CGI 3D Animated Short  “Course Of Nature” – by Lucy Xue & Paisley Manga | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short “Course Of Nature” – by Lucy Xue & Paisley Manga | TheCGBros

(chirping of crickets) (giggling of a young girl) (giggling of a young girl) (Woman clearing her throat) And where do the clouds belong? In the pen. That’s right! We have a job, remember? So, let’s get started. Now hold the cloud out. (moaning) (clapping) (Sounds of rain) (gasp) Mom! I, um Now go get the others. But Uh-uh-uh Go! Hmp Go! Be free! (Cute barking) Be free! Go! No… You’re free now! (Small girl giggling) Oh (Roaring Thunder) (Gasp) Uh nhh Uhhhh! (Thunder) (Gasp) Oh! Ugh I just didn’t want to hurt them (Whistling) It”s your turn now. Mom! (Moaning) (Clapping) (Sound of gentle rain) (Crying) Hey. It’s okay. It’s all part of the cycle. Look. Wait a minute. (gasp) (giggling)

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  1. I remember the last time i watched this i actually cried THEY’RE SO DANG CUUUUUUUUUUTE
    No wonder i forbid myself of watching this again
    And here i am in the same spot,in the corner crying

  2. It sucks the animation without Offense, it is much better if it was drawn by hand, not in Digital, sooner or later the 3D falls and the Drawing by Hand returns, for example Peppa Pig is drawn by hand then why is it on a World Level? BACK TO THE DRAWING BY HAND ALL TOGETHER!

  3. Ameeeeeeei.
    Parabéns pelo trabalho ficou lindo e muito fofu!

  4. Did anyone notice that the mother's hair were sort of dark blue representing night and the daughter's hair was orangish yellow kind of representing morning or bright day? That's so well thought,the daughter is the morning which has just begun, in its infant stage and the mother is the night or the evening who has seen a lot and a big adult.

  5. This mom seriously sucks. Like, she doesn’t explain what happens before so the daughter gets all upset and causes problems

  6. me watched the whole video at the end of the vid me welp i wanna be the little girl now so i can pet the *cloud pups

  7. I just realized that the woman's neck is as long as a FRIGGIN RULER!!!!

  8. Wait so your telling me that those poor cloud dogs are forced to die and then live again? Damn that's dark °^°

  9. If it was a YA movie, the girl will be a grumpy teen that hate her mom and wouldn't listen to any explanation. Then, it has to be the mom that's apologizing 🙄 SMH

  10. Mom's hair is similiar with the cloud shape, its big, wide and has a good wave,blue colour sky , amazing job 👍

  11. Uglydollsloujocadeb💗💕💋💖👔👟👖👡⌚💄📜📜📗
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