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  1. At begin of animation, metaphor of competition. At middle of animation, metaphor of war.
    At end of animation, the result of competition and war.

  2. Oh they are supposed to represent the bloods and crips battle for territorial domination of the streets of Los Angeles.

  3. how would a cgi short cost make and also how much would it be for a full length film made entirely in cgi or 3d animation

  4. As soon as I saw the red guy I was like OH YEAH THEIR GONNA MAKE THE COLOUR PURPLE ..-_-☹️????. And then all the action fiansly happened j got so excited I was like its gonna be more purple!!!HURRAY. At the end just great big meshes and mixes of blue and purple it makes me so annoyed because by now their should at least be a tiny bit of purple

  5. I kind of thought this represented right brained people and left brained people because generally left brained people are more creative (as represented by the red) and right brained people think in a mathematical way which is why one side used a random paintbrush and the other systematically had a roller. At the end it is good to balance it out and have both a creative mind and systematic mind

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