CGI 3D Animated Short Film “Electroshock Animated” by ESMA | CGMeetup

CGI 3D Animated Short Film “Electroshock Animated” by ESMA | CGMeetup

Trust me Mady you need a man, a real one. Sure! There is no way
I end up with a loser in a lost town like my mom did… …I wish i’d get a tough guy who could protect me. Like I said , a mature man. Well, not too much… In short… …I need a hero! Hey Mady, what’s up? Sheriff! -Mady, I was wondering if you’d like to…
-Hey Kid! My toaster only grills one side.
Could you come and fix it for me? – Goodbye miss Mady.
– Bye Niky! So cute! You are so sensitive Sheriff! And how about a date with a sensitive man, Mady? My toaster only grills one side. Dumb-ass ! If a single grain of sand sounded like
“I love you!” I ‘d bring all the desert to your feet! Cool. Hey Sheriff, look!
Your mustache only grows one side! I need a hero! I am… …Electroshock! Electroshock is here to save the day! Electroshock, always there for you! Your hero is here, Mady. This town needs me! Help! Electroshock is here to save the day! I ‘m never gonna make it. I can do it!
Show her what your made of! Last news! Look at this sucker ! Look! It was Buck all along! Hey Buck, you just wrecked the town! – Hey, Look! It’s Electro-Dumb!
-Shhh… Here he comes! He just stopped the god damn truck with his forehead! Buck? Are you alright? Mady. My hero! One year later… Buck? Buck? Are you listening to me? – What’s the problem, Sweetheart?
– The problem is your Sweetheart is doing… … everything in the damn house
the cooking, the shopping, the laundry… …and on top of it I have to wash the dishes all by myself… …just because Mister Electroshock
is not even able to fix up a goddamn fuse. Gosh, I should have listen to mom!
She is married to a slob but at least, he is a rich one! When I think I had the Sheriff
after me all these years and I never…

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  1. 1:43
    And this, this is what’s known as a Super Saiyan that is ascended passed a Super Saiyan. Or, you can just call this a Super Saiyan 2.

    And… to go… even further… beyond….


  2. Is it just me or the main character who has the power to slow time looks like Logan Paul if has a goatee?

  3. He is pretty much the type of person I hate, he only likes her because of what she looks like, and when he gets her he is a jerk to her. And yes I know its a animation.

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