CGI 3D Animated Short “SpyFox” – by  Team SpyFox | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short “SpyFox” – by Team SpyFox | TheCGBros

Ringling College of Art and Design presents Yes… Everything is going according to plan…
(Villainous laughter) In one hour, my laser will melt the polar ice caps and flood the world! Then WE will RULE!
(Villainous laughter) (Jazz music) Finally, a night to ourselves. (Pager beeps) Sorry, Lily. Fox.. You promised! Looks like we’ll have to put this date on “paws”. (Spy music) Gingerbread presents ..Huh?! Hmmm.. Ugh! (Squeeky toy sound) (Thump!) (Indiscernible distant words and chuckling) Doctor Hammer.. (Swinging metal sound) Gasp! (Muffled yell) Excellent… It’s almost time for the grand.. “finale”… (Villainous chuckling) It’s time to put your plans on ice, Doctor Hammer! Agent Fox… (Startled sardines) Looks like I came when things were just “sardine” to get interesting! “Fintastic” of you to join us, Agent Fox! We’ve been expecting you… Fox! Lily! Make your choice, Agent Fox: Save the world, or the girl? (Engine powering up) Fox! SARDINES! MOVE your tails! KILL HIM! (Clang!) Gasp! (Screaming sardine) (Chuckling) Ugh! Hiyah! (Villainous laughter) FOX!!! (Villainous laughter intensifies) (Distressed moans) Oof! (Silence bullet) (Shattering glass) (Electrical short) (Distressed moan through clenched teeth) (Engine powers down) Aaah!! Well DONE Agent Fox.. But you’re too late! KILL THEM! KILL THEM NOW! Fox! Stop the laser! I’ll take care of them. (K’shing! Claws unsheeth) (Multiple sardines gasp) (Hiyah combined with angry cat sound) Ack! (Growling sardine) (Cat screech) Oof! Which button?! (Headbutt sound) Try the big red one! Right! (Hydrolic sound) ..No!! (Red alert sound) Let’s go! (Car ignition sound) (Elevator ping) What are you… No!
(Voice cut-off by closing door) (Bang!) (Soothing elevator music) ..Ah? Grrr… Egh..! (Laser sound) (BOOM!) (Electrical short) (BANG! Splat splat splat. SLAM!) (Deep inhalation and coughing) NO! CURSE YOU AGENT FOX! (Splat) (Smooth jazz music) Now, then.. Where were we? Hm?
(Pager beeps) (Irritated growl) (Nervous chuckle) (Beep) A film by Gingerbread
Taylor Clutter
Kendra Phillips
Yoav Shtibelman Soundtrack: Corey Wallace
Sound Design: Eliam Hoffman Foley Artist: Gareth Rhys Jones
Sound Effects Editor: Danton Tanimura
Foley Recordist: Andrew Boyle Faculty Advisor: Heather Thomson
Prepro Advisor: Billy Meritt Voices:
Dr. Hammer: Roald Woods
Agent Fox: Brian Butler
Lily Katz: Nicki Marinovic Minions:
Kendra Phillips
Susan Yung Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design Computer Animation Derpartment Special thanks to Paul Downs, Avner Geller, Kevin Andrus, Adam Campbell, Josh Garlick, Uri Lotan, Steve Hickner, Gordon Pinkerton, Liron Topaz, Lindsey St. Pierre, Elizabeth McMahill, Matt Sullivan, Susan Yung, Jim McCampbell, Jason Bennett, Dominic Avant, Peter Brown, Jeremy Cantor, Jamie DeRuyter, Jon di Venti, Ed Gavin, Deborah Healy, Sean McLaughlin, Martin Murphy, Gary Schumer, Karen Sullivan, John Williams, Anguel Bogoev, Elaine Wu, Christine Kim Family and Friends Hardware: HP Z800 workstations, Macbook Pros
Software: Autodesk Maya, Renderman, Nuke, Aftereffects, Photoshop, Premiere © 2013 Taylor Clutter, Kendra Phillips, Yoav Shtibelman

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  1. "Fox you promised.." me: YEAH FOX U PROMISED "sorry lilly looks like were gonna have to put our date on PAWS" Me: SHUT UP YOU PROMISED

  2. Why would the British be trying to stop him from melting the ice caps? As a brit myself I could tell you there'd be no dramatic change in weather over here

  3. 0:30 – 0:35 Yeah, it's been tried. Professor Finbarr Calamitous. HellOOOOO!!!
    1:18 Oh yeah, THAT's not inconspicuous at ALL. (Cinema-Sin Counter) (Ding)
    2:06, 2:14 – 2:21 Fish Puns (Cinema-Sin Counter) (Ding)
    2:23 Damsel in distress cliche' (Cinema-Sin Counter) (Ding)
    3:19 Aren't you TRAINED for this sorta thing!?! (Cinema-Sin Counter) (Ding)
    3:23 Ugh. (Cinema-Sin Counter) (Ding)

  4. Feels like an homage to the old "Spy Fox" point-and-click games. The puns, the over-the-top situations, the crazy gadgets… I like it!

  5. After james bond's fursona stops a shark running a sardine factory from melting the polar ice caps he later ignores another possibly important mission for some pussy

  6. 1:59 the fish yells and he puts his hand over his moth but the fish has a glass helmet so how dos that work movie logic

  7. Not To Be A Party Pooper In ANY Way But The Polar Ice Caps Flooding Would Only Kill Bangladesh, Florida, New York, Amsterdam, And The Center Of Australia.

  8. I have been learning about this in school so i have watched this clip more than once i love it so its a good job i have got it sruck in my head heeeeesh ?????⏰

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