitely take revenge from us….🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Well the intro dialogue was certainly confusing and apparently blames humanity for the impact of massive non terrestrial objects… thats just utterly ridiculous

  5. watch this today. And I learn one thing " even if a single person is alive ,he eill need guns to protect himself "

  6. Bir geri zekalı ya anlatır gibi neden altta açıklamalı yazı çıkıyor salakmısiniz oğlum siz amk

  7. Угробить все… чтобы потом…
    Создавать все заново…
    Нет бОльшего хищника на земле…
    Чем человек…

  8. Gaia was trying to punish the humans for killing the beautiful trees and animals and decided to conjure a giant asteroid that eventually killed everything, except for the humans who are apparently thriving.

  9. CMIIW, but human need to work really hard (or it is impossible) to eradicate all life on Earth (even when we detonate all nuclear arsenal humanity currently have). What human can do is to make Earth inhospitable for current life forms living on Earth (including human)… and then, perhaps after several decades or centuries or millenniums (or could be much much faster) which is simply a blink of an eye for Earth, life will back thriving on Earth, perhaps in form we will never see.

  10. La vida se abre paso ante cualquier sircunstancia,el ser humano esta apunto de vivir su propia extincion,el planeta tierra seguira sobreviviendo!!!

  11. typical globalist agenda propaganda in film. Earth will not be destroyed by humans, really not possible for the teachings of scarcity are a #1 tool for all tyrants, socialists, communists, globalists, luciferians. Total control is their goals, and when those forces of darkness with all their slithering nice words get into power, then the humans and all nature suffer, every time. shall we not have a film, showing how if we avoid the powers of control, and use liberty minds, common sense, then you shall see amazing things happen, but greed, lusts for power and control over every aspect of humanity = the real destruction of life on Earth. Such is the lure of darkness, and governments and these ideologies are to blame every time. But the Creator will not allow humans, the few globalist who seek our destruction to destroy humanity and the Earth. we have the ability to be more, through the Creators teachings, common sense and a life of liberty. But sadly those in power, will cause much destruction in the not too far future and much of humanity and life on Earth will be harmed by their goals of global domination and reduction of the human population by 80%. so they can enslave the rest. such are their stated goals. beware of all forms of propaganda, for I am a warrior of light, liberty, and know what is soon to take place. have a unique future. prepare spiritually, and temporally. We shall rebuild when Creator returns and the darkness is eliminated from this Earth. But the hearts of the people must turn to Him, for any hope of survival.

  12. Once my house near forest… My whole saw peacock foxes and several other animals… Which metro cities friends never ever think of … That beauty and fresh air….
    Now earaseing fast… New monsters company eating our forest… Animals are more afraid then ever … I try my all… But now I am helplessly seeing all destruction , most greenery gone… Majority valuable insects gone… Only tears remains… Somebody taking away my happy lovely childhood… Which I want to gift my future family…

  13. The earth always reborn…humankind sucks and will never understand this…we are the parasites

  14. PURAS MAMADAS INVENTAN PUERCOS INFELISES . 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😇😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😇😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  15. Whoever did your audio track did a terrible job. No one wants to hear the crackeling of someone talking.

  16. The entire premise of this film shows a fundamental lack of understanding of biological systems and the food chain

  17. Por qué cojones está en inglés sí pone Álvaro García como productor?🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Um…humans need to eat either plants or animals. How are they alive? This needs to be explained. Other than that and the ball sack helmets, pretty darn good.

  19. Мда. Очередной высер. Очередной безумный ребенок. Очередной тупо бессмысленный толиторизм. Куда катиться мир. Мир катится к овощам.

  20. Very well done! For a while I forgot I was watching an animation. Won't be long before it will be impossible to tell the difference between live actors and animated ones. This is a nice story that actually has a somewhat happy ending. Even after the complete destruction of Earth's ecosystem, life will somehow find a way to re-emerge in niches here and there. Good message to see in this decade of worsening Climate Change.

  21. Opening monologue: "We ruined everything!"
    Shows two massive meteorites smashing into the planet
    Yep, totally our fault and nothing to do with those big space rocks.

  22. அருமை…
    வரவேற்கின்றேன் புதிய இயற்கையான உலகம்.

  23. Nice movie, great graphics. Interesting storyline, I would have liked to have seen it as a full length movie. Hell I even would have been willing to pay to see it. Bravo to all involved with the project. 👏

  24. White people never make movies about saving our planet. It's like this the future you envision for everyone. You guys are sick!

  25. Today some.people may think it is
    Not a good theme but
    In fact we r moving towards a future similar it
    Very good creation

  26. The style of animation and graphics reminds me of those final fantasy cutscenes. I like how in the end even the guards where surprised with the forest, it was not that they where hiding it from the people.

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