CGI 3D Animated Short: “Reflection” – by Hannah Park | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short: “Reflection” – by Hannah Park | TheCGBros

Kat: (laughter) Bullies: (distant) No, the other day I caught her with her skater jacket. She was sweating like a pig. Bullies: And then she tries to pretty herself up with some make up, get over it. I – we all know what you are. Kat: Hi Gina! Bullies: Wow Kat, you should probably clean up that mess on your face. (laughter) Nice try. Bullies: (scoffs) I told you to get rid of those fugly skates. Kat: Oh no, yeah, I’m gonna get r-rid of them to-today. Bullies: Good, ’cause they were stinking up the hallway. (derisive laughter) Bullies: (echo)…told you to get rid of those fugly skates…stinking up the hallway…(derisive laughter) Kat: (laughter)

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  1. Hey dont listen to them that roller skates is cute just be happy the way you are and whats all about being beutiful makeup the bullies with makup are lookin disgusting

  2. One other thought for people who are being bullied….
    Bloom where you're planted & don't let feeble self hating bullies steal your sunshine 🤗

  3. Why to believe those whom you know they belittle you? Unfortunately, some of them are family members.

  4. Women wear make up to cover up their imperfections only to then laugh & mock at guys who dont have make up to hide their imperfections.

  5. gorgina: nice try but clear that dirty mess off your face ahahhahahaha bootiful girl ; none of your busniesss u big bully (smacks gorgina in face and lagh) hahahahah

  6. Be yourself in your own special way.
    Block out those who don't understand or even care what you really are because they're the blind ones to what actually could possibly happen for you when you have talent.

  7. This is SO relatable. When I was in Elementary school, people hated and antagonized me for being "different". See, I have autism and neither me nor my parents knew, so everyone just thought I was crazy for reading Edgar Allan Poe or The Works of Albert Einstein. Everyone pushed me down the hill at recess, tied my long, dirty blond hair around a tree, asked mockingly if somebody punched me in both of eyes because of the bags underneath my eyes, or just… be cruel: mock my unusual stance, my horrifically thin bony body, pretend I had a disease… nobody bat an eye when I silently cried in the corner of the classroom.
    This video captures the essence of wanting to give up everything you care about just to fit in, thinking it will make you happy. Trust me, after one tornado, several years and therapy, a-BOOM: a now confident seventh grader ready to take on the world- okay, maybe not the world, but definitely middle school delinquents. Take it from me, never give up on the things you love to be "popular" or "cool". Those things make up who you are. Never give up- I'm rooting for you!

  8. Dont listen to the others
    İf you wanna have small friend group.go ahead
    İf you wanna have a big friend group.go ahead
    İf you wanna wear makeup do it
    İf you wanna dont wanna wear makeup dont

    If you wanna be yourself definietly do it
    Some people might not like you
    Some people can be mean

    But that doesnt mean that you can be mean too.

    Be yourself as the way you are.
    Be the light even in the dark.

    Press the like if you are gonna be the light.
    Love ya'll(even if İ dont know ya'll)

  9. Their just jealous of a beautiful girl with beautiful green eyes everything she’s talented to DONT let those jealous girls stop u from doing what chu love

  10. I'm bored,if you'd like,comment down your favorite hobby or anything you want to do….I promise I won't judge and only if you want to😊😊😊😊😊

  11. 사람들 눈치 안 주고 다른 사람들에게 피해 안 주는 나만의 취미 하나씩 보유 하면 좋은 세상 ..

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