CGI 3D Animated Short: “Interview Montage” – by Levi Ames

He says, okay, here’s the thing The thing making a film is just so much fun you go into this this strange little costed family Tackling whatever the day’s problems are and there are always these problems that you have to solve and tell everybody I don’t know what to do. Let’s figure out what to do next Oh, yeah, that’s how I do it. Oh yeah. That’s the process he bombards you with information and then you serve make it your own, so I just tried to be as loose and strong Relaxed just keep it real simple Giant hit marks like an I jaw hung open a little bit as like I can’t believe it actually gonna go for this this was the first one I felt like I could connect you in that way, and I jumped in Head first I loved it it will just sort of worked It was like making jam you might not understand it now, but when you see it You’ll get keep it pop keep it modern. Yeah I think that’d be worth doing I have a feeling that’s gonna be cool again. You know She changed my life come, and it’s just that’s the simplest hat my You

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