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  1. Oof I see so many weird comments
    Such as:

    Eve at the fruit first not Adam!

    This is so diffrent from the way the bible tells it!

    Ete so here are my responses to them

    Yes Eve did eat the apple first, and the snake had feet, and they didn't eat animald until god punished them but, It's an animation with a nice plot leave it alone, you don't see me question why in Disney's Cinderella why didn't the sister's get their feet cut and had their eyes ripped out at the end or Ariel where Ariel didnt have to kill Arick or turned to sea foam

    Yes, There was no 'lust' until they ate the fruit, but was Adam really in 'Lust', or did he have his first crush and was just vary confused?

    They didn't wear leaves until after they ate the fruit yes, BUT this is an animation on a public website, so they needed a way to cover their nakey-bits without covering the immage with bushes or a black bar which both wouldn't look as good. If they wanted to show they where wearing leaf clothing, wouldn't they have given Eve a skirt of tall grasd and a top that covers her boobs instead of her hair, and at least something better to show Adam was wearing clothing

    I do not mean to sound annoying or mean or judgemental I just wanted to answer questions out of boredom as well

  2. We all know the real Adam and Eve disobeyed God, so they had to wear clothing from that point on. Thanks to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ for his death and resurrection. We can reunite with God through him. Muhammad, Buddha, and Zoroaster were/are bold-faced liars.

  3. LMAO so Adam and Eve 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm gay I have a boyfriend and fucking proud YASSSSSSS love my boyfriend and my gay life

  4. I don't go to church very often but I am pretty sure that Eve eats the fruit first, then she convinces Adam to eat it, then God pulled out eve from Adams rib.

  5. استغفر الله كلااااااااب كيفاش ديرووو قصة سيدنا ادم هكذااا يااااكلاااب اعوذ بالله منكم fuck you bitch

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  7. meh… more feminist propaganda. In the original (Bible) the blame goes both to Adam (for eating the apple) and Eve (for taking it). Here, it's just Adam, and Eve is the stereotype of a victim. Poor attempt with nice animation.

  8. and i say unto thee, adam and eve are my otp, and the only thing i vape is the holy ghost, amen

    anyone know this vine

  9. Ok just to be clear"Waah c'est enorme!" can be a french slang for "wow thats amazing" not only "wow its huge". But I would bet they made it double meaning.😜

    French people also dont have the same notion of nudity in media as us North-Americans. I saw a lot of french family movies with topless women(in fact i was surprised Eve's breasts were covered with her hair in this)

    Also its biblicaly innacurate yes BUT WHO CARES ITS A MOVIE.😂😂😂

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  11. Why all of u christians making god a fat old man wtf i guess if ur god is like that so we dont have the same god

    استغفر الله الله اكبر

  12. They didn't eat animals until after they ate the fruit and God cursed the ground to make them have to work for their food. The serpent should have had legs and Eve ate the fruit first. If you are going to make a film about Adam and Eve the story is simple enough to get right. The film looked decent but everything else about it was wrong.

  13. I love how God just avoids Adam's concerns like a dad trying to avoid giving his son "the talk." And just like in similar circumstances, it leads to ruin.

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