CGI 3D Animated Trailer: “For Honor- Thin Red Path” – by Unit Image

CGI 3D Animated Trailer: “For Honor- Thin Red Path” – by Unit Image

Honor What do you know about honor? You Who has never faced true fear Learn what honor is before pretending you are a warrior Know this before you step onto that thin red path when no misstep is allowed Path that only ends when your legs fail to support you And your heart stops beating A path where sadness goes along with pain, and where glory is the color of blood This now our path goes only one way The way covered with enemies and brothers And it will take you without any shame into the hands of death For the name you were given and for your descendants For Honor

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  1. Just gonna put this out there but having honor is not what everybody has.Honor is you stand their with your fellow brothers and you fight until you die.But if your the last one alive and the enemy is coming at you with 4 people, don’t run away because you are dishonoring your fraction.But if you stand their and fight until you die,like what they said in the video when you die even though you fought 4 people you died without any shame and everyone will think you as a hero because you died as a honorable warrior

  2. Come brother, death whispers lets walk the red path with honour for glory your name shall be sang by the angels themselves

    me: screw you bitch I'm gonna die like every other accountant around these times, I'm leaving this hell hole on a rat's ass laddie I yeah that's right I got the plague!!!!

    army general: you've been drafted as a weapon of mass destruction

    me : gets launched from a catapult as a bio weapon,
    "death babe help meeeee! "

    death : screw you softly with a chainsaw bitch!

  3. "Honor what do you know about honor"
    plays for honor multiplayer
    Gets pushed of ledges and stabbed in the back

  4. Too bad the game is shit due to zero fucks given by Ubisoft . I would buy the game but not until reviews of steam get better.
    And fuck you Ubisoft for treating your customers like this.

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